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  1. Hmmmmm I see several myths being pushed in this thread, so I am going to deal with them. I should probably just write an article, but I'm too lazy right now. Some credentials? I've lost over 120 pounds in a little over a year. I did it through healthy eating and exercise, which is the only way to go. I'm still not to my personal body fat goal, but I expect to be there sometime this summer. I've also read at least a dozen books on fitness, weight training, yoga, female altheticism, etc. All this being said, here's some problems in a few of the responses-- especially related to female weight loss, physique, and fitness: 1. "Toning"-- there is no such thing as toning. There is only fat loss and muscle gain. Usually when people say "toning" they are referring to enough fat loss to see some defininition in their musculature, or some mucle gain to show through the layer of fat already on the body. Repeat-- THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TONING. Don't believe me? Look it up. 2. The bulking myth- This is a rampant myth going around all over the place, and it drives me maaaad. So many women are discouraged from lifting weights because people tell them that their muscles will "get too big" or their bodies will become masculine. This is a crock, just so everyone knows this. And here is why: A) We women do not have the same hormone balance that men do- we lack the amounts of testasterone needed to produce large amounts of lean mass in a short period of time. So unless the woman has a larger than normal amount of testasterone in her system, or is taking anabolic steroids, she will NOT become huge or man-like as so many people enjoy stating. B) Women can gain muscle, but in moderate amounts, of course. However, in order for a woman to gain huge amounts of lean body mass, she would have to have the necessary testasterone (see above) and, more importantly, she'd have to EAT HUGE AMOUNTS OF FOOD in order to gain it. If you are currently eating a calorie deficiency for maintenance (the amount of calories needed to keep you at the weight you are), it is highly unlikely that you will grow huge. In fact, you will probably gain some muscle and lose some fat in the beginning (called "newbie gains"), but it will eventually plateau without adequate nutrition to build MORE muscle tissue. I know a female Australian powerlifter online who does sport some significant musculature (still doesn't look like a man-- she's natural and not a steroid user), but guess how many calories she has to eat a day in order to stay in powerlifting shape? Over SEVEN THOUSAND calories a day. C) Overweight women will sometimes say that if they lift weights, that the muscle they gain is going to "bulk them up" because it will "push their fat" further out- making them bigger. This is garbage, and I know this from personal experience. More muscle tissue will, in fact, speed up the metabolism and burn calories faster because it is a very active tissue (a lb of muscle will burn 30% more calories than a pound of fat, for example). Several years ago, I was at 230 pounds and a US size 26-28. I got down to this weight this summer, but because I lifted weights, HEAVY WEIGHTS, I was 230, but a US size 20. Major, major difference, people. I had gained some muscle and lost a ton of fat as a result 3. Other reasons to lift weights: A) Lifting weights increases bone density, and as women, this is of special importance because of osteoperosis later on in life. B) Lifting Weights speeds up metabolism C) Lifting Weights will increase some muscle mass- which gives the body a better "shape" that the fat (we all need some fat, folks) lies over. Developing certain muscles can also help compensate for areas one might not like about themselves- such as developing shoulders and back can give a body more of a "V-taper" to the body, creating the look of a smaller waistline. D) Lifting Weights will make you physically stronger- which is always a good thing for anyone. E) Lifting Weights will increase your endurance- and believe me, once you have kids, you're really going to need this ;) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Other Issues Aside from Weightlifting~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Diet is a good percentage of a person's health. Talib e Ilm put some good advice up there on some basic suggestions for eating. Go to any search engine and type in "BMR" Plug in the information such as your age, gender, height and weight, and it will come up with a number for you. This number is the absolute minimum calories needed for you to function, and that is if you literally SLEEP ALL DAY LONG. In other words, your daily maintenance calories is going to be higher than this. If you are currently eating less than your BMR (basal metabolic rate), then you are undereating. This is a very dangerous thing to do for several reasons: you will have little energy to even do any exercise or to even function. Your body will also go into starvation mode, which will actually SLOW DOWN your metabolism-- and you may even gain weight as a result. Eating too little might make you lose weight- but more often than not, you will also be losing your lean body mass as well as fat- which is something you want to avoid. A lot of women undereat even to the point of having eating disorders such as anorexia. Do not