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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This is typical twisting of what I wrote - which is abundantly clear unless you have the need to duck and hide from your behaviour. You are comparing yourself to God now? Pathetic.
  2. Overwhelming anger and the need to hate to the point where one feels comfortable attempting to dehumanize people they have never met and feel the need to create scenarios that don't exist anywhere but in a very confused mind, must be emotionally very painful. The misguided comments made here, attempting to link vastly disparate circumstances are totally irrational.
  3. It is confusing to have one life at school and one life at home for first generation kids - especially when at home you are told to fear the outside and retreat from it. When people (especially older new comers - such as parents or grandparents) are struggling in an unfamiliar language and culture making them feel lonely and disoriented in the society, it is easy to romanticize the situation that they left. They feel they can recapture the comfort of the familiar by avoiding all that is unfamiliar resulting in a closed community of paralyzing rigidity. Your parents do not have the exposure to the western life the way that you do - so it is a fear of the unknown that causes that pulling inwards. And focusing on the "dinner dance" at school and whatever other specific of "evil", is not going to help. There are many more positive things about what you can accomplish here in the educational system and how you can maximize your benefit of it. Opportunities afforded to relatively few on our planet. Focus on that and you will find you are not alone as others of many cultures have taken this direction. The society is multi-cultural and we have to acknowledge that other cultures have been here, are coming here, and will always be here. We will be working (and socializing to some extent) with them. Accepting and working within the diversity is incumbent on everyone to make our extended communities work to be comfortable and productive .
  4. The majority of plastic surgery is not for aesthetic purposes but for functional purposes. Burns (which have been mentioned) to facilitate in elasticity of the skin and underlying tissue so the patient can move properly and become more independent with personal care, eating, and general movement; also various birth defects, and injury to areas with tendons ligaments, etc. For example, if you smashed your hand in a construction job and cut tendons, etc - your hand would be put together by a team led by a plastic surgeon.
  5. There is no time limit to mut'a. Mut'a literally means pleasure. One night stands are mut'a-able! (1) You can advise and highly recommend, but you cannot control what another person does whether Muslim or non Muslim. It is ultimately up to her. (2) Nowadays, it is easy to determine paternity of a child.
  6. You need to get her out of the country as soon as possible, and worry about the fallout later. If this will cause irreversible damage to your parent's marriage, then if not this than something else would have. Your family problems are not because of your maid; she just exposed them.
  7. “Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.” Aristotle There are many studies that link poverty and crime. A study in Sweden (a country that collects tons of data about its citizens) showed that those who had grown up in families whose earnings were in the bottom fifth, were seven times more likely to be convicted of violent crimes and twice more likely to be convicted of drug offences than those in the top fifth. However, what was interesting is that even if these families had an increase in income (such as over time and effort the families' income grew) the younger children born into the family with more financial comfort than their older siblings had, maintained the same level of criminality. The family culture of criminality had been established and the younger siblings followed along - at least in that generation. Lots of theories as to why this occurs but one is that the family is not yet secure in their new socio economic status. It takes at least a couple of generations to develop a sense of financial and social security. Solutions to addressing crime and violence need to be accepted as long term. Part of "open borders” acceptance is acknowledging that gangs and violence are present - there needs to be planning for an infrastructure of services to address this. No one, with options, prefers to inject themselves with drugs to face the day, seek validation from belonging to a criminal gang, live in constant fear, attack and be attacked, and be shunned from the functioning part of society. Understanding the precursors to a criminal life style and providing options (adequate safe housing, food, health care, education opportunities for all - not just for targeted identified needs groups but for all) does successfully address destructive behaviour. To judge the effectiveness of this, just look at the criminality rate of countries that provide these basic needs for all of their citizens as a matter of public policy - not for just a specific targeted group with sporadic funding of uncertain duration, depending on the politics of the day. https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/the-british-journal-of-psychiatry/article/childhood-family-income-adolescent-violent-criminality-and-substance-misuse-quasiexperimental-total-population-study/A5CF371A1776F376ED11FCB5A22305A5 https://www.economist.com/science-and-technology/2014/08/21/to-have-and-have-not
  8. I totally agree that immigration should be open to whoever needs a safe home and an opportunity to better their life circumstances. Individuals will be more committed to contributing to their new community when they don't have to sneak in the back door and beg for a better life on a daily basis. Not sure what you mean by "not ready" so would be interested in understanding that further. However, I am sure the people who were displaced from their homes and livelihood were "not ready" to be homeless and destitute - often as a result of American foreign policy might that sought to invade and destabilize their homes so that America could gather wealth and power. The people who are the most ready, even if reluctantly, are the people benefiting from this subsequent wealth and power. They have options and abilities and untapped readiness that is clearly out of reach to most of the global population.
