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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What in particular are you struggling with? It seems quite straight forward.
  2. Urdu will be a big disadvantage if you let it overtake your pronunciations. A Hawza course will prepare you for Classical Arabic well. However I would definitely advise further supplementary study alongside that. I am a big advocate of the classics, something like Ajrummiyah, however medina Arabic is very good for beginners too dm me if you want any help with Arabic
  3. The biggest problem you’ll have with this line of reasoning is that you have no access to any real leader right now as we speak. The fact that Wilaytul Faqih had to be developed shows that this line of reasoning is flawed.
  4. Did u read the sahih hadiths which clearly shows it is a Ahlul bayt Tradiiton. The ahlul bayt in sahih hadiths have ordered and advised people to fast on this day. wow this thread is really exposing a certain mindset or denying hadiths from Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام). maybe that Zaydi brother was right and indeed the 12ers don’t follow ahlul bayt as
  5. Ok that’s more honest. You don’t believe in hadith analysis rather just Taqlid. That’s fine. Thank you for being honest. Me personally I’d want to know why my scholar takes weak hadiths over very strong hadiths which are decisive.
  6. I thought this was the whole point of the thread? wait am I missing something? Did someone not fill me in. The discussion was fasting on Ashura no? Interesting find on Al jawzi and his analysis of weak and fabricated hadiths. Looks like Sunnis are good at weeding out their fabrications.
  7. All of those hadith as mentioned multiple times here are Weak. Maybe you have found some with strong chains. Please can you share the particular hadith which has a strong chain (not even sahih). Once you have done that can you please tell us what we do with many sahih hadiths on one side VS the isolated sahih hadith on the other side (if it exists).
  8. For me personally when I was in your position I simply went back to Basics. Spend more time in the Masjid, turn to Allah, make clear intentions and the rest will follow. I get the feeling your overthinking the process.
  9. This will only make sense if you realise shiasm evolved into what it is today. That’s fine btw but you must be ready to concede that and admit that. for me I left 12er shiism as I believed it is not the school or religion of Imam Ali (عليه السلام). Nor is it the religion of any of the ahlul bayt, nor is it really even the religion of the early shia ie the companions of the imams and the early shias after the occultation. the ghulat tendencies and the normalisation of extreme beliefs amongst modern Shias especially the ulema is shocking and it does not represent in any way shape or form classical shiism.
  10. I’m not gonna lie that crossed my mind but then I thought ‘Na it can’t be’ unfortunately someone might see this as Maslaha as not to confuse the masses. let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. However I have seen this from Shia maulanas and shayks from the pulpit who either out of ignorance or something more sinister misquote and misrepresent hadiths, sahih hadiths, fatwas you name it.
  11. So you will throw out sahih explicit hadiths of the Imams and take fatwas? so why criticise the sunni fasting on Ashura? Aren’t they simply doing Taqlid too? your line of argument will be my scholar VS your scholar you came out all guns blazing and full of zeal but when it comes to introspection you go running to the Taqlid argument as a defence argument.
  12. Can someone please clarify for me why you don’t follow Sahih Hadiths from wasail (one I’m sure of from top of my head) from Imam Sadiq as about fasting the 9th and 10th of Muharram. Whilst you reject the sahih hadiths you accept the weak narrations forbidding it.
  13. Nope I don’t know where you got that from bro. Literally just read the footnote in the Hadith that you posted, what’s the issue? The footnote explained the Hadith clearly. The imam (عليه السلام) answers the very question you are posing here. If you know then why did you post it? i don’t know, please explain to me brother this Hadith.
  14. Gonna let you enjoy and explore hbbi, see you in about 10 years time ;) to spead the process up learn how the akhBari methodology of deriving Ahkam works (حدائق الناضرة). or just simply go through the istidlal of kitab us Salat. aplogies for misunderstanding you. Your claim is that it is permissible to add to the tashahud, ( I agree )if so then u must admit that any dua is beneficial to add in. I as a follower of the imams (عليه السلام) would say in my tashahud what they (عليه السلام) said. Hence why you are following your Aql (you believe in Qiyas?) is your aql better than the imams? Give me what the imam said in his tashahhud and I will do the same. Don’t give me your opinion. Don’t say the imam told us to say whatever we want, is that the function of an imam? Hmmm? What a great way of honouring the imam (عليه السلام). how many imams were there? how many tashahud did they say in thier lives? if u bring me anything not mutawatir then sorry I’m not gonna say it in my tashahdud. I’m gonna stick with saying THE EXACT SAME WORDS they said. if u bought a weak Hadith with 3rd tashahud in thier I would recite it. I know they exist and if somebody wants to use that Hadith it’s fine. What you are doing is trying to invent your own methodology. sincere advice from someone who went down your path, study the religion and don’t be biased. The truth will come to you
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