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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yes - totally agree. Anyone that would risk their own life and the lives of their children to escape these situations are completely desperate. They would face death rather than remain in a hell hole of unimaginable terror. I cant believe that there are people (especially Shia) who can justify (with laws from a country that they would in any other situation have no respect for) smugly turning their backs on them. It is demoralizing.
  2. For many, this is better than what they left or at least they think it is better. Bottom line is that there is more money which means hope for their kids. Money is important as many live in poverty at a level unknown in the states.
  3. Basically what you are saying is that the system worked for you and you will be the shill to protect it at all costs. And, yes, Switzerland has done a great job at protecting and providing for their rich and for the rich of the world. Once a well honed high end criminal is in your country, it is very very difficult to prosecute as their activities are ensconced in layers and layers of protection implemented by well paid attorneys and the like. Most people know this. However, they passed the LEGAL immigration test of investing a minimum set amount of money in the country. Again this is
  4. If there was a better migrant flow system that was safe for everyone, I am sure most people would abide by it and this mess would be history.
  5. Yep. It is wake up time, regardless of the discomfort of going against long established patterns of behaviour.
  6. The problem is what defines legal immigration and how it is defined. It is defined by greed, not need. Migration needs to supersede this and from these needs there has to be a more equatable system. The current system is not working due to a lot of factors. For example: I live in a city that has allowed huge numbers of LEGAL immigrants from China. However, many of these immigrants are high end criminals and got in because they have money - lots of it. They now live in "my country", continue to exploit workers in China at their no labour law industries, enjoy the trappings of the
  7. You need to do a lot more reading and study on migration and the reasons for migration for all concerned. Migration used to happen naturally but man made greed (grab all you can and hold it in one place for a select few) and aggression (if you don't have it, steal it - again for the select few) has created inhumane, desperate situations for many people. You also need to ask yourself why one person is more deserving than another human - you migrated to the US but others should not have this same unfettered opportunity? It is typical for new migrants to want to stem the flow after they
  8. i was not aware that crossing a man made border was a sin. But, yes, I agree that once you enter a country, you need to obey the laws of the land.
  9. Trump is not the first to do this. As for what you may feel that she might have done (if in office) , among many other things, H Clinton backed the mass incarceration of young black males - she referred to them as "super predators". And they were "in house" Americans. Once you get out of house, she has shown that she has done even worse. I think her current rhetoric in regards to "illegals" would have clashed with her actions. You are assuming that we own the house. In actual fact, we just have use it. In Islam, there is no room for one to be a loyal and genuine natio
  10. Clinton is no humanitarian. He was responsible for the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 which established decades long mandatory minimum sentences for drug possession - most of the incarcerated masses were poor and African American. Many lives and families were destroyed and have not recovered... could go on but I am off topic.
  11. It seems there is going to be a general increase in the influx of migrants across the Mexican-US border; not sure what a wall is supposed to do.. It would be better to put money into services to support these people to create contributing citizens, because they have arrived and they are mostly not going anywhere - and if they are deported they just return. Aside from basic humanitarian reasons, accepting the migrants is a lot cheaper than funding a useless, bizarre wall, funding militia that cannot possibly monitor the entire border, funding the social costs of people living in depravation a
  12. War combatants need more intense intervention. Doesn't matter if they are ISIS or Americans in Iraq. Same issues result.
