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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I think this is the most salient part of the article: After years of steadily climbing upwards, life expectancy in the United States has been dropping in recent years, prompting health researchers to blame the trio of alcohol, suicide and drugs. In 2012 alone, 3.3 million people around the world died due to “harmful” consumption of alcohol, according to the World Health Organization. In Russia, so many men died of alcohol-related causes starting in the 1980s that the country has a recognized demographic of women unable to find husbands. Alcohol abusers get cancer more often, they destroy
  2. Using the same line of thought, a practising Christian could refuse service to a Muslim due to the possibility of polygamy as they would think of more than one wife as adultery, a major sin. Covering your face can be seen as having something to hide and are thereby the person seen as potentially unlawful, or perhaps serving a covered woman is viewed as supporting the oppression of women. It is a slippery slope. The behaviour of judgement and legal exclusion will be repeated, merely the specifics of the circumstances will change.
  3. Perspective means to look at the bigger picture and to also look at others' way of viewing things. You are stuck in a muddy puddle of a large beautiful field. It would be very enlightening for you to spend more time listening and learning.
  4. and therein lies the source of your problem
  5. As I said, develop some perspective. Creating apologetics for your sidekick's behaviour while calling out others on what you see as theirs will not fly. Use this as an opportunity to reflect and learn.
  6. Maybe it would be helpful to develop some perspective. The flood gates were opened when a thread was started asking if an Arab would marry a non Arab. The early responses had very strong bias against non Arabs as worthy of marriage to an Arab which is unIslamic. When extreme ethnocentric bias is stated, you have to be prepared for reaction to that. You cant have it one way. Also worshipping a "nation" will lead you into troubled waters as well, especially in Islam where that is strongly discouraged. The reaction was relatively mild given some of the xenophobic comments. Ac
  7. I knew it was bad, but didn't know how bad. Really interesting data.
  8. Yes, they will be raised in the non-Muslim foster care system. Saying that, what services are available for her and her siblings and others In similar need in the Muslim (and Iraqi?) community? If she approached the Muslim community would she have been quickly sent back to her abusers? Why did she have to go outside the community to get protection and support? Unless there is acknowledgement of these cultural issues and supports are put in place to help them, we will lose more children. Our children are more important than worrying about avoiding offending those who feel they have th
  9. That report is a gift to us. Any time the Catholic Church was involved in the care of children, there was abuse, Check out the role they played in the First Nations residential schools. The abuse was not just sexual, but also physical and emotional and cultural. Children were forcefully taken from their homes, taken to what for them would have been a remote foreign place with no personal support, made to be compliant to these men, reject the values and direction of their family, and remake themselves in the image of the priests who ran them by changing their native religion, language an
  10. LOL Seems weird but short tempers seem to be overfed in these situations. People can get very aggressive in parking lots. I think the Stop signs are an attempt (probably in vain) to tame the savage "I need to be first!" beast in us.
  11. Would this apply to all "countries" (delineated my man) - or just a chosen few? Does love of ones place of birth grant them rights over others? Should native born citizens of all countries not afford the same citizens' rights to foreigners? If so, that would impact a lot of us on this site.
  12. You have to watch which country and where you live in many Muslim majority countries - significant (much more than you would ever find in the west) issues in Qatar, Bahrain, KSA, many parts of Iraq, etc.. come to mind.
  13. The point is NOT that the death penalty increases murders, it is that it does NOT appear to deter them - which is one of the main reasons people say they support the death penalty. And if we truly focus on addressing the social problems of underprivileged members of society due to poverty and circumstances through no fault of their own (those who happen to be disproportionately executed), it would be very hard to justify killing them within the social justice we are affording them. No one said to remove the death penalty from Sharia. It was emphasized that the death penalty is permi
  14. There is a lot of confusion due to a lot of misinformation about mental illness. There are some crazy and bizarre cultural ideas about people with mental illness and this can create some pretty harsh, judgemental opinions. Severe, life changing psychiatric conditions are almost always due to a neurochemical imbalance and they are genetically loaded. They are usually treated with long term medications and therapy. Psychological conditions are behavioural and are due to a way of thinking (brought on by environment, drug use, life happenstance) which can produce behaviours harmful to
  15. Never assume. I would stop. A driver who skipped the stop sign probably assumed that there was no traffic: On April 6, 2018, sixteen people were killed and thirteen injured when a westbound semi-trailer truck struck a northbound coach bus near Armley, Saskatchewan, Canada <aka in the middle of nowhere with very flat terrain where you would not expect to see anyone for hours even going at top speed>. The semi-trailer had failed to yield at a flashing stop sign at the intersection of Highways 35 and 335. Both the bus and the semi trailer were travelling at top speed when they c
  16. Not necessarily. The death penalty is permissible but I am not aware of where it absolutely must be applied. The judge has the right to discretion when applying sentence. Mitigating factors can be taken into account such as mental health issues, circumstance, power position of the individuals involved etc. Countries applying Sharia law differ in their interpretation of when the death penalty should be used. Tunisia, for example, rarely uses the death penalty. Then again, there is forgiveness by family members and the possibility of blood price. Muslim family members who forgive the
  17. There are so many things wrong with the death penalty process that it is hard to support it. However, extreme heinous crimes lead to wanting to exact revenge on the person who committed the crime, and even though I am not sure if revenge is a good motive for killing someone, I would probably support it. Anyway, problems with the death penalty in general: Highly disproportionate number of people who receive the death penalty are poor and have little to no advocacy or means to advocacy. People with money (and/or power) who commit murder can get themselves out of the situation anywhere
  18. Glad to hear you are still in a happy frame of mind. How long have you thought you were God?
  19. Glad you are not feeling hateful thoughts at the moment - How long have you thought you were God?
  20. What Allah did had nothing to do with you - How long have you thought you were God?
  21. I oppose YOUR behaviour - How long have you thought you were God?
  22. That has nothing to do with your behaviour - How long have you thought you were God?
  23. I am opposing your behaviour - how long have you thought you were God?
  24. You are the only one that I have challenged, as you know. Why do you think you are God?
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