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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Nope I don’t know where you got that from bro. Literally just read the footnote in the Hadith that you posted, what’s the issue? The footnote explained the Hadith clearly. The imam (عليه السلام) answers the very question you are posing here. If you know then why did you post it? i don’t know, please explain to me brother this Hadith.
  2. Gonna let you enjoy and explore hbbi, see you in about 10 years time ;) to spead the process up learn how the akhBari methodology of deriving Ahkam works (حدائق الناضرة). or just simply go through the istidlal of kitab us Salat. aplogies for misunderstanding you. Your claim is that it is permissible to add to the tashahud, ( I agree )if so then u must admit that any dua is beneficial to add in. I as a follower of the imams (عليه السلام) would say in my tashahud what they (عليه السلام) said. Hence why you are following your Aql (you believe in Qiyas?) is your aql better than the imams? Give me what the imam said in his tashahhud and I will do the same. Don’t give me your opinion. Don’t say the imam told us to say whatever we want, is that the function of an imam? Hmmm? What a great way of honouring the imam (عليه السلام). how many imams were there? how many tashahud did they say in thier lives? if u bring me anything not mutawatir then sorry I’m not gonna say it in my tashahdud. I’m gonna stick with saying THE EXACT SAME WORDS they said. if u bought a weak Hadith with 3rd tashahud in thier I would recite it. I know they exist and if somebody wants to use that Hadith it’s fine. What you are doing is trying to invent your own methodology. sincere advice from someone who went down your path, study the religion and don’t be biased. The truth will come to you
  3. Your answer is in the footnote for this one, as it is in most of the footnotes of the ahadith (not hadiS, sorry mispronunciations are annoying) you posted. Are you familiar with Usul al Fiqh? Your answer would be found there which is online with the fatwas of the ulema If you reject it (usul) or are not familiar with it that’s fine, I did too for a while (I thought being akhbari was cool), you must recite the Hadith as the imam (عليه السلام) recited it with no omission or addition. you must pick one methodology you can’t pick between 2, either we are akhbari literalists or we are Usuli. Both unfortunately don’t justify the the name of Ali as being wajib in salah. you don’t understand how much this one killed me, I so so wanted it to be true wait till u find out a syed can marry a non Syed (OMG)
  4. JazakAllah khair for sharing. Did you know Abu Dharr ra is also the one who was adviced about and where we get the evidence of Talbis ul libaas and not letting the gown go lower than the ankle.
  5. Read minhaj ul sunnah. I’m assuming most of those polemical shia sunni topics will be in there. I’m mainly familiar with his rational works and critiques of Greek logic etc. I have however studied minhaj ul karamah, which is a must read if u want to read ibn taymiyyahs book after.
  6. كل ذي نعمة محسود

  7. و عليكم السلام 1) sometimes in life you have to give up everything and sacrifice it all. Put it all on the line in order to search for the truth. I think if you have a passion to study the deen then that is enough. however exhaust all options before traveling. You cake become fluent and an advanced level Arabic linguist without leaving the west. You can memorize Quran, you can attend local courses and introductory courses. Once you have literally consumed all options available locally to you. Then and only then do you make the move. 2) If you are not willing to question the practices of the local imambargah and are easily offended or shaken then Hawza isn’t for you. ^^^I would elaborate but shia chat seems to have become a place for very thin skinned easily offended people.
  8. وعليكم السلام apologies if I didn’t make it clear, I thought I did, but yes you are correct Minhaj ul Karamah was written first. Have you read it ever? Beautifully written for students of Arabic language to appreciate. He does a lot of sunni bashing in the book like I mentioned the comments about hanafi salah. Which is very ironic reading back in the modern day. anyways the point was not to defend him or offer a truth value judgement on any of his work but to simply highlight for the OP what a significant person he was for intellectual development of ideas in history. There’s a reason why he’s very well studied in western academia because he wrote on lost of different topics in detail and was one of the leading thinkers of his time.
  9. In light of hanbali fiqh did you know that Ibn Taymiyyah went against the Ijmah on almost all of the major hanbali positions. Pick up Zaad ul mustaqni for example Especially for kitab al Salah, a glimpse at the sharh will show you how much of a ‘reformer’ type he was. as for his hatred towards the ahlul bayt (عليه السلام) that is in his books and doesn’t need elaborating. he was for use of a better word and absolute genius. If you can’t read Arabic I point you towards Hoover, and Halaq who have written extensively on his rationalism and his intellectual legacy. If you can read Arabic then his رد المنطقين shows his deep understanding of logic (background study of logic is maybe needed). در تعارض بين العقل والنقل is a refutation of Fakhr udin Razi’s universal axiom and there is not doubt that Razi is an amazing genius of this ummah. In essence it seems ibn taymiyyahs stance here is deeply empirical and eventually leads him to the same conclusion. Which we know is the position adopted by Tusi and hilli, in regards to reason and revelation. btw in some places in majmu al fatawa he openly says he agrees with the Shias on point X. The issue is, he is very harsh in minhaj as sunnah but allamah hilli is just as harsh in minhaj ul karamah (the part on hanafi salah always cracks me up). inwould advise you read up on him. He was a fallible human being with many many mistakes. But he for sure was an intellectual giant. Did he influence and create hate? Some of his works I would say yes could be interpreted that way. ***btw I disagree with most of the views of ibn taymiyyah I know how on this website and some Shia like to label people and control free thinking. **disclaimer
  10. Never seen such a perfect match for each other. Both have loads in common, more than you think. Deep deep hatred for the Iranian regime. Anyone associating with shamrani should be careful, very hateful vengeful character who spreads hate. Same goes for the other dude.
