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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Bismehe Ta3ala,

    I think you forgot who I am.  Sister Maryam, how are you habibti.  Mash'Allah you are a doctor now, God bless you.

  2. I said "normal' because all illnesses are a normal dynamic to health.
  3. Salams, The type of behavior displayed here falls under medical umbrella. Only Allah knows why such behavior spontaneously comes up during these ages. Its is 'normal' per say as it is a DSM Diagnosis. Dont be ashamed of it, psychotherapy or aversive behavior therapy can help tremendously and its best for your brother to see an appropriate medical giver. Please take him, as it can mess him up even more as time goes by. This isnt a HALAL or HARAM matter. He obviously cant control it.






    HAPPY B'DAY 2 U...


  5. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  6. Aww spizo dont hate on me, im a good person really. The topic of imam mahdi used to intrigue my fantasies when i was younger, now it just doesnt make much sense to me after studying the narrations. I never said he didnt exist.... you see i think Allah ordered him into ghayba and then he passed away like normal human beings do. See Spizo, i think nature is immutable, ie, Allah's constraints on the dimensions of our universe should be consistent in terms of human nature. Not that Allah cant change them, but that he mentions an observed order as predicted in the Quran UNTIL the day of judgment. And since we are not there yet, i will hold onto the belief that an Imam is not living among us in the usual sense. If he's in another dimension, than allahu a3lam. But i dont think he exists among us, really... since if he did, I will complain to Allah on the day of judgment that he was among us but not working towards the muslim ummah on a consistent front, as an imam should be held accountable to the generation or generations he lived among. "Everyone will be raised with his or her Imam"... my imam is not among me and i dont have access to him meaning it serves me no purpose to believe in him existing either way. Therefore, it must be logical to conclude that the Quran and sunnat al rasoul and ahlul bayt are enough to keep my plate full as i continue towards sirat al mostaqeem. We are left to interpret as we wish all the time without a guardian overlooking our interpretations. I believe he existed. I might be wrong with this implication, but believing otherwise just gives me a headache and conflicts with a lot of my beliefs in the justice of Allah (swt) Dont get me wrong, if belief in imam mahdi gets you closer to Allah swt, then by all means believe in salvation and the concept of hope. For me, it would be so nice to have an imam come back and if he does, thats truly a blessing for us. For me, i usually use whats left of ahlul bayts epic, their articulate supplications, the narrations about their morals and akhlaq and relationship with Allah (swt) to help me attain a grip onto their rope. They are an eternal legacy that when i think of them, a smile comes to my face. Nice Hadith. Sounds whimsical, and metaphorical in english, do you have it in arabic, i want to look up the chain.
  7. lol, that was cute. Nah you dont need to believe in imam mahdi for your salat to be batil. Ask any jurist. If imam mahdi exists right now, and is living among us, i would really like for him to take charge. When it comes to what the Quran says about the end times, its very simple. "the righteous will inherit the earth". How it'll occur could be through a messiah. I mean ANYTHING is possible really. Allah's miracles are unlimited. But for me, i really think the narrations are unsatisfying and blown wayyyyy out of proportion. So i have trust issues, personally.
  8. When its you giving life to those who become homosexuals, then by all means, it is of your boundary to take it away, is it not?
  9. I've never seen him anywhere. I wonder if he's really here.
  10. You need to find your own 'haram' within the city you live in and to prostrate and imagine your at the place you yearn to physically occupy. The power of the mind is overwhelming and if you can pretend you are near rasoul Allah's tomb, respectively, then you have attained one of the post hajj virtues. What helped me connect spiritually on the day of arafat was a clear mind... no work, school... family. Its was just me and Allah (swt). Just thinking about the geography of the land and looking at the mountains truly inspired deep thought and reflection. I thought to myself all the imams visited this land, stepped on the same hot sand, gazed at the majestic mountains... this helped me connect tremendously. I thought of Imam Hussain (as) and how he left in the middle of his hajj to karbala, visiting this land before his martydom. I felt honored to be among the same locations as our role models... so now i just stare at the moon or the sky or watch a sunset, and know that all the prophets and ahlul bayt looked to this same miracle and thought of Allah, creation, existence, and submitted to it. It helps get me in the right mind set. But i have to say, nothing beats a good old fashion sujood that makes you stiff as a log. We should all practice and find our own comfort zones in sujood.. (palm position, knees, breathing patterns, where to place the elbows, how close your knees are to your chest.. can you feel your heart beat... is the mosque/location dead quiet, is it just you in there with dimmed lights... do you like dimmed lights?, are you scared... would you be ok with the angel of death coming in right now, etc) and as soon as we perfect that action, we can get a taste of what our prophets excelled at and help strengthen our connection with the rope of Allah and finally emit rays of tranquility and happiness that nothing will dare penetrate it. Imam Ali was known to smile all the time... i guess id smile all the time knowing Allah is pleased with me and that im coming back to him. Path- Hajj mabrouk hun, i saw ahmednjad during sa3ee. ;)
  11. This technique also worked with primate ES cells by somatic cell nuclear transfer in the beginning of the year. Its good news since it hold the potential to cure or alleviate the symptoms of many degenerative diseases while circumventing concerns regarding rejection by the host's immune system.
  12. 3id Mubarak. May Allah (swt) bless you and please remember me and my family in your duas, InshAllah.

  13. The real innovation here is that there stands a science in narration unaccounted for in which false or inaccurate accounts of history are thrown out (or are not). An intelligent and non-biased account of history will keep in perspective the morals and dignity this man displayed on and off the battle field. If your interested in Mohamed the military expert, then i would recommend reading " A Glance at the Life of the Holy Prophet of Islam" translated by Tawheedi" Its a US print, short read, pgs. 93-100 give a good account of his battles. And i think the real temptation is for history to do injustice on behalf of a great man. But come on now, if Hannah Ardent gives excuses to the actions of Eichmann, I think the real question is how credible are our present day historians?
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