go down that path, it will destroy your health completely and spoil your metabolism. Depending on your normal activity level, you will want to add more calories to your BMR number (there are online calculators for this as well. Fitday.com is a website where you can find some of this info as well as it being a tool where you can log in your food and activities to see where you are). And yes, this is to LOSE weight. See the whole starvation mode thing. A calorie deficit of 300-500 calories a day is what you are looking for when you are losing weight. A pound of fat is worth about 3,500 calories, and a healthy weight loss is considered to be a pound a week MAXIMUM. Try not to go under a max deficit of 3,500 calories for the entire week. If you do undereat, you will be more likely to binge because you'll be feeling deprived of food or have certain cravings. Other nutrition items- don't go for diets where one of the macronutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates) are really low. Fad diet alert- don't go there. Of course, some people do better on moderately low carb diets, but don't go for anything extreme like the Atkins system. Also, don't think for a second that "low fat" equals fat loss. The body needs daily fat in order to survive-- it is necessary for pretty much everything-- so don't cut out the fat. Vitamins- take a multivitamin a day, like Centrum or a generic version. Just do it even if you're not trying to lose weight. It's amazing how many of us eat a lot, but are actually malnourished because of our food choices. If you don't eat foods that have omega 3s, I'd suggest taking fish oil caplets (vegitarian gelatin caps of course, no pork!), or flax seed oil caplets. Even regular flax seeds will work, too. Make sure you have enough vitamin D. It's important for protein synthesis, pretty much all organ function, and can help stave off the onset of MS, certain cancers, type 2 diabetes, etc. Just do a search, there's plenty of medical studies on this. Being in the sun doesn't always work nowdays- so many of us live a modern life where we spend more time indoors than outdoors. Women of color also need to be in the sun longer than those white lighter pigmentation- melanin helps to block the UV rays that help the body synthesize vitamin D naturally. In addition, if you're not living at the equator, rememver that winter is the time where you're barely able to self-synthesize vitamin D, especially here in North America. To be honest, I'd suggest taking a vitamin D supplement. Go for at least 400 iu a day if possible. Food choices- the less processed the food, the better. Go for whole grains instead of "white foods." Brown rice instead of white rice. Don't eat any packaged food where you can't pronounce the ingredients. Keep the ingredient list to a minimum, too, when looking at packaged foods. BE wary that a TON of our foods nowdays contain high fructose corn syrup, which is just bonzo for the body. Even most breads have it, believe it or not. Go for whole fruit instead of fruit jucies (you get the benefit of the pectin and fiber by eating whole fruits, and your stomach feels more satisfied). When you eat carbs, make sure you are also eating some protein and fat at the same time- this reduces the likelihood of the body having an "insulin spike" and low blood sugar or hypoglycemia later on. Exersize aside from weight lifting: I'd personally recommend 3 days a week. 30 min cardio, at least 30 minutes weight lifting (heavy weights 6-10 reps, 2 sets to begin with), and 30 minutes of flexibility work- such as stretching or yoga. But hey, if you can't do that, make it two times a week- some is better than none. It works. ~~~~~~~~~ FYI, If I've just lost everyone here, an easy system to follow is the Body For Life system. I think it's pretty good for beginners and to get people introduced to healthy eating and working out. Don't spend a lot of money, but I'd buy the book or check it out from the library. A gym membership always helps, too ;)
  2. Tae Kwon DO is ok, I have my eldest daughter in that right now for the past year or so. However, in terms of a martial art that does as much damage with as little effort as possible-- I'd say Jujitsu
  3. Cliffs Notes version: It's an autoimmune disease where the person's immune system attacks the myelin sheath which covers the nerve cells. You can think of myelin as something similar to the covering you see over electric wires-- when that cover is removed, electricity (or nerve impulses) can do just about anything abnormal- too much "electricity," spasms, inability to move, involuntary movement, etc. Since the spinal cord, optic nerve, and brain are also composed of nerve cells, this too eventually is effected by MS. There's more than one way that MS runs. Some folks get real bad, then can snap back to near normal. Others just chronically deteriorate over a long or short period of time. It can relapse (suddenly get worse) or go into remission, you never know It's a horrible disease, my father had it and my aunt has it, too. If you want a more specific definition, you can begin here: http://www.nationalmssociety.org/
  4. I was reading some article (who knows where it was now, I forgot) about benching. I tried out the advice and "pinched the shoulderblades together" while doing the lifts-- that helped me too... You gotta buy the Rippetoe book, it is exhaustive as heck!