  9. Is the world headed towards open borders, as depicted in Moshin Hamid’s novel, “Exit West”? Advocates of open borders promote these arguments: Economic. It would create a richer world - doubling the world’s GDP. Workers who move from a poor country to a rich one join a work market with monetary capital and a functioning legal system. It is estimated that more than two thirds of a person’s wealth is determined by where they live. Morality. Where you are born is a matter of chance. There is no moral reason to compel people to live in a poor country. Those born in a rich country have no moral right to exclude others from their country of wealth. Opponents of open borders promote these arguments: Poorer people in the migrants destination countries would suffer. New arrivals would depress their wages and compete with them for social housing, etc and unemployment benefits. Welfare states would collapse due to the millions of unemployable migrants. Cultural conflicts and clashes between native and immigrants would threaten social stability. The UN estimates that 258 million people now live in places other than their place of birth - an increase of 50% since 2000. 65 million were forcibly displaced. Most migrated to poor or middle income countries. Rich countries have taken in only a fraction of the most vulnerable. above is from: A Case for Immigration https://www.economist.com/open-future/2018/04/16/the-case-for-immigration The Western nations need to do more to alleviate the suffering of millions - often displaced and fractured due to Western foreign policy. Will there now be authentic public support for this move, given the protests against detaining migrants and their children who illegally cross borders? Will actions follow words? How committed are we to promoting a welcome to people who seek to access basic rights and opportunities even when it will possibly impact our current standard of living and sense of security?
  10. I think he is referring to illegal immigrants (?) Don't know about his first wife, but the third one got in on the Einstein visa (?!?). Don't think they were targeting models for this visa, but she was granted one, somehow. Hmm... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-43256318
  11. Have a recording of vicious dogs barking and the intruder will leave very quickly. Weapons can be used against you and your probable initial hesitation to use them could prove disastrous. Also intense fear is paralyzing. Go with the dog recording.
  12. It has also been used in Iran for quite a varied number of offences.
  13. Just the "corruption on earth" can cover a lot of offences depending on the intent and how it is interpreted. I think it is probably impossible to get a definitive black and white list.
  14. It is a summary from an international review. http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/1057567705283954 It is hard to get a "list" from other sources. Islamic law is the only religious law that is recognized by a ruling government in a Muslim majority country, but common law is also used or modelled. Muslim countries agree on the use of the death penalty but differ widely in how and why and how often they impose it as there is often disagreement on the level of accepted proofs and how these proofs were obtained (see post of Ibrahim van Soest above for a detailed explanation) and scholar interpretations and, of course, the specific situation of the offence can influence it. For example, drinking alcohol could vary from, drinking it, repeatedly drinking it, being drunk and in public, selling it, encouraging others to drink it, and could be complicated by other factors, such as drinking it openly during Ramadan (worst I could think of!), etc.
  15. OK I am starting to wonder how much of this horrible situation is being further embellished for political gain which is also sick and repulsive. I would hold some of this as something to investigate and not advertise as actual fact because a ubiquitous "someone" says so. I can sadly acknowledge that some of these actions are really being done as parents are put in jail, but to make this situation worse by creating conditions of outright, gratuitous cruelty towards parents and children makes no sense. Aside from the fact that very few people would actually do that, people would not go out of their way to create a situation that is even harder to manage.
  16. "The death penalty is recognized for the seven hudud crimes which include adultery, defamation, drinking alcohol, theft, highway robbery, apostasy, and corruption of Islam. These are the most severe crimes as these acts are seen as a threat to society." However, you might need a book to describe the reasoning behind the death penalty to be applied knowledgeably. Some of the listed reasons for execution are somewhat subjective and would require intense scrutiny so as not to be misused.
  17. Just was responding to Shia14's post. Did not know it was a continuation of other posts you (and he?) had made. Also didn't know that illegal immigrants qualified for welfare. Do you mean documented asylum seekers waiting a hearing or those who have no documentation at all?
  18. Illegals can get pro bono legal assistance and can go to free medical clinics staffed by volunteers and work underground jobs at slave wages... but I would not call that handouts. You mean develop penal colonies like they did in Britain (Australia) and France (Devil's Island)? Hmm... First Nations people do something similar - they send the offender away to contemplate for a year on their own in some desolate area with minimal tools and resources. Probably works. Based on the amount of press it is getting (and also must be a deflection from something else that is happening quietly behind the scenes) I totally agree.
  19. It was actually part of the stone - engraved in the stone above a door.
  20. If your habitation will be hell if you didn't migrate when oppressed, that sounds a lot more dogmatic than permitted or encouraged.' Lo! as for those whom the angels take (in death) while they wrong themselves, (the angels) will ask: In what were ye engaged? They will say: We were oppressed in the land. (The angels) will say: Was not Allah's earth spacious that ye could have migrated therein? As for such, their habitation will be hell, an evil journey's end;
  21. It is meant to be used for inner reflection, to appreciate and be thankful for what you have, not to callously condemn and reject your brothers in humanity.
  22. Reminds me of an old quote which was on a wall on one of the buildings at my university - I am not sure of the origin. It said "There but for the grace of God, go I" Something we should always remember.
  23. Yes - totally agree. Anyone that would risk their own life and the lives of their children to escape these situations are completely desperate. They would face death rather than remain in a hell hole of unimaginable terror. I cant believe that there are people (especially Shia) who can justify (with laws from a country that they would in any other situation have no respect for) smugly turning their backs on them. It is demoralizing.
  24. For many, this is better than what they left or at least they think it is better. Bottom line is that there is more money which means hope for their kids. Money is important as many live in poverty at a level unknown in the states.
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