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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This is addressing the real issue and that is that you are too exhausted to fulfill your duties due to your pregnancy and that you are working. You are not required to be working outside the home and in this situation, outside work is interferring with your marital role and your health and happiness. It is not complicated. Time to quit your job or if you cant do that you need to get outside help where possible. It is your husband's duty to provide for the family.
  2. Someone needs to change jobs. One tour too many.
  3. Harper did not hide in the closet. Harper is not hiding as Canada "goes to the dogs". He is the dog. Harper was the front and centre creator and distributer of this disgusting message shared by very few. This is all about Harper being a US lapdog and not about Canadians in general. Most are very embarrassed by him. The shooting was from a man who was mentally ill long before his "conversion" to Islam. Ironically, he was not welcome at his local mosque due to his aggressive and disrespectful manner. This shooting had nothing to with organized anything or Harper and his delusions. This wa
  4. Racism is never a simple topic. It exists everywhere and among all people for many reasons. Fear is a big reason. People fear what they don't understand and what they think may potentially hurt them in some way or another. Justification for racism? Apologetics? Not sure what you mean.
  5. Motive is the key issue in most pre-meditated murder cases. That is usually the most telling aspect of intention or ill intention and is one of the first steps of a crime investigation. What was her motive for killing him?
  6. The OP and the responses are both equally humourous. Thanks for a good laugh!
  7. That was two drunks. No need to denigrate all of Australia who stood up for the security guard in the 100's of thousands in social media and in court and spewed over the jerks. He also was arrested http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/security-guard-subject-to-racial-attack-on-brisbane-train-speaks-out/story-fnihsrf2-1227089397578?nk=e73235c6c2ed20ebfdf7afc7aa8a0a0b Racist rants are disgusting but how they are dealt with are a true measure of a community. How would this be handled in Pakistan?
  8. Salam alaykum, thuglife Sometimes we need to think twice about the things we say - once for content and once for akhlaq.
  9. http://euobserver.com/foreign/125889 Sweden Breaks EU ranks to Recognize Palestine 03.10.14 @ 18:49 RELATED EU poised to 'take measures' against Israeli food Most Malta boat victims were Gaza refugeesBY ANDREW RETTMAN BRUSSELS - The new left-wing government in Sweden has promised to recognise Palestine, amid EU criticism of Israel’s latest settlement expansion. The Swedish PM, Stefan Lofven, made the pledge at his inauguration speech in parliament on Friday (3 October). “The conflict between Israel and Palestine can only be solved by a two-state solution, negotiated in accordance with interna
  10. They are entitled to get what they paid for and you pay megabucks for this service. They asked and paid for a specific profile sperm donor and the company messed it up. They wanted a white sperm donor and should have gotten what they asked for. So what if it was white? Why does everything have to be labelled racist?
  11. There is nothing good about poverty except for those who collect art based on peasants and poverty as subject matter. It is also a popular topic of study for the socio economic elite.
  12. The law in the United States was most definitely designed for the rich, and in so many ways it would be difficult to list them all. Think of all the drug arrests of children of those in powerful positions or Hollywood millionaire movie stars' drug-laced crimes that get dropped in favour of high priced "rehab" centres for every affliction known to mankind. What happens when you cant pay for 6 figure "rehab" facilities? Canada is much more lenient towards those with in need and has far less draconian prison sentences, but those with more money or more education or more connections are more lik
  13. Blind lemming adherence with vigorous apologetics to an obviously flawed process -> complete stagnation.
  14. Yes, religion is only identified if the perpetrator is Muslim, for random acts of violence such as the recent attack by a former employee who had been fired. The religion of other nut cases are not usually identified if they are Christian or Jewish. Valid point. It is an attempt to find a common thread (of Islam) with random acts of violence (committed by Muslims) and the current violence in the middle east, to continue the psychological hold on Americans, in their own homeland, so that the police state can continue to flourish without little to no resistance. however, I was extremely
  15. Good video. Something for us all to think about. What if the family was Muslim and the donor was Hindu?
  16. There would have been no need to beat him if the process had been planned and prepared. Three really blatant areas that need improvement would be better restraint, sturdy gallows and co-ordinated effort with the executioners. Bring evidence??? The evidence of this is clear and is in the video. It was very badly done. If the justice system is confident in its processes, there is an acceptance for re-evaluation and improvement. If not, it will remain backward and an embarrassment.
  17. It was not well done and was open to what happened. Any comparison to an on the spot lynching is an embarrassment. The structure was shoddy and the executioners were poorly prepared and probably nervous as it was public. It is something to learn from not to create apologetics and comparisons with worse situations. Compare to better and more prepared examples if you want to improve.
  18. The situation was chaotic. It looked like an on the spot lynching of a blackman in the american south. It was an embarrassment for Iran as it was recorded. If you do something in public, at least plan and prepare and do it right.
  19. Dont think a woman was put in solitary confinement for 3 months for going to a volleyball game. There is something missing from this story. It would help if Iran would be open about their criminal charges (especially against foreigners) and follow a consistent due process.
  20. It is not the amount of money, as this is relative to your financial situation. You must have the money available or you would not be able to agree. It is up to you what you do with your money, and you have decided that you would give it to him for his family. You ask if you did the right thing, I would say you did - as you made the decision what to do with your money. It was not extortion; it was a request. You had the option to say no. She is ready and willing to fulfill his sexual rights so she has fulfilled his rights. He just has not made himself available so this is on him not
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