  5. found some more stuff (or so wikipedia links to it) regarding permission. In this case, it may end up being an issue of marja. Anyway, I can't read it, so you'd have to get it translated: http://photo-origin.tickle.com/image/100/3...4O531984102.jpg http://www.jannaati.com/far/index.php?page...w=6&start=6 http://photo-origin.tickle.com/image/135/0...4O971296222.jpg Khamenei mentions virginity and permission, but doesn't directly adress whether you need permission if she isnt: http://www.khamenei.de/fatwas/further.htm#temporarymarriage Shirazi going in depth on this issue, in regards to both religion of the woman, virginity, and permission over the next few fatwas: http://www.shirazi.org.uk/marriage.htm#permission1
  6. As if anyone does a pre-marital checklist like this, lol. :P Here goes the scenario: :) : So tell me, you are divorced. In addition to your marriage, did you ever fornicate at any time? :o : say what?! :dry: : umm, ok then. Ever bow down when there was a photograph/teddy bear/pokemon card in the same room? :mad: : So now we've got to be interviewed before getting a proposal?!? *smack* (editing in) Looks like yes, permission is needed, virgin or not: http://www.mutah.com/faq_7.htm Or you can email and ask elsewhere Here's one about Jewish or Christian women and virginity and permission (looks like a different answer): http://al-islam1.org/organizations/aalimne...k/msg00179.html Sistani with another specific (ie not only virginity, but also dependancy): http://www.sistani.org/html/eng/menu/4/?la...=213&page=1
  7. I assumed it was Shimr. But how does this relate to the Health and Fitness section?
  8. good subject! I wrote one too, a while ago: http://sister-scorpion.blogspot.com/2005/0...ht-terrors.html
  9. chicken is easy, especially if you get the boneless skinless chick breasts (best for cutting- low fat this way). Seriously easy to make- cut it up and stiry fry with non-alcohol cooking spray and veggies, or wrap one of them in aluminium foil with some spices and lemon (or put in a pyrex dish and cover with foil) bake it for like 35-40 min at 350-400. There you have it. Make several at a time, and you can go a few days or just eat all chicken. I don't know much about nitrous, I'm not going to try it without more info because of my heart prob. Do you have the T-nation article? Ergh, protein shake X 100. Add milk, a banana, and some natural pb at least! I usually do SLDL, but I'm off of them for a few weeks (medical stuff). Working on more abdominal core meanwhile, since I noticed it's my weaker point compared to the obliques and low back... You have long arms, don't you. Those short lever people can bench tons and bring the bar down to their chests- they have less to travel! I've got a huge wingspan (even for a tall girl), and I noticed a shoulder pinch as well. But I fixed it! Widen the grip (lower weight at first until used to it). Try to move elbows a little closer to the body (not totally though, or it's all tricep) instead of at a right angle from your body. I've switched to that, and I don't have any shoulder probs now. Be careful if you do upright rows for your shoulders too-- that can mess with your rotator cuff (I do mil press or clean and press instead) I use DB for flys, though I used to press them, too. I've never heard of anyone blowing their pecs, lol. Shoulders yes, but pecs? 225 is VERY respectable! I'm still relearning squats. I've got a major ankle flexibility problem. You do those, too? As for the two naysayers above-- There's a big time use for weightlifting-- HEALTH and Weight Control! When they have an earthquake in Oklahoma, I'll go lift rocks.... until then, I'll just use mine to carry all my grocery bags in one hand :) ppptthhtht!