  11. Thank you brother for those kind words. May Allah bless you.
  12. The way I think about it is like this. Would Imam Ali (عليه السلام) if alive today listen to poetry and songs about him whilst sitting in a community centre (not masjid) with no care for salah/QuranEtc (anything islamic) Would he then round it off by chest beating and a blood bath of self flagellation concluding in a massive rice party with the name of other than all being used on the food? oh I forgot to add, maybe pray salah if you can fit it in. Not too important though. if he wouldn’t be in such gatherings you’ll find your answer
  13. He sums up all that is wrong with Shism today, an open exaggerator and performer. Wallahi the ahlul bayt (عليه السلام) are free from this kind of filth. these are not the people to look up to. We should be following the example of Ali (عليه السلام) trying to be like him.
  14. Excellent resources created here. If you still need any help with the Arabic content I am willing to help.
  15. Please try and read around the topic I would recommend Stratfor As someone who has Shaam close to his heart, it crushes me to think what occurred there.
  16. So are Sunnis also under that category? He (عليه السلام) is their 4th Caliph and all sufi orders go back through him to the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم). Also they do not deny the wilayah, they accept Ali (عليه السلام) is Maula but just disagree it was an appointment of succession. I think by shia you mean 12 and for that reason this definition isn’t enough.
  17. God bless you for sharing. One of my favourites is the following: THE SOUL CRIES: A moving poem by Imam Ali (عليه السلام) النفسُ تبكي على الدنيا وقد علمت The Soul Cries over this world and yet acknowledges, أن السعادة فيها ترك ما فيــها that the happiness within it is to abandon what is within it. لا دارٌ للمرءِ بعد الموت يسكُنها There is no house for the individual to live in after death, إلا التي كانَ قبـل الموتِ بانيـها except for the one that he built before his death. فإن بناها بخير طاب مسكنُه And if he built it with goodness, pleasing his settlement will become, وإن بناها بشر خـــــــاب بانيـــها And if he built it with evil, dissapointed its builder will be. أموالنا لذوي الميراث نجمعُها Our money for our heirs we collect it, ودورنا لخراب الدهـــر نبنـيــها and our homes for the corruption of time we build it. أين الملوك التي كانت مسلطنةً Where are the kings that were proudly dictating? حتى سقاها بكأس الموت ساقيــــها Till the pourer of death poured death upon them. فكم مدائنٍ في الآفاق قد بنيت And how many cities were built upon the horizon? أمست خرابا وأفنى الموتُ أهليـــها Which eventually became devastated while its citizens tasted death. لا تركِنَنَّ إلى الدنيا وما فيها Don’t submit to this world and what’s within it, فالموت لا شـــك يُفنينا ويُفنيــها for surely, without a doubt, death will end us and end it لكل نفس وان كانت على وجلٍ For every soul, even if it was powerful, من المَنِيَّةِ آمــــــالٌ تقويـــــــها had hopes that were overcome by death. المرء يبسطها والدهر يقبضُها The individual entertains it [the soul] while time kills it, والنفس تنشرها والموت يطويـــــها And the individual opens it, while death puts an end to it. إنما المكارم أخلاقٌ مطهرةٌ Surely the perfection of morals is pure, الدين أولها والعقـــــــل ثانيـــها Religion is its first, intellect is its second, والعلم ثالثها والحلم رابعها And knowledge is its third, and tolerance is its fourth, والجود خامسها والفضل سادســــها And generous is its fifth, and graciousness is its sixth, والبر سابعها والشكر ثامنها And activity serving the people is its seventh, and thankfulness is its eighth, والصبر تاسعها واللين باقيـــــها And patience is its ninth, and gentleness is its preserver, والنفس تعلم أنى لا أصادقها And the Soul knows that I do not befriend it, ولست ارشدُ إلا حين اعصيـــــــــــها And I won’t take the wise step to disobey it, واعمل لدار ٍغداً رضوانُ خازنها And I work for tomorrow [Hereafter] to the satisfaction of its ower, والجار احمد والرحمن ناشيـــــها And the neighbour is Ahmed [saaw] [in heaven] and the Merciful [(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى)] is its Creator. قصورها ذهب والمسك طينتها Its palaces are golden, and its heavenly perfume is its mud, والزعفران حشيشٌ نابتٌ فيــــــــــها And the saffron is its lushed grasses, graffitied upon it. أنهارها لبنٌ محضٌ ومن عسل Its rivers are yoghurt, purified and of honey, والخمر يجري رحيقاً في مجاريـــــــها And heavenly water flows , of sweet nectar, in its canals. والطير تجري على الأغصان عاكفةً And the birds fly between their branches, تسبحُ الله جهراً في مغانيـــــــها praising Allah [(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى)] loudly in their songs من يشتري الدار في الفردوس يعمرها And whoever wants to own a home here he should build it, بركعةٍ في ظلام الليل يحييـها with a sincere prayer in the darkness of the night.
