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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Feminist club meetings????
  2. It is irrelevant to point out misuses in other areas. The point is that Mutah is often seen (and subtely promoted by the scammers) as a promise for permanent marriage by girls and it is not a promise of perm as it is a temporary with no sub contracts. Great that your neighbourhood is uses mutah to learn about each other before perma marriage but you do not know the muthas that do not go to perm marriage as they are quiet and the results of these are not always good. Mutah is too often misused and trying to compare to other misuses does not make it any less misused. Be clear and honest about mutah and not say it is better than other misuses as it stands on its own. Women are easily manipulated. Promoting being clear and honest about intention will lessen manipulation.
  3. Lots of black/chinese mixed in Trinidad too.
  4. I did not say sex was bad so you are jumping to say something that is not there. My point was not to give it a dimension that it does not have which is a lead to permanent marriage which many girls see it is for. You must be honest. Woemen/girls are more like to have emotional interest and thoughts of future which may not be there. To suggest it as a lead to perm marriage as a lead to mutah is dishonest. Mutah is good but be noble and righteous and honest but not a scammer. Misuse of mutah is common and it needs to be pointed out.
  5. Mutah is purely for sex 99% of the time which is pleasure and relief. It is not right to suggest to girls that it is probably going to lead to permanent so we should be honest and not say this.
  6. Cultural thoughts? Nothing in Islam say it is a woman's reponsibility for housework. The prophet (pbuh) helped with house chores.
  7. Bloke might have to move http://www.facebook.com/AzharAhmedScum
  8. Reactions like this give more power to those defaming Islam. They probably do it just to watch Muslims destroy their own communities. Totally played.
  9. Well put. Colllateral damage explained. Clear and concise.
  10. She probably was not allowed to by the rapist. now he is gone she can do it ?
  11. Didnt understand your second point. Guess i should have only quoted first but am working at the same time. Funny what people comment on.
  12. Tuition is not what they get in debt for. It is living away from home, getting a car, etc. You can go to state uni for very little cost if you live at home and watch your expenses.
  13. State universities are heavily funded by both state and federal funding. Tuition is minimal but that is also subsidized with many bursary and scholoarship opportunities. It is against the law to discriminate by ethnicity or gender. Scholarships are given to those with high grades and community involvement, not by gender. There is a huge brain drain from Iran and I dont know the breakdown but from the obvious presence of Iranian males in graduate programs and internships in Europe and US (with hopes of permanent positions just like many of the posters here or their families), it is not women who are taking education and leaving. If Iran is concerned with payback for education costs they are choosing a backward short sighted way to approach it.
  14. A woman can pilot a jet but not drive a car.
  15. Are these 77 fields of course work available to women at other universities in Iran? If so, how many? How many universities are there in Iran open to women?
  16. I misunderstood then. I thought no women could take the specific courses mentioned It says 36 universities banned these courses for women. How many universities offer these courses for women?
  17. A ban is much more than a quota. That is interesting. If it is permitted it might start a surge in on line training with the increased market..?
  18. Actually, there is no Islamic evidence that women are entitled to any formal education. They can rightfully be kept in the home by their guardian/husband with just food and clothing enough to survive and never seeing the light of day. It can be stated that their rights have been added to by man by being able to attend any schooling and they should not complain but be greatful for the permission given to leave the house.
  19. This is the kind of reasoning behind women being denied medical care in Afghanistan from a doctor who the Taliban have decided are to only be male who may be a pervert. Also, women are denied education so they cannot be a doctor. It is thought better that women suffer and die. This is the direction of denying classes based on gender instead of ability. Our sisters deserve to be treated with respect and dignity not as second class citizens who need to be controlled with bans.
  20. If true it Seems they want to exclude women from those occupations, not women from those classes so a women only university would not make any difference. Denying women educational opportunites because they are doing well is really Taliban. It is better to include those that excel they will help the country more.
  21. forte

    Goodbye Spriglief

    Thought Spriglief was banned but it does not say under his name. Can't access his page though.
  22. That is a big "just". I dont understand this as you dont have the right to kill your child or grandchild.
  23. Hummus in 5 minutes 1 food processor Add 1 can of chick peas, garlic cloves, juice of lime or lemon, large spoon of tahini, olive oil. Blend for 2 minutes and add hand full of coriander leaves and blend for 30 seconds more. Serve with olives, bread and raw vegetables.
  24. Parking spaces that are too narrow.
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