  10. My squats suck. Still working on flexibility and body weight only. Weight isn't the problem, but my ankles are verrry inflexible. Sometimes I put plates under my heels, but I'm afraid I'll end up relying on them too much. Don't like tuna fish... well you're bulking, add chicken and turkey (I bet halal turkey is on sale right now too, LOL) and even red meat, if you can get it leaner. Unfortunately, the state of halal meat in my area is horrible- most ground beef is ground fat, so I don't mess with it, lol. I cycled onto creatine again. I usually only put on 2-3 lbs of water, and it drops off after the first week or so. Some folks at the gym today were talking about NOXplode, but I don't know much about it or nitric oxide-- might be something you want to research first and look for scientific studies on it or something. I know bodybuilding.com forums has a science section (stay out of misc, there's some real jerks there, though). What's your diet look like. Are you eating 1.5-2g protein per lb? LOL everyone is bulking, I'm the only one who cuts in the winter and lets everything go in the summer. It's the anti-Muscle Beach effect.. No shrugs for me- I'd rather be a pencil neck in that regard. Women with upper traps.... nope, it doesn't work for me, though some strength is good for overall stuff. I've been working on my rows and lat pulldown forms- pinching the blades together and squeezing at the end of the ROM-- seems to be coming along ok.. Cutting progress- 33 lbs down the last few months, 3 lbs of it lean body mass (dern!). Trying to cut until my birthday in May- hopefully down to a normal BF% (20-24% inshaAllah). Then I plan on figuring out maintenance calories for a few months, and then go from there- see if I want more LBM or just maintain.. Depends on how much LBM I lose along with this fat.... Plus I want to bench 135 by next fall (i've got 45lb plate envy haha) , so maybe a teensy bulk cycle...
  11. hype. don't waste your money. Just do a google on stretch marks, they are a form of scarring. Theoretically you can have them surgically removed, but what a waste of money! They tend to fade in coloration over time, but no oil is going to make them disappear.
  12. care to back up any of these statements with evidence?
  13. Whoah, I come back to SC after a month, and this topic is still up on the first page, LOL! Well, here goes... comments and all that.. Girl you won't bulk up, we don't have the proper hormonal balance/androgen amounts that men do. You'll get some muscle, but you'd have to have four things to be a bulked up woman- 1)very very specific genetics 2)steroids 3)a huge caloric intake, and 4)years of hard training. All of them together, mind you! I do know a female bodybuilder online(the "physique" kind, not the skinny "figure" kind) who is steroid-free, but she's been lifting for nearly a decade as a powerlifter AND she's eating over 7,000 calories a day. It won't happen to you! Check the stumptuous.com website on female weightlifting, has a ton of good info there Well the minimus you won't actually see : http://exrx.net/Muscles/GluteusMinimus.html but the medius you will... http://exrx.net/Muscles/GluteusMedius.html (upper butt, lol) Hip abduction stuff for the medius, whether those cybex type machines (where you push the legs out-- the ones going in is for the inner thighs/adductors) Bext things for the uhh maximus is of COURSE the squat and the stiff legged deadlift (or romanian deadlift/stiff back stiff leg dl, etc). Good mornings are good, and lunges as well. Hyperextentions are excellent, too, although they target the hamstrings more. I do most of those (no lunges, I hate them for some reason, and no good mornings since my deadlifts do the same thing), and they work very well. If you don't do squats already, go have a professional show you how-- and not one of those dweeby personal trainers, either. Try to find powerlifters or sports coaches. Or buy the Rippetoe book called "Starting Strength" and the sequel book, name I've forgotten lol. Leg presses will only do so much, freeweight stuff will get faster and better results: good mornings: http://exrx.net/WeightExercises/GluteusMax...oodMorning.html squat: http://exrx.net/WeightExercises/GluteusMaximus/BBSquat.html Lunge: