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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I don't know which Orientalist writer it was but I am sure you can google it - he compared Muawiyah to Stalin - and please remeber the hadith of Ammar Yasir in the battle of Siffin:- First of all this is how Muawiyah treated the great companion of the Prophet (SAW) Ahmad Ibn Hanbal in his Musnad narrates a tradition as follows, that has also been mentioned in the Tabaqat of Ibn Sa'd that: In the Battle of Siffin, when the head of Ammar Yasir (ra) was cut off and was taken to Muawiyah, two people were arguing over it, each one claiming that he had killed Ammar. We read in Sahih Muslim hadith number 6970 that Umm e Salmah narrated that: "Allah's Apostle (peace be upon him) said: A band of rebels would kill Ammar". sorry for the copy and paste but it is all there in black and white - facts speak louder than sentiments
  2. Ok I forwarded that text to Obama and cc'ed it to Mullah Omar - many thanx
  3. salam alaikum, Mankind has always had a past in which human beings exploit and kill other human beings. But are we in the worst age of man. I believe so, because the propensity of badness so to speak is now global - due to of course enhanced communication - internet, tv, films - feeding man's base desires, and exporting cultures around the globe. As well as that we are in the age in which people think in terms of nihilism, totalitarioanism, utalitarianism, skepticism, aetheism - hence a country can bomb another country if thousands die it is Ok as long as the outcome is beneficial in some way for whoever. I believe we are in a bad age, an immoral age, worse than that of Jahiliyyah. Because as a theist, a Muslim, humankind has totally forsaken the Divine. Sometimes on a personal level I look around and I feel sickened as to what humans have become. But usually I keep these views to myself because at the end of the day I believe every human being makes his/her own choice and fights his/her own battles - and the only rope I want to hold on to is that of Ahl al-Bait (as) you agree? wsalams
  4. Hi can I become a mod, I don't really care about changing color and all that - but it would be cool to read ppls PMS, as most mods engage in this activity most of the time, thanks think about it
  5. salam alaikum, I have a question for any Sunni brothers - why do you follow Saudi Arabia? I just understand the logic, for example I asked some of my Sunni brothers in Ramadhan when are you going to observe Eid, they said O we follow Saudi Arabia. I mean the Saudi Kings - are just that they are kings - like Muawiyah was a king, like Haroon Rashid was a dictatorial, feudal king - with a few fake hadiths thrown in here and there to add some religious credence. But why follow them? They are a despicable bunch as shown by there actions in Saudi Bahrain - wouldn't you be better off following iran, that would be a better Caliphate to follow? Many thanks - hope the question wasn't offensive wsalaams
  6. Is it just me or is Obama turning out to be just as bad as bush - When we saw him on the campaign trail it was like, the first Black man to be president - he's going to change things, be diplomatic. At least with Cheney, Bush, Rumsfield they said we are going to stab you in the heart and that is what they did. But this guy is absolutely despicable, he's like a crafty weasel - and seeing Clinton's steely moon pie face everywhere acting as his internation assassin lackey just makes me sick. He's just as murderous, devilish and hypocrtical as any other US president. Obama you suck big time man, US will be the second largest economy soon - but they have absolutely no culture, they need to go learn some manners and ethics from other countries, US really sucks man
  7. alimasta


    For years I wandered in a stupor My heart bounded with my sins I was scared only for this mortality Living life a nightmare of addiction As day became night, weeks, years decades, satan lived in my alley What saved me? recite salawat dear friends and you will know
  8. alimasta


    Why? The question confused me But now, I realise that I will be asking it forever It’s time, To walk the path of truth The love of Ali, Quenches the thirst of seekers
  9. don't follow your Richard - have some bloody sense
  10. salams, I know the Stanmore bunch, they are all middle class, graduates, rather naeive and impressionable suburban youths although they may have studied in Qum and wherever else does not mean that they are any the wiser - the fact they are graduates does not unfortunately elevate their IQ. Unfortunately this category makes them a perfect target for people like Majidi - you see the same tactics being used by Wahhabis, Salafis, people like Hizb at-Tahrir et al. My advice and if I meet them personally I will say the same you're being conned and brainwashed - you are better off following your peers such as Abbas Jaffer, Mustafa Jaffer, Sheikh Arif - people like Sheikh Usama. Listen to what this man is saying I listened to his speech on Ansar al-Mahdi it was a rhetorical tirade with little substance. Sheikh Usama And Maulana Bakri were right - it sounds like whoever was questioning Maulana was hounding him a bit I think it was perfectly clear who he was referring to. BTW you don't have to wear an Amamah or carry a walking stick to be a spiritual person you could walk around in jeans and a t-shirt. I am afraid that these are cultish activities it is the duty of people to advise you and guide you and that is what maulana was doing. Just remember most of you lot are still just out of your teens or in your thirties. Hopefully this will be a learning experience for you when you look back and realise your mistake. wsalams
  11. salams brother, Don't be embarrasing by this it is only the naturals. Here are some peoples who will give you the inspirations I recommends this because beard is the nice and eye brows are the goods and hairsyle is rather funky And asking your mother is good idea because usually you will be choosing wife like her ..... in the subconsciousness khuda Hafiz
  12. alimasta

    Kindle Books

    Hey anyone got Kindle - what are the best Shia / Islamic books available that you've seen
  13. what a very strange individual

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