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  1. yes, thats actually exactly what i am saying. does anyone find that shocking? i find islamic laws of governance as unrealistic as islamic laws on slavery or keeping sex slaves. the problem is, until the awaited imam (atf) returns, everything we do will be wrong. the imam left no instructions how to run a government. from this i understand that the imams did not want shia to use an islamic model as a system of government but a secular one. it really is self evident, you cant base laws on sharia in the absence of a masum (as). you will always be opressing someone. its better to not opress anyone and not make things like punishing homosexuals or apostates or non hijab wearers a part of the law. crimes against others should definately be punished, but not crimes against oneself. look at lets say saudi arabia. the minority of the the population is shia, but the government enforces its own stupid version of "sharia" on everyone, and this opresses shia. in shia majority countries, the non shia minorities also feel a similar feeling of opression.
  2. why dont you just pay attention when you pray :donno:
  3. ^^ is he a haafiz? has he memorised the quran off by heart, and can he translate quranic arabic into english just by reading the text of the quran?
  4. *sigh* ive had to deal with irish abuse victims at the hands of priests and nuns. there is something about repressing someones sexual urges which causes them to develop into demons.
  5. ok i just got confirmation of a few details: - zanjeer zani is NOT banned, only that 1 trouble maker is - sharing of zanjeer is prohibited (i agree with this) - open tabarra is banned (i disagree with this) - there was zanjeer zani pursa this last tuesday for 21st ramzan to be honest im suprised that people still share zanjeer, its not like theres a shortage of them. yes, without doubt.
  6. like using it as a political power tool to enforce your personal agenda? oh wait thats totally acceptable.
  7. Ya Zahraa (sa)! Ya Zainab (sa)! Ya Ummul Baneen (sa)! my heart is on fire and my hands are shaking in rage. it was not enough that you fools side with sunni and wahabbi in mocking and trying to prevent azadars, who are your BROTHERS, now you have resorted to the courts who have always stayed away from these matters? all i will say is this, because i do not trust myself to say any more: if they are worried about being sued, why dont they get azadars to sign contracts that they will not sue if they get harmed during zanjeer zani. that way everyone is happy. finally...can anyone name any case in the history of zanjeer zani where an azadar has taken legal action against the idara? you realise that while you think it is just a building that you can read tarawih with your sunni brothers with, we believe that a hussainia is the house of the imam, so to sue it is as absurd as sueing the imam?
  8. there is a shia primary school about to open in manchester pretty soon, maybe in the next few years even a high school....i know where my future kids will be going if that is the case. i dont have a problem with private education though; maybe the problem is that if parents leave schools to raise their kids for them, then obviously their kids will be raised like their peers. if parents actually start giving a damn and talking and spending time with their kids outside school, then parents will have a much stronger role in the raising of their children.
  9. when two non virgin, independent, consenting adults decide to do it, its no ones business but theirs. no ones place to judge. when horny teenagers do it as an excuse to get their freak on behind their parents backs, thats bad. when a man uses it as an excuse to sleep around behind his wifes back, thats bad. mutah itself is fine, people misuing it is the problem.
  10. accusing a believer of lying without proof is a sin. you realise that right? firsty - if my sister was a virgin, she would require my fathers permission. i have no problem with that if he agrees. if she was not a virgin, and living independently, i would trust her judgement and upbringing and maturity, i have no problem with that. if she agreed to a muta without sex to get to know a potential suitor better, i have no problem with that. if she agreed to a mutah with sex if she was not living with the family, its none of my business. with regards to "getting knocked up", theres this modern day invention called "contraception". they probably havent heard of it in your village yet. so how am i lying again?
  11. stop bullying against oneself, you trouble maker guilty conscience

  12. dude that is creepy as hell :mellow: did you see anything else like that from your brother? what do you think it was?
  13. Salam "We judge ourselves by our intentions, and everyone else by their actions" i suggest you take a minute to ponder on the quote above. you do not know what people do when they are not around you, or what is in their heart, or how sincere they are in their actions, or what they are going through, or anything really. it is a mistake to assume you know what a "true" muslim is and what isnt. you talk about arrogance but in the same breath you have decided who is the true muslim and who isnt, without actually taking the time to know them or talk to them? how many of the people you are referring to do you know on a close, personal level?
  14. lol yeah i know, i been doin em every year since i was 5 years old it only became illegal for under 16s in the last few years i think. anyway, OP, you could probably get us all in a lot of trouble man, for teaching you how to self harm or something, i dunno what the stupid american government is monitoring. im gonna delete my posts from earlier on cos i dont feel like being arrested today :)
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