http://exrx.net/WeightExercises/GluteusMaximus/BBLunge.html Step Ups: http://exrx.net/WeightExercises/GluteusMaximus/BBStepUp.html SBSLDL: http://exrx.net/WeightExercises/GluteusMax...egDeadlift.html etc... Decline Barbell or dumbbell Bench Presses (or so say every weightlifter in the gym, lol) http://exrx.net/WeightExercises/PectoralSt...BenchPress.html Incline Benches will work the clavicular (spelling?) pec- up above the armpits I consider myself someone who lifts weights, lol. Now if I end up with a healthier or more aesthetically pleasing figure, then yay for me! How long have you been lifting? Most advanced folks I know do the one part a day/five days a week thing. But it also seems like a lot of ppl are moving towards the Rippetoe 5X5 stuff. You can lose fat and build muscle, but it's very rare for more advanced or intermediate lifters. There's the whole "newbie gains" thing which happens to beginners (like me), or people (also like me) who began as obese or overweight, and who lost fat (because it just happens as a byproduct of working out and diet change) and also gained muscle (newbie gains again!). I've seen some intermediate/advanced people bulk with a minimal of fat gain, which I think would be more ideal, rather than dirty bulking or somethin... Yep, I'm still losing fat, too. Unfortunately, now that I've been doing this a while now, about 10% of my weight loss is actually muscle-- and I'm not very happy about it. So far, strength is still rising, but my fat moniter has pointed out that I've lost about 3 lbs of muscle along with the 30lbs of fat I've dropped the last 2 months. NOT happy! I switched my diet (diet as in regimin, not DIET DIET!) over to more of a BB eating. Upped the protein to match my lean body mass and added more good fats. Upped the calories about 300 cals, too-- and stilll losing-- and shoveling in an OBSCENE amount of food 6 times a day as well. I'm seriously loving it. I know some folks who begin this stuff do things like the body for life program (which I find to be more about testimonials and marketing, although the program is good for beginners). It works for them, but eventually they have to move onto something more personally tailored-- trail and error... This week the kids have school off for turkey day (I don't believe in thanksgiving- it's a historical/political thing on my part, lol), so I had to reduce my workout time this week. So for this week I decided on split- M and W- chest, triceps, shoulders, abs T and F- back, legs, hip, and biceps. It's worked very well, and I'm actually thinking of trying it out for a few more weeks-- If you want to do more bb type training, maybe a 5 day split will work for you, esp if you've been doing this a while. Some of the folks at my gym are doing that--- and they pound that part really hard with a number of exercises for the day. If I had a chest day, I'd include triceps, though since they work a lot in bench press-- and save shoulders for at least two days later. Same with back and biceps together- pullups tend to use both... Good rule of thumb, although fat percentage and lean body mass also plays a part. I mean me eating 1800=2000 calories at my weight is less than my friend who weighs about 170 and who eats 7000 cal-- but she's almost all muscle, too. terracotta.googlepages.com is an interesting website, too. Ignore the marketing part on the book buying-- all the info needed is there-- but for anyone thinking to try it, you HAVE to do the workout along with the eating, or it's a bit pointless www.fitday.com is a good calorie and macro tracker, and so is www.nutridiary.com try whey protein instead, it's better than those bars (although I've had a few of those myself). think a scoop of whey, skim milk (if you're cutting), and a tb of natural peanut butter and some ice. smoothie time, lol Some of them do, but there's a lot of bars that have no sugar alcohol. However, some have a lot of regular old sugar, too- high fructose stuff, or palm kernel blah blah, etc. I'd just check the dietary info. I have them occasionally when I've got a "gotta eat cake" thing going on, but that's about it... I keep hearing about flaxseeds too, Ive not tried those yet. I hear a lot about fish oil, but I eat so much fish I definetly don't need it.
