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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Right now, I do not think AlSaud are so stupid to execute Ayatullah Nimr. With crisis of Yemen on their border, with Iran ready to attack them if they attack the aid ship to Yemen, and also Iran generals warning AlSaud not to execute Sheikh Nimr, and also thei own kingdom under chaos for the turmoil they have done, I do not think they are such stupid to sacrifice their throne for sake of Ayatullah Nimr. What we can at least do now is not go to Umra or Haj because AlSaud benefit from their revenues also we need to stop buying anything which is manufactured in KSA.
  2. Subhanallah, what an example of a heroic marytr. May Allah protect us from these takfiris and their fitna.
  3. This is copy and paste for location of Ghadir. Ghadir AlKhum was situated on the Incense Route between Syria and Yemen where travelers could replenish their resources of water in the most arid part of Arabia between Mecca and Medina.
  4. And the Taliban, AlQaida takes 5 year old baby females by force, keeping them as wives, and commiting fornication same sex rapes in madrasas, which is not even reported in press in Pakistan because that tribal part under Taliban is kept backward since TV and other media are banned. Is it biddah to report Pakistani daily sex abuses or is it haram to report because it is done in the name of Allah?
  5. http://presstv.com/detail/2013/12/29/342507/alqaeda-behind-beirut-deadly-blast/ Another false flag by AlQaida after chemical use in Syria and Hariri murder and blaming it on Syrian Governement and provoking secretrain stife throughout the world with their Wahabi/Salafi teachings.
  6. Al-Qaeda behind Beirut blast, initial probe shows http://presstv.com/detail/2013/12/29/342507/alqaeda-behind-beirut-deadly-blast/ Another AlQaida false flag like chemical use in Syria and Hariri murder, just to provoke secretrain stife.
  7. Ugly gin why you want to tell ugly lies. Have you not read your sahih hadith that Imam Ali (as) called Abu Bakr and Umar thieves, liars, and more ugly words for robbing Fadak you just need to read your sahih books.
  8. Not only Quran abrogates any hadith which says Abu Bakr was siddiq even Sahih hadith abrogates Abu Bakr as Siddiq. According to Sahih hadith, Imam Ali (as) called Abu Bakr and Umar liars, sinners, usurpers and betrayers.
  9. Simple question and case closed, If Abu Bakr was called siddiq by Prophet (pbuh), why Prophet did not take him to Mubhala except (Imam Ali (as), Fatima (as), Hasan (as) and Hussain (as), his pure family) when Allah gave order to curse liars, why did he not take Abu Bakr with him if he was called "siddiq"? Therefore any hadith which is aboragated by Quran is not Sahih even if some call it Sahih.
  10. These trolls do not even care to read their own books about Prophet (pbuh) crying for Imam Hussain (as). Is it because of the love of trolling? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvO3dUow4Pk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDNW37wc_AQ&list=PL20917BE0B5C8D70A
  11. Sunnis come with strange topics to defend their heroes the 2 most strange of them is why Imam Ali kept his sons name Umar and Uthman, which has been refuted so many times here, as if those names were the only names of the Caliphs and now this strange topic that Mohammad bin Abubakr's (who was the follower of Imam Ali (as) and loved Ahlulbayt unlike his father AbuBakr) daugher marrying the fifth Imam. One should know that people are judged by their actions (read Bukhari of how AbuBakr robbed Fatima (as) and hurted her) and not by someone marrying an imam in his lineage etc.
  12. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) said to Imam Ali (as): "Are you not pleased to have the position (manzilah) in relation to me as that Aaron had in relation to Moses, except that after me there will be no other prophet?" (Ibn Majah, Sunan)(Bukhari) If anyone ponders over this hadith, it is quite clear that when Prophet Musa went 40 days away he appointed his brother Harun as his successor, but people left Harun (as) and took Baqara (cow) for their leader, in the same way even after Prophet (pbuh) appointing Imam Ali (as) and comparing him to Harun (as), the Muslims left Imam Ali (as) and took some
  13. Although you can deny about that Quranic verse but here are the list of sunni books regarding the following verse was revealed : "O Apostle! Deliver what has been sent down to you from your Lord; and if you don't do it, you have not delivered His message (at all); and Allah will protect you from the people ..." (Quran 5:67). Some of Sunni references confirming that the revelation of the above verse of Quran was right before the speech of Prophet in Ghadir Khum: (1) Tafsir al-Kabir, by Fakhr al-Razi, under commentary of verse 5:67, v12, pp 49-50, narrated on the authorities of Ibn Abbas, al-Bar
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