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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) SeyedMusawi, Could you please give the Quran or evne hadith to back up your reason for saying this? salaam
  2. (salam) Cyan_Garamond, And there are plenty of obligations that Muslim women who DO wear hijab fail to fullfill, but we don't hear their "skin peeling off" stories. salaam
  3. (salam), Coming from someone who obviously admires someone who loves to sing about strippers and drugs... all in admiration by the way. You can go shake your moneymaker now as I go and bring up "modern day convenient Islam" and lead "20,000 men" in prayer, further "messing up the ummah", as you preach and point your finger at someone, obviously forgetting about what you evidently advertise what your taste is. :D salaam
  4. (salam) Nice-Eyes, So after I wash my hands from using the restroom you believe that my hands are still dirty, thus you wont shake it? But anyways, like I said I don't believe that you can't make wudhu with nail polish on. To me this is just a topic to whine about. People make wudhu and rub their heads, but I don't see them wetting every single part of their hair, nor scalp. salaam
  5. (salam), Since nail polish cannot be removed by water, and can only be removed by a chemical process, I believe that it becomes an attached layer to the nail. salaam
  6. (salam), In Islam one does not have to stay with a person permanently. To say that Shia's have "permanent" marraiges is like saying that they have to stay with this person forever. Muslims are not catholics. salaam
  7. (salam), Once again there is no such thing as "permanent" marriage in Islam. Shia's need to stop feeding such an idea.
  8. (salam), I believe that it is perfectly acceptable to make wudhu with nail polish on.
  9. (salam), I could care less if someone knows that I am on my period or not.
  10. (salam), Omgosh. SHe didn't wear hijab? Is she going to burn in hell?! She probably did all the other good deeds Muslims could possibly do, but oh my... no hijab?! Is that all that Muslim women can contribute to their Islam? Prayer and Hijab?! wow...
  11. (salam), I would like to know why the traditionalist believe that anyone who leaves Islam deserves death. What exactly is behind this? Time after time, Allah tells us in the Quran that we have choice in this religion, and we can practice as we please.... accept or reject him. He even speak of the apostate and does not mention anything about killing them. How can Islam be a religion where there is no compulsion, but yet people are FORCED to believe in Allah in the first place? How can Muslims kill people because they do not believe in God anymore? Also are when you kill them, aren't you saying that you can only accept God into your life once? And if you reject him, then there is no way you are ever going to accept him again? Plenty of people go on the wrong path for years but then find God all over again. What makes anyone here believe that they can kill anyone who no longer believes in Islam? Is that NOT forcing religion on them? Is that NOT forcing them to believe in God or else? Doesn't that mean that there is no freedom to choose, etc? salaam
  12. (salam), Abayah with tennis shoes look tacky. salaam
  13. (salam), Are you suppose to look ugly wearing a hijab? salaam
  14. (salam) Hawraa, The way you go on about how your friends wear "western clothes" had me fooled. Could you please give me the Quran verse, or even hadith, that states that Muslims should wear dull and dark colors? Please give it to me. If you cannot provide such a verse in the Quran or even a hadith, this "rule" you are applying to yourself is a "rule" which people have made up, and not something which you find from what you may believe is a divine source... and we are all warned about making up our own "rules" and adding things to the religion of Islam. And excuse me, but but I mentioned nothing about hijab being an oppression, so what is the point of such an extreme comparison? But back to my point about colors and the difference between men adn women... You will not find anything in the Quran that states that Muslims (both male and female) should wear dark and dull colors. NO VERSE states this. There are no hadiths as well. BUT YET when it comes to being "modest" and "not trying to attract attention", such an effort to wear dark and dull colors is something which is applied almost exclsuvely to women, NOT men. You will find women wearing the blackest of black, but men wearing the whitest of white... just look at Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia. There is a double standard there, which is influenced by CULTURE... which says that women should dress this way, which is mixed with their version of Islam. This is wear the idea of wear "dark and dull" colors in order to be modest comes from, CULTURE. So what you are achieving here with your "religious growth" is something which involves your CULTURE, something which no specific "rule" can address. Since in your society colors are worn by everyone, everyday, and for the most part no one thinks about it, this is somethign you have to look at and decide for yourself... You can try to convince yourself that you wear black and dull colors will not attract any attention, but I imagine since you are probably a hijabi it very much WILL in a western society, becuase it will only make you even more of an opposite than most WEsterners. Again, what rule are you speaking about in reference to colors? salaam
  15. (salam) Hawraa, I was just thinking... you know what I find very interesting about this whole "let's be modest" thing is the fact that women interpert that as wearing dark and dull colors. MEN are suppose to be modest themselves, but you don't see them contemplating over what colors they wear outside, now do you? I doubt that you do... adn if you do, I doubt that it would be to the same degree as women. But again, this is just what I was thinking... he double standards. You live in a western society, since that is the case you should know that wearing dark adn dull colors CAN attract much attention to yourself aswell. It's about how you wear your colors and for what reason. If you think that any one who simply looks at you means that you are "attracting their attention" becuase of the color of your t-shirt, I really do feel that you are wrong and yes being EXTREME. COLORS are the norm in the Western world for women. YES, there are some shirts that are very, very attractive in their color. But that depends on the dye and how "bright" it is. But to simply say colors, such as blue, yellow, and pink are going to give you special attention is absurd, if this takes place in a Western society. Really it's quite vain. High heels? Wear them. The Quran repeats itself time after time, saying that it is DETAILED. You decide if you believe that or not. salaam
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