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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  2. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

    In the Name of Allah, The most Benificent, The most Mericiful


    Allah Huma Suli 'ala Muhammad wa 'aalay Muhammad, may Allah (S.W.T) bless you and may He prolong your life. Happy Birthday!

  3. assallamu alaikum, I am enjoying your posts :-)

    I'm a scarey Musllimah too!

  4. I LOVE REVERTS!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hmmmmm I see several myths being pushed in this thread, so I am going to deal with them. I should probably just write an article, but I'm too lazy right now. Some credentials? I've lost over 120 pounds in a little over a year. I did it through healthy eating and exercise, which is the only way to go. I'm still not to my personal body fat goal, but I expect to be there sometime this summer. I've also read at least a dozen books on fitness, weight training, yoga, female altheticism, etc. All this being said, here's some problems in a few of the responses-- especially related to female we
  6. Tae Kwon DO is ok, I have my eldest daughter in that right now for the past year or so. However, in terms of a martial art that does as much damage with as little effort as possible-- I'd say Jujitsu
  7. Cliffs Notes version: It's an autoimmune disease where the person's immune system attacks the myelin sheath which covers the nerve cells. You can think of myelin as something similar to the covering you see over electric wires-- when that cover is removed, electricity (or nerve impulses) can do just about anything abnormal- too much "electricity," spasms, inability to move, involuntary movement, etc. Since the spinal cord, optic nerve, and brain are also composed of nerve cells, this too eventually is effected by MS. There's more than one way that MS runs. Some folks get real bad, then can
  8. I was reading some article (who knows where it was now, I forgot) about benching. I tried out the advice and "pinched the shoulderblades together" while doing the lifts-- that helped me too... You gotta buy the Rippetoe book, it is exhaustive as heck!
  9. found some more stuff (or so wikipedia links to it) regarding permission. In this case, it may end up being an issue of marja. Anyway, I can't read it, so you'd have to get it translated: http://photo-origin.tickle.com/image/100/3...4O531984102.jpg http://www.jannaati.com/far/index.php?page...w=6&start=6 http://photo-origin.tickle.com/image/135/0...4O971296222.jpg Khamenei mentions virginity and permission, but doesn't directly adress whether you need permission if she isnt: http://www.khamenei.de/fatwas/further.htm#temporarymarriage Shirazi going in depth on this issue, in regards to bo
  10. As if anyone does a pre-marital checklist like this, lol. :P Here goes the scenario: :) : So tell me, you are divorced. In addition to your marriage, did you ever fornicate at any time? :o : say what?! :dry: : umm, ok then. Ever bow down when there was a photograph/teddy bear/pokemon card in the same room? :mad: : So now we've got to be interviewed before getting a proposal?!? *smack* (editing in) Looks like yes, permission is needed, virgin or not: http://www.mutah.com/faq_7.htm Or you can email and ask elsewhere Here's one about Jewish or Christian women and virginity and permissio
  11. I assumed it was Shimr. But how does this relate to the Health and Fitness section?
  12. good subject! I wrote one too, a while ago: http://sister-scorpion.blogspot.com/2005/0...ht-terrors.html
  13. chicken is easy, especially if you get the boneless skinless chick breasts (best for cutting- low fat this way). Seriously easy to make- cut it up and stiry fry with non-alcohol cooking spray and veggies, or wrap one of them in aluminium foil with some spices and lemon (or put in a pyrex dish and cover with foil) bake it for like 35-40 min at 350-400. There you have it. Make several at a time, and you can go a few days or just eat all chicken. I don't know much about nitrous, I'm not going to try it without more info because of my heart prob. Do you have the T-nation article? Ergh, pro
  14. My squats suck. Still working on flexibility and body weight only. Weight isn't the problem, but my ankles are verrry inflexible. Sometimes I put plates under my heels, but I'm afraid I'll end up relying on them too much. Don't like tuna fish... well you're bulking, add chicken and turkey (I bet halal turkey is on sale right now too, LOL) and even red meat, if you can get it leaner. Unfortunately, the state of halal meat in my area is horrible- most ground beef is ground fat, so I don't mess with it, lol. I cycled onto creatine again. I usually only put on 2-3 lbs of water, and it drops o
  15. hype. don't waste your money. Just do a google on stretch marks, they are a form of scarring. Theoretically you can have them surgically removed, but what a waste of money! They tend to fade in coloration over time, but no oil is going to make them disappear.
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