  14. mehhh, I'm going to have to put a condition on the whole shoulders thing, personally. For women who tend to be more pear-shaped or hippy, developing the shoulders will actually give a better silhouette balance. Also, if you have a thicker waist (aha post-childbearing years, you'll see!), building up the shoulders will make it appear smaller as well. I'm for full body workout, not just developing one "part" of the body. Personally, we women are very underdeveloped in our upper body strength, and the majority of the reason is not lack of testasterone, but lack of use. Enough of the women-specific stuff. Here's some generic thoughts I wanted to jot down here: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cardio is good, I do about 30 minutes every day, treadmilling (I'm a trekker, what can I say), sometimes at an incline. However, if one is doing cardio to lose weight or fat, the person also needs to realise that once they lose a certain amount of weight, the cardio the person is doing is only going to serve to maintain, not to lose more. So, there are three options: 1. increase cardio time/intensity. But honestly, unless you enjoy it, who'd want to (not me, anyway). I see ladies who have lost weight, but still have more to go, doing cardio for 1-1.5 hours a day. And nothing is happening. 2. Eat less. A lot less. But shoot, WHY? At least, if you do any sort of daily cooking, odds are you'll be eating it, too.... Plus, you're just as likely to burn off your muscle by cutting back in calories, and specifically by cutting back on certain macronutrients (like protein-- garshhh u MUST eat protein!) 3. lift weights, and get some muscle mass. Muscle burns about 30% more calories than fat, PLUS it is more dense/small in size. Right now, I'm at 220 lbs, and a size 20. About five years ago, I was 230 lbs (I was sick and lost weight through illness,not diet and exersize-- then promptly gained it back) and I was a size 28. Now just how is that? Because I've more muscle now than I did then. Lots of ppl talk about "toning" but that's just a code word for fat loss which shows a bit of muscle definition. FYI, spot reduction of fat is a MYTH! Don't think that doing a zillion cunches is going to flatten your stomach. It just won't. overall fat loss does, and each person's body sheds the fat in it's own way (which is too bad for me, of course!) Now doing something like weighted ab work will help folks who want to build up the six-pack, but only fat percentage loss is going to let them peek through To Philosopher- I keep thinking about splitting up my workouts, but at this point, full body, 3 times a week has worked so well for me. Right now, though, I've tweaked my workout again, starting something different. 1. Compound movements first- bench, squat, deadlift, pullups (asissted, for me, boohoo!), dips, lat pulldowns. 2. some isolation work for each (main) muscle. 4 sets, stacking weight up, lowering rep. 3. One muscle worked to exhaustion in drop sets (starting high, repping until can't, lowering weight, repeat until all the way down to.. five pounds? LOL) in a workout-- that particular muscle not drop setted for another two weeks or so... (make sense?) I'm looking to see just how strong I can get, actually. (naturally, of course! shudder.) Not so much working towards "bodybuilding" though, although I don't mind getting muscles in the process... Most bodybuilders at my gym say they work one part each day. Five day split, four excersizes each day, about 12-15 sets total per part/day. Make sense? They actually lift low(er) weights but with medium reps (like 10) compared to the powerlifters at the gym, who lift HEAVY heavy, and lower reps. Of course, there's exceptions, but the Q is what you're working for specifically- muscularity or strength or both... uh, anyway. Hey I upped dumbell weight on flys (40s!) and barbell weight on my bench (which is still nowhere near respectable, though). Leila
  15. Well, when I say "whatever you want" I'm just saying use your best judgement. You said you follow Fadhlallah, so if I myself followed him, I'd probably fast when he said to. Na, I'm in the same state as the "god has 99 names" dude (different city, though). I've just always gone by Al-Khoei if I didn't see the moon myself or if it was not viewed locally. As for correctness, oh lordy, let's not go there. If everyone was so concerned about the correctness of this annual controvery, we'd see a poo storm over how "so and so is a baaad moozlim" because they happened to fast a day early or late from oneself. I just personally don't see Allah as being as small minded as we people can be, eh. Intention is king in this case, at least that's my opinion. If you're still not sure, then fast tomorrow as the 30th shaban, and go from there... Leila
  16. I always go with the Al Khoei center, their website now says it'll be on Monday. http://www.al-khoei.org/ You can always just do the "day before" intention and begin tomorrow, of course... My advice is... to do whatever you want. :!!!: This is an annual thing, it's probably the only thing I get a kick out of when shahr Ramadhan comes around (the rest is all Ramadhan brain, Ramadhan breath, etc...)
