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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. They have a primitive mind and actions reflect that. They attract psychopaths and those who are like programmable robots and use them for cannon fodder. Their crimes are real. Using torture and murder of innocent people for entertainment is probably as low as you can get. Using the guise of Islam to hurt innocent people is blasphemous.
  2. Thumbs down! His over-excited, sarcastic, attacking and mocking style does not promote his point that Islam is a religion of peace. And if it is a debate, where are the other speakers?
  3. We are becoming more and more selfish and want life to be easier and easier. What was a considered a blessing in the past has become a burden today with so many excuses as to how it affects us superficially and with no consideration as to what is beneficial for the ummah. For example, westerners are not having babies as it affects their self centred lifestyle and disposable income levels. It is an epidemic of pure greed and complaining about how life is hard. Life is easier in today's world than it ever was in the past but we less gratitude for what Allah has granted to us.
  4. Guess you won't make it on her list of potentials.
  5. But for the mercy of Allah, any of us could have suffered misfortune and suffered a similar fate. If we are being mislead, it is best to err on the side of accepting that they are in need.
  6. The bride advises girls not to chase married men. It is ok to steal from, behead, slaughter and orphan, innocent Muslims but it is poor "self-respect" and you are a "homewrecker" when you choose to follow shari'ah to be a second wife. ISIS value system?
  7. But it does not say that the slave owner cannot have slaves. Perhaps there could be retribution for injuries (but the slaves word is not worth as much as the owner, so maybe not - another topic) but, in any case, the owner can still have slaves. That is the comment I was referring by Abu Hadi that the owner is restricted and I have not seen anything like this.
  8. He became wealthy early in his life and he had the backing of other very wealthy people due to his exposure in the entertainment industry. He was not very bright to start with and suffered from Alzheimers through most of his presidency. Perfect puppet.
  9. Where does it say that? i have never heard of this. There are guidelines as to how slaves are to be treated but these are not enforceable by punishments or sharia that I know. I would appreciate knowing how treatment of slaves is held accountable and where it says you cannot have slaves if you do not follow guidelnes - other than vague references to more general guidelines. There is no specific contract or legalities that I am aware.
  10. Shaming someone only causes that person to hide their actions better. It does not stop them. He needs the space to find out what he wants to do and if this is not what he wants it is better that he figure that out now than 10 years from now with 3 kids.
  11. Slaves were taken in every battle. There were no end to battles. Slaves were in constant supply. There was no shortage. It was an accepted and needed part of the economy of the day.
  12. Muslim masters have rights over slaves. Not all slaves are freed. Many (most) were kept as slaves. It was common and accepted practice and still is accepted as a right in Islam. Getting into the semantics of the word "slave", changes nothing. Or talking about other things at the same time, changes nothing. We have the right to own slaves.
  13. She says that she did ask why. If he wanted to discuss it, he would have. He sent a text telling her not to go home but go to her mother. That is a pretty clear message that he doesn't want to discuss it. Pushing it at this point will just anger him and drive him further away. He is asking for space and she needs to listen.
  14. How can Muslims be against slavery in general. You can be against it and not practice it personally. But it is halal and permitted.
  15. Give him space and stay at your mothers. Sometimes men just need a break. Don't contact him unless he contacts you. Keep busy with other things.
  16. Any man who has his eight month pregnant wife working to support him is not worthy of being called a man. He needs a$$ kicked and forced to provide for his wife. It is embarrassing to men who do fulfill their obligations to their wives to listen to his self serving complaints. When he fulfills his obligations then he would be valid in asking for his rights to be fulfilled.
  17. He has no right to pleasureable nights if he is not meeting his Islamic obligations to his wife.
  18. Public shaming and humiliation works well.
  19. That is possible but unlikely given her unhappiness and teh fact that she is eight months pregnant. It is very common for women to be told to work to increase the family income in the west. Her activities that exhaust her are actually the responsibility of the husband and father. There are no islamic conditions that say she should work outside the home, or even if you are being strict, to do housework or look after children. It is his duty to provide these basic things and he is not doing that. That should be the focus of what needs to be done. She is in great need due to him not fulfilling
  20. If he has a wife working outside the home for money to support the family and it seems this way as she is 8 months pregnant and exhausted, then he is not meeting his Islamic obligations to this wife so how would he meet the obligations of two wives?
  21. I didnt see it that way. As I see it, women may decrease getting pregnant if it had what they saw as having a negative outcome for them.
  22. In some countries she would get death. Dont know about 16 years, it depends when she is up for parole and how crowded the prisons are. It could be a very few years and maybe none.
  23. Marry another woman because of his wife giving birth and feeding? If that became common, it would definitely lower birth rates.
  24. LOL Charity for who?? "She made more than $5.6 million and used the money to buy commercial real estate, a Mercedes Benz and multiple homes, including one at a golf club, federal prosecutors said Monday."
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