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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I can't even remember when I signed up. But if you read through my posts I said Iran was becoming increasingly secular and that we should support Syed khamanie against the reformers
  2. Maybe because he had a massive impact on the Ottoman Caliphate which in turn influenced Muslim thought and gave him popularity. Dawud Qaysari for example was the first Shayk Ul Islam of the ottoman caliphate and wrote the most famous 'Muqadimah' to Fusus.
  3. He visited AJKD which is amazing when you think about it. Respect to the man.
  4. Did anyone actually do this? I managed to pass my course on it. Moved onto Bidaya and found the logic very important in understanding it.
  5. ^^^Read fiqh my brother, the issue of Friday prayer and granting a separation by enacting as the imam for a women. These are all giving the right of an Imam to a Faqih.
  6. Salam Study of Quranic Arabic and Hadith is something that our community lacks. Upon brief overview of the course outline and structure anyone can see that this is a must for anyone who wishes to call himself a seeker of knowledge and a Shia of Ahlul bayt (as). As as long as you learn the usuli methodology and it's alternatives you can make a informed decision. It beats blind following of pulpit knowledge delivered by actors and frauds (not all, just some, you know who they are).
  7. If you want to study it as an exercise of the brain and to understand how the great minds thought and what they delved into then I would say yes study it. First take a reading list/short course on classical Muslim Logic, Ancient Greek Philosophy, Muslim Philosophy and contemporary Philosophy. Then read Ibn Taymiyyah against the greek logicians
  8. by using WF of course.......... try reading up on the Proof of the veracious or the kalam argument which has been updated by Shayk Taqiuddin Nabhani. Once you have established God as being necessary to have bought the rest of the world into existence you can conclude that he has no partners, does not incarnate etc.. just a brief summary, read the proofs inshallah
  9. Every Shia accepts WF gradationally, some instances it is more encompassing whereas some instances it has a limited scope. There is no Islam without WF or Hakim Shari or Khilafah depending on your denomination.
  10. When you follow the wrong WF this is what can happen. Get these youth married, and encourage mutah instead of forcing marriages and making it harder for youth to get married. Also this has nothing to do with Islam, it was not an Islamic ceremony o the OP has misinformed and used a misleading title.
  11. @UndercoverBrother Hope that tomorrow you have a Happy Birthday! :birthday: 


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  12. Objective study and inspection is required If comparative fiqhi study is to be acquired You credit the cause of your concern as political Try a conclusion less obvious and be more critical For in the methodology similarity you will find So sit back, think and give it time
  13. Well we can have google doc which we all add to at anytime. But we can have weekly Skype calls too. Or chats on here? Chat facility maybe
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