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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Just keeping you in virtual check..

  2. salam man arash hastam. khosh halam az inke inja hastam. omidvaram betounim doost bashim.

  3. May Allah bless your wife.

  4. So last night I turned off my laptop and went to sleep as usual but this afternoon when I turned it on, everything had been restored and I lost everything!!! All my documents, pictures, music etc. As if I had just bought the laptop brand new. I dont understand how this can happen overnight while my laptop is OFF..seriously, what gives? Can a computer get a virus and go bonkers even while its off? :(
  5. After we saw Pirates of the Carribbean..I wanted to see how my husband looked with eyeliner :P So I put some on him, and it actually looked really good. He looked like a very religious rock star. :lol:
  6. I work with kids so I got a lot :D One of my most memorable ones however wasn't a question but a comment. I was testing the kids on various things and one of the first questions was "What's your first and last name". All of them knew their first names, but two didn't know their last ones. One boy said his last name was "Shark Boy" and one girl said her last name was "Tinkerbell". It was sooo cuuuute :P
  7. umm..on what lines is he forbiding this? Because of personal preference? You can't forbid someone not to be a certain way because of personal preference. If it is because of this, then he really has no right if the hijab is modest and covering. A good husband would hint at his personal preference and ask nicely, and a good wife would want to please him. No obligation or forbiding, just mutual understanding and love. If it is because of improper hijab, that's another story :P
  8. Why do muslims always loooovvvve to label things "haram" :rolleyes: No, it definetly did not have an owner. This cat was THIN, ate like 3 cans of tuna the first night we brought it home and the place we found it is an industrial area, all businesses and such, no homes for miles.
  9. Salam Alaikum, I don't think this answer relates with hijab, but in general it is said that you should squat to pick up something and not bend over, because bending puts strain on your back, while with squating your not putting pressure on your back. In regards to what seems more modest, i'd go with squating.
  10. Salam Alaikum, sooo the other week we were at the masjid for Iftar and my brother found this ADORABLE cat outside the masjid and we just HAD to bring it home!!! here's pics of my adopted kitty...her name's Peppa :wub: (and i'm not 100% it's a female, but it's just waaay too cute to be a boy, it's gotta be a girl :angel: ) Oh and a question...she sleeps all day and at night she turns CRAZY, pouncing on my feet, jumping everywhere, running around like mad...it's like she's a bipolar cat...is this normal behavior?
  11. ^ good to see i'm not the only one who's bored with LOST this season. Seriously, that show moves too slow and it's become so confusing I don't care anymore.
  12. sooooo cuteeee :) I would die to have a kitten right now, but since my mom hates cats and my dads allergic I cant :( I'll get one when I move in with the husband ^_^
  13. Prison Break is the BEST :o I didn't watch it all when it was on air Season 1, but I downloaded it before summer and watched the whole season in like 4 days..its AMAZING!
  14. I agree with sis Heaven, it's probably just a teenage thing. My friends and I used to be those hijabis with "attitude" back in high school, but overtime you change and you grow up. I would never act like that now, it's all just a phase :)
  15. Salam Alaikum, Thanks again everyone :) I pray all the single shiachatters all get married soon to mo'min people :) Married life is wonderful and such a beautiful thing, you really do feel completed! and to the guy that called me a implicitly called me a feminist in a derogatory way, I actually love being called a feminist, and i'm proud of it ^_^ Thanks again everyone!!! Hezbullahi's wife :wub: p.s. Ali, does this mean I get to become a mod too?
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