  13. Check out the list of countries with the death penalty and then check out the list of countries without. In which group of countries would you feel safest? Scandinavia has the most humane prisons in the world with very low recidivism. Prisoners are treated justly and fairly (education, therapy, job training) and have less stigma and condemnation when released. The citizens trust the system and those released from the system.There is a lot to be gained in helping someone who is lost to be given opportunity and hope. Biggest indicator of crime rate is despair. There is a direct co
  14. Reframing what you said: (1) You have to keep Muslims down and in a subservient positions so that the Israelis can be free and unencumbered to do what they do best.... because we all know that Muslims are thugs and will resort to mob violence..... not just in this situation but in other places around the world as well. (2) There is legitimacy to terrorizing and injuring (perhaps killing - who knows what they do to him once he is no longer in the range of a camera) an unarmed five year old child. You speak of integrity but have absolutely no knowledge of what it is or what it me
  15. You need to do a lot more research. There are thousands upon thousands of videos, pictures, independent eye witness accounts, world court and human rights organizations reports and condemnations that for some reason you choose to ignore. The entire world community consistently condemns Israel for its war crimes and consistently breaking international law. Palestinians don't literally want to wipe Israel off the map. If they wanted to they would not have gone to the negotiating table to support a two state settlement which is backed by the entire world community. The five year old was
  16. Who cares which honourable member of the IDF shot her?? She was targeted by the IDF, shot in the neck by the IDF and she is dead due to the IDF. Shooting medical personnel is against the Geneva Convention. It is a war crime. However, Israel chooses repeatedly to ignore international law. They can bully, harass, intimidate, starve, occupy (for generations), imprison and murder thousands of children and adults with impunity because they are backed by a mega power. I recently saw a video of a five year old being terrorized and dragged off by the IDF into an armoured vehicle. Also
  17. Pedophilia is a medical, mental health disorder that you can find listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders, 5th edition (DSM 5). It is clearly defined and delineated from similar manifestations of behaviour. Here is more information: http://jaapl.org/content/42/4/404 Hoards of medical professionals from around the globe, after YEARS of consultations and research and debate (the current edition of the DSM took over 15 years to develop) define what is a diagnosable disorder and what isn't. Medical diagnoses are based on objective research methodology r
  18. I have never heard of a physical variation as being “abnormal”. Ginger hair does not impact your behaviour or psychological makeup, including your sexual predisposition or orientation in either homosexuality or heterosexuality. It is a nonvariant in homosexuality. It is unclear as to what you are trying to indicate.
  19. Dont know about great or not so great. Probably a lot easier to be heterosexual though. Homosexuality is not a disability but an abnormality; that is, it is a sexual attraction that differs from the norm. The norm is being heterosexual. Anyone with an abnormality needs to develop life coping strategies to operate within the "normal" population. This has led to some interesting strategies....they are many and varied. The laws and social stigma against homosexuality have embraced some extremely punitive and often violent actions being taken against this population in direct contrav
  20. Germany needs immigration. http://www.dw.com/en/germany-is-not-shrinking/a-37415327 I agree that opening the borders to whoever and whatever was insane. Pandering to aggressive tactics of some of the migrants was also insane. Germany will be cleaning up the mess from that for a long time. However, it should be noted that the clean up of the "undesirables" (a totally euphemistic term!) has been helped by other migrants. Those that are problems are usually found by information given by migrants who know who they are and where they are from, and they especially do not want them around.
  21. Not according to this: In 2012, an average of 41.6% of African Americans received means-tested benefits each month. About 18% of Asians or Pacific Islanders and 13% of whites received benefits each month. 36% percent of Hispanics of any race received government assistance. https://www.cheatsheet.com/money-career/whos-on-welfare-9-shocking-stats-about-public-assistance.html/?a=viewall
  22. Here is a fairly recent poll https://www.thelocal.se/20160905/poll-fewer-swedes-willing-to-help-asylum-seekers According to this, Swedes want fewer asylum seekers but are not advocating for no immigration. Yes, a substantial number of people require social assistance for daily living, special medical care and special educational services and it is very expensive. But the majority of Swedes still vote for leadership who advocate for immigration and advertising their country as a haven for asylum seekers. Concerns: Out of the 10,000,000 who are actually tax contributing? Not sure
  23. Europe, esp Germany, need workers and that was the presenting need in bringing new people into their country. They have a booming economy. I don't agree with Merkel's not screening asylum seekers and obviously, as there was no accountability, everyone crossing the border became a "refugee"... In addition to authentic refugees came people with questionable purpose from opportunists to criminals... but the majority will add to the economy.
  24. Most of these migrants are economic but their situations are often pretty desperate. I think countries should have the right to refuse new immigrants - especially if they are struggling to maintain the standard of living of the population that they already have - but countries like Sweden had a very welcoming open door to new comers and have admitted nearly 2 million (with great diversity of backgrounds, abilities and ethnicities) with no questions asked. Sweden is a country whose population is less than that of some cities (pop. ~10,000,000) The challenges have been much greater than they
  25. Another good thing to come from this story (other than saving the boys life and the recognition and opportunities it has provided to his rescuer) is that it exposes a social need of newcomers. Apparently, the boy who was rescued and his father were from Reunion (off the east coast of Africa) and that his mother and siblings are to join them soon in France. The boy's father had left him alone to go shopping and got sidetracked on the way home. Yep, it was a stupid decision, not thought through, but it is one with potentially long term consequences for their family. The child was removed from
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