  18. Salam One of my close friends was involved in the distribution of those videos and some aspects of the production. He was by no means the brain behind or producer of them. However he was very close to those guys he was a revert to shiism (I made dawah to him at ISOC in uni) he then went abroad to study for a short summer course in a hawza. Came back on a high and got involved with these guys and decided to believe in Ahmed al Hasan (the whole ansaar group) and sold all of his belongings etc in the UK and moved to Egypt. God only knows what he’s up to know.
  19. According to some Shia scholars it is (ie imamah) an اصل من اصول الدين. So technically once the evidences have been established upon someone and it is thoroughly demonstrated, rejecting it leads to .........
  20. I was always shia, albeit it a bit of a hot headed one in the early days That’s nice to hear. I do believe if it gets you closer to Allah like the opinion of Ayatollah Kompany ra and you justify yourself belief it’s something virtuous and praiseworthy. Posts like these are refreshing. Unfortunately my bother people like you are a minority and not the other way round like some people have suggested. Exactly, I think to post in the Shia/Sunni/zaidi sections would be better, maybe I can benefit people over there. Here I just wanted to have a ‘general discussion’ the specific points raised can be discussed further in individual threads. btw if your not sure about what I mean by God centric or imam centric please refer to secondary English literature (sorry for being judgemental) but I assume a lot of you won’t be able to access Arabic. read Colin Turner.
  21. Whatever makes you sleep at night my brother, thanks for the correction of spelling. you know what imam centric means. If you don’t unfortunately I don’t have time to explain, sorry my credentials aren’t credible enough for you. Also I like how you all jumped to conclusions and started attacking sahaba etc.
  22. Salam alaykum I know many of you will respond to this negatively and will no doubt create personal slanders and ad hominem type attacks and arguments. I will further post my reasons for leaving and why now I feel closer to Allah and actually I feel like I am a truer follower of the Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام). infact I do believe the ahlul bayt (عليه السلام) and the imams (عليه السلام) If alive today would not be found amongst the 12er Shias. as for those who know me or about my journey and activity on this forum. I thought it would be befitting to announce this in the same month when I first joined shiachat. Shiahchat will always be close to my heart for personal reasons. (Those who know, know). I really appreciate all the work and effort that has gone into their forum. But as a Hawza graduate who’s been studyin for the last 8 yrs full time in Hawza across different countries in the Middle East. As someone who even this Muharram gave lectures in the hussainiyah. (I do not want to give away my identity Incase it causes fitna and affects other people’s imam). My studies right now are continuing also and the end sum conclusion is as follows. Very briefly and simply put, shiasm doesn’t agree with the Quranic narrative of Islam. As a theoretical religion in the books of Hadith yes maybe it has some value and khair but largely hadiths are ignored or denied as they don’t fit with ‘reason’ (a smart way of appropriating ahlul bayt to fit in with how you want them to be viewed). Also what you have today in shiasm is a post Safavid ritualistic set of customs and practices. Shiaism is not God Centric it’s imam centric whereas I honestly believe the imams (عليه السلام) we’re God centric. The imams as and their words actually made me leave shiism. more to follow.....
  23. I’m confused as to your position. Please rephrase or rethink. Practically what is different have you read urwah tul wuthqah?
  24. Thanks for the clarification. Have you read it? practically speaking it’s not allowed then. We should all think about that
  25. Some nouns have multiple plurals and you just have to know the patterns. Let me explain what I mean by that. You will figure out what plural goes with what noun. It will just sound right. like غني will have أغنياء similarity نبي will have أنبياء but also has نبيّون so by Seinfeld the original word you’ll know. with the Medina books there’s 40 hadiths you must memorize with grammatical points and this lesson is covered in them if I remember correctly. sorry couldn’t be of help. I never learnt Arabic academically just traditionally the old school way. So a lot of my stuff is instinctive.
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