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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Teaching world history is different than having kids personally write a declaration of faith. Personally, I do not want my kids coming home with a piece of paper declaring Jesus as their Saviour, in any language. All this has little to do with the public education.
  2. I totally disagree. If they knew what it meant, it makes it worse because as they were so well educated they should have been sensitive enough to realize that it could create a reaction. PhD's are not above making mistakes.. And this was one of those mistakes. Also, as Hameedeh said, just think of how many of these writings were treated in a disrespectful way. This also was not considered in their choice of writing sample. Very poor research on their behalf.
  3. If you asked kids to practice writing in English (in a majority Muslim country) the words "Jesus was their Lord and Saviour" or something similar lke i wrote above, what do you think the reaction would be?! It was an incorrect thing to have non Muslims to write, and it doesn't matter who vetted it as they did not research the meaning..
  4. They were asked to write a statement of faith which could be seen as a declaration of faith. I don't think it was the Arabic, it is the meaning of the words. It would be the same as Muslims being asked to write "Jesus is the son of God"...or there is no way to heaven except through Jesus Christ, son of God or something like that. We would definitely have a problem with our kids writing that, just as the bible belt Christians would have a problem with their kids writing the shahada. Whoever gave the assignment probably did not research what they were writing.
  5. It is the same here in Canada. My company will not pay for alcohol or pay for gratuities. Also, the company can be held legally accountable for any harm that an individual does while under the influence of alcohol, if the company supplied the alcohol. Companies don't have alcohol at staff parties anymore due to this liability issue.
  6. Problem with guns is that it is so easy to have a fatal accident with one. Small children shooting each other in play; guns accidentally going off and killing someone, people shooting "intruders" only to find that it is their teen sneaking in past their due time home, etc.
  7. Impressive. There doesn't seem to be the electricity shortage that you always hear about.
  8. There are many references to stoning in the bible for punishments including homosexuality, blaspheme, unchaste before marriage, adultery, etc.
  9. Yes, I agree. I have never seen an article where she is taken seriously. She is popular as a parody, nothing more.
  10. Probably selling them as slaves - nothing new there.
  11. They are slowly turning it into a five star resort.
  12. http://www.smh.com.au/world/migrant-crisis-pakistanis-others-dumping-ids-to-become-syrian-20150906-gjggcn.html Print this article | Close this window Migrant crisis: Pakistanis, others dumping IDs to become 'Syrian'Dusan Stojanovic Published: September 7, 2015 - 6:47AM Hajdukovo, Serbia: A Pakistani identity card in the bushes, a Bangladeshi one in a cornfield. A torn Iraqi driver's licence bearing the photo of a man with a Saddam-style moustache, another one with a scarfed woman displaying a shy smile. Documents scattered only metres from Serbia's border with Hungary provide ev
  13. Pakistanis, others dumping ID's to become "Syrian" Migrants http://www.smh.com.au/world/migrant-crisis-pakistanis-others-dumping-ids-to-become-syrian-20150906-gjggcn.html Many of those migrants believe that using a fake document – or having none at all – gives them a better chance of receiving asylum in Germany and other western European states. That's because the surest route to asylum is to be a refugee from war and not an economic migrant fleeing poverty. That fact has led to a huge influx of people claiming to be Syrian. Serbian border police say that 90 per cent of those arriving from Mac
  14. A wife is not supposed to talk about their intimate life with anyone other than her husband.
  15. Well, the vatican has offered to take in two families. They should at least try and match them. :)
  16. I agree. If you take an oath to uphold the law, then you have to uphold the law as you are paid to uphold the law of the state. If you feel you cannot uphold certain laws due to personal beliefs, etc; you need to leave the job.
  17. Sometimes the mehr is not paid upfront but in promise for when she asks for it but definitely should be paid out on divorce. I think she means that he was keeping it as he can if that is agreed, and now should release it to her. The marriage was not consummated so he need only pay half the promised amount.
  18. Sad and Pathetic. This action will do more harm than good.
  19. Bit of a disconnect here. I am sure that they don't question the fact that they are eating food handled and prepared by Hindus. At least I have never heard of such.
  20. Bizarre title and does not describe what happened there. Those involved lived in the neighbourhood.
  21. http://observers.france24.com/content/20150211-video-sweden-guard-boy-malmo-security
  22. ??? It is front page news on CNN... ??? http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-31416869 Dont't know why people cant see this on the news. It was the first thing I saw this morning. It looks like a hate crime at first glance due to religion. Why else this man (if guilty) would slaughter this family?
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