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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I asked the Sayyed Sistani office the same original question as seen above, and this is the answer they gave me: So does that mean I will practically not be fasting for the whole of the month of Ramadhan (apart from 2 days in the weekend???) :(
  2. Salamu Alykum, I was just wondering when a place will be considered your 'home' city/country? For example, i am moving to another city which distances some 70miles away from my home to work there for 1 year, do I have to pray qasr there or would it be considered my 'home' also, and I have to pray full even if i stop there for less than 10days each week? (i would be travelling back home every weekend so i won't stay there for more than 10days ever --and this will be for a whole year--) Thank You, Fee Aman Allah
  3. What marriage preparation course?? Can you please elaborate. Thanx
  4. Thanx for all the responses people :)
  5. Salamu Alykum, A young brother I know (around 18years old) did mutah with a christian girl and she is now 7/8weeks pregnant! He doesn't want to marry the girl permenantly, and didn't expect this to happen (as his temporary wife was on the pill) but doesn't know what to do at the moment and is in a big dillema! What can he do?? His parents are not going to accept him marrying her permenantly, and aborting the child is haram (right?), and he plans to get married to a girl from back home in the future too, which is also what his parents are saying! Please help! Wasalam
  6. Salamu Alykum, Is it permissable to abort a child of around 7/8 weeks old, that happened to come from a muta (temporary marriage) and there being no intention of having the child? What is the rulings on this? Can it be aborted because it is an unwanted result from a mutah marriage or not? (I believe the person does taqleed of either Ayatullah khamenei or Fadlallah) Also, if it is not aborted what are the legal requirements that must be observed with regards to the responsibility of the father? Waslam. (ps. reply needed ASAP. Thanx)
  7. hmmm.. .ambitions in life, what they expect life to be like (e.g. role in the household/outside), way of living (organised, do what u want, together time/alone? etc..) , who raises the children (i know both but who does what?),, Parents ...When they get old will they be living in your house or sent to an old people home??!! will the wife/husband not mind this/be prepared for this? What are the things they dislike/can't stand? (i.e. what would be 'crossing the line') Expectations from both sides?
  8. He might rebel if his parents find out. FIRST step is for the sister to confront her brother. IF he doesn't stop after that and after repeated attempts from the sister, than she can go to parents. (but going to parents shouldn't be the first step if she hasn't tried first!) ((i.e. tell him what he's doing is haram, show him the right way, trying kicking some sense into him and see if he responds inshaAllah))
  9. http://www.islamicinsights.com/religion/clergy-corner/istikhara-to-do-or-not-to-do.html
  10. The office of sayed Sistani in London: Qu: 1. Is it wajib for a girl that has lost her virginity outside of marriage to tell her future husband that she is not virgin before they get married? Can she hide this by doing an operation so the future husband doesn't know? Qu: 2. Is it seen as noble for the man to continue to marry her knowing she has done this sin, but has sincerely repented for it? An: 1. it is not wajib An: 2. he has to decide that
  11. A great and comprehensive article on this issue! A MUST SEE!!! Please click on link below! http://www.islamicinsights.com/news/community-affairs/males-and-females-just-friends.html
  12. "Don't be concerned with the fruit of the action, but the action itself!" (Please reflect on this point!!) Be fully aware in the action, live in the present ...not the past or future. Be fully present in the NOW with all your actions. (The past is history and the future is a mystery, but the present is a gift, thats why its called the 'present') ...Don't let your mind take over...be conscience on your mind ramblings and try to minimise your minds control and just 'BE'. Understand that what you are trying to achieve is to become a human 'being' not a human 'doing'. But to be a human being you just have to 'be'! ....How? Well don't always look to achieve something and some kind of spirituality from your actions, just concentrate on perfecting the action itself! A lot of people try to 'achieve' or 'reach' to some kind of 'spirituality' but miss the fact that what you are seeking you already have! Concentrate on the action itself and put your whole essence in the action without paying attention to time or your minds thoughts! I remember something that Allamah Tabatabaei suggested doing, which is trying to just sit their and see what thoughts come to your mind (just observe your mind!). You will find at first many thoughts come in the way, but as you do this day by day, just observing ideas that pop up in your mind (a form of meditation), it would lessen and you will have more control. you will feel more spiritual because your true essence will emerge, as opposed to the mental images and thoughts that arise from your brain, ...Understand that your mind, and essence (soul) are two separate things. Whats clouding your spirituality is your minds ramblings...so make them less by observing and being aware of them to reduce and eliminate so you are truly in control inshaAllah. Also don't try to seek hard for the answer, the answer is already there. Ask Allah (swt) with a sincere heart and he will truly be able to help you inshaAllah.
  13. This is just a list of news websites. Don't you think it would have been a good idea to allow the user to choose what website to view the headlines from? And also have a aggregate list of the latest news.
  14. I don't mean to offend but your wife has serious issues if she can't keep her hands off you for a couple of hours.
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