  17. Salam Alaikum I think this topic was discussed several times in the last few years. There's some good articles on the subject at the islam interfaith website, edited by Yogi Sikand. Some good information out there about these particular people
  18. who funded the research? "Focus on the Family?" *skeptical* I think modern diet and processed foods have more to do with earlier puberty than anything else.
  19. Salamun Alaikum I've always been prone to depression. However, it's fairly mild, more of a "functional depression" thing. I've taken anti depressants before, namely after 9-11 and after the death of my father several years ago, but other than that, it's not been too bad. Also, since having regular excersize this past year, I've been depressed for maybe one or two days tops. Huge difference, which makes me think that depression for *some folks* is probably a physical or chemical thing set off by circumstances... I've also had post partum depression, which is very frightening to say the least. That's also very common, though rarely spoken about or acknowledged (@#*& Tom Cruise!) There you go; see that wasn't too hard to say, was it? :) Leila
  20. Salamun Alaikum, I emailed several Muslim doctors last week in regards to this issue, as I have both a heart problem as well as a regular, heavy workout schedule every day. With my recent health history, it looks as though I can indeed fast, but I can't workout during the day time, especially cardio and weight lifting. It's more of a liquid thing than a food thing (ie for example working out right after suhoor is theoretically possible, but you wouldn't be able to re-stock your liquid, and so it would be baad). Anyhow, all the doctors pretty much said NO workouts during the daytime, mostly because of the water loss issue. Most of us slow down physically during this month, but also some folks have no choice but to continue their jobs, especially those that are physically intensive. Personally, I don't know how they do it, but for sure they are getting dehydrated. If it was an actual workout, especially with cardiovascular stuff, it might be harmful to do so. Work out after iftar. We bought a bench and barbell set to go along with our dumbells so we won't lose our muscle mass during this month. Remember, losing weight doesn't necessarily mean something good, especially if you lift weights regularly. Best to do some sort of workout to maintain lean mass at night. Eat a lot of protein to help the body maintain muscle, too. Most folks carb up this month, but protein is a big deal- it also makes the carbs "burn" slower and keep your blood sugar ok throughout the day...
  21. Man, do you have any idea how many businesses in the US have the word "mecca" in it? Heck, there's a bar in Denver called "Mecca Tavern" and a suntan place called "Mecca tanning" It's pretty common, the whole implication is the "it's a place for people to go, etc" I don't know, I don't freak out over the whole "mountain to Mohammed" saying, either... Leila
  22. You can find peel-off nail polish here in the states, too. It's easier to find it online than in the stores though. There are some "kid nail polish" you can also find that peels off.
  23. I had my nose pierced back in my high school (and punk rock) days and I liked it a lot. I ended up taking it out because of a theater production I was in at the time, and it "closed up" or got too small to put the ring back in. Man, that was a long time ago, but I'd still like to get it re-done. However, back then I had it done with a piercing gun, so it happened swiftly. Nowdays, most piercings aside form the ears are done by hand using a needle, and that does NOT appeal to me. If you do decide to have it done, try to get it done with a gun. Yep, it hurts to have it done, but it's more like an "instant shocker" rather than something that just lasts and lasts. Your eyes will fill up with tears immediately, it's a bit of a uncontrolled response. As for mahrems, I don't think you'd have to cover it up. The whole ornament thing seems to be more of a societal-based item. There's some marjas who say it's ok to have a ring or bracelet show on one's hand, so what we're looking at here may be something like what's considered the "norm" or "acceptable ornamentation" within any particular society.
  24. Well, my first reaction to this is "meh." Honestly, it's not even finished yet, I'd say hold off until it's complete. It's not like we have a copyright on black cubes, otherwise there'd be a "petition online" protesting the Rubix cube.
  25. LOL I don't know why I always do that, msg boards are like letter writing to me. (hmmm, why AM I here again, anyway? D'oh!) Leila
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