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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. East is not a race and West is not a race and Islam is not a race. Not being convinced of a scholarly opinion is not racism, either. Which race are you referring to?
  2. Are transplanted organs into Muslims from non Muslims najis? If not, then how can a body of water be najis that non Muslim have touched? Does not follow.
  3. The anti-Christ or the beast is supposed to be a person, an inflluential political leader who appears to be doing good but is really doing evil. "The antichrist will gain political power and spiritual authority over every nation on the earth. He will most likely begin his rise to power as a very influential, very charismatic, political or religious diplomat. He will rule the world government for forty-two months. According to many eschatologists, this time frame is understood to be during the latter half (3.5 years) of the tribulation. During this period, the world will endure a time of unpr
  4. The ummah needs to provide for the family if the father does not. Maybe then these men will not run away from their children if those around him have to take care of his responsiblities. It is shameful.
  5. How bizarre. The charges are not dropped and the baby has been released on bail. How far can they take this? What is the punishment for attempted murder?
  6. Careful what you wish for. A man is not just biological but can become attached and blinded emotionally to a woman and will do what pleases her. What pleases her might be letting go of you.
  7. You train people to be animals and they act like animals but that is not an excuse. They hung Nazis for following orders which were crimes against humanity. These men were not even following orders. Their trial and execution should have been swift.
  8. Babies prefer symmetrical facial features and round bodies. It has nothing to do with skin color. Very young babies will stare at pictures of who adults would rate as having attractive features longer than those who adults would rate as having unattractive features. Body is different. Babies prefer round bodies over athletic builds.
  9. It is probably good that she has to wait so that she can fully consider that nikah proposal. It will be a lot harder ending a nikah than waiting for the end of a mutah. When that is considered, the lesson learned will have been put into practice.
  10. Here http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c7/Sex_ratio_total_population.PNG it says the there are more males than females throughout the eastern Islamic world. However, I don't believe that the rape statistics for these countries are higher than average. Maybe they are but are not reported, which is definitely a possibility. Poverty in India may be a factor but Pakistan has the same level of poverty and rape is not such a huge issue. Porn is an problem but it is not a violent problem like rape. Key to colors on map is here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_sex_ratio
  11. I try not to think about him. He is the opposite of what we should be.
  12. Unless there were extreme circumstances of life and death due to war or hostile environment and I could not provide adequately for some reason, I would make it clear the amount of time he had to get off my property.
  13. Posters are reacting to the fact that in this world, many very young girls are literally forced into marriages with much older men that benefit everyone else - politics, sale for money, family disputes, and so on. It is common and it is a huge problem. To say that it is a two way street is highly inaccurate and insensitive to such a big issue of abuse of little girls.
  14. Dont know if I have heard this, but I have heard the opposite. Not usually a question that is asked so it is hard to know.
  15. The liked posts are on the profile but how can you tell who liked it?
  16. Dont know about that particular case but most (close to all) young girls are not willing to marry old men. They do marry old men but it is usually an arrangement made that they are pretty much forced to accept for a variety of reasons. Sexual attraction is not usually one of them.
  17. It is not natural for a young girl to be sexually attracted to an old man. For a reason. She will not be able to remarry when he dies. In reality, no one will want her and depending on her financial situation this could be tolerable or a despairing situation.
  18. Most likely the guy is mentally ill. Add lack of family and familiar culture and perhaps no job or money. He was taken to a hospital and deemed unfit for interview. Sad case.
  19. This makes no sense. "muslim" countries have 1000's of orphans of their own that they cannot place. Why would they accept yours or be able to find a home for yours? Especially to find a home that was not abusive for a girl orphan.
  20. Anjem Choudary and his boys are high fiving.
  21. Me neither. Look at the comments. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=d0f_1369235265#comment_page=2
  22. It is not so much that they were shot as to WHO shot them. It will def push right wing agenda.
  23. Yeah you are right. They are in hospital. But it may not matter if they were shot by police there. It is very touchy in some areas.
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