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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I agree ! Case in point removal of Qays b saad. But so is the Sunni myth that all sahaba are reliable reporters of hadith
  2. lets not forget the bigger fight here is Syria vs iraq , not merely ali and muawiyah.
  3. indeed ibn hajar has more details in his works than lets say ibn abd birr But what's the well spring of this biographical data ? surely it's was written down before dedicated biographical dictionaries were compiled All the sunni muhadith came much later , information they relied on for their judgement is that available? If not how can neutral person trust their judgement? Esp if the primary concern of muhadith is to adhere to a certain doctrine Ibn kalbis were the masters in this field of biographies and his work is available today are there sunni or protosunni works that are contemporary or predate him ?
  4. So which ones are the earliest sunni biographies compilation ? Are they existing or have manuscripts or are just referenced in later biographical works? Firm standing should be if a sahabi or tabi'i wrote a book and we have atleast some part of the manuscripti anything else is just heresay Im not trying to attack you as a sunni, please bear in mind my opinion of later 12er imami works is much less charitable
  5. How can one authenticate hadith without relying on biographies of narraters ? And how can we know about the authenticity of biographies until we trust their biographer / compiler ? So is it fair to say that bigger question than authenticity of isnad of hadith is how reliable are the biographies of the narraters ? So what are the "sahih" biography compilations for Sunnis and shia? Thanks
  6. Thats too generalized . What ethnicity are we talking about ? Korean can be pretty white and blonde Europeans can be very tanned
  7. So when and where is this happening?. Can we least do a zoom meeting for veterans ?
  8. Just like KKK and louis Farrakhan? But the alliance of leftist and islamists who befriends gays , fornicators, feminists and communist while sporting a hijab and beard is truly the most evil concoction right now ! They are like muawiyah more deadly and totally hypocrite . While far right and islamists are like Khawarij
  9. Which khawarij killed uthman ? AFAIK it was akabir sahaba and tabaeen and possibly supporters of Ali ( depends on who you trust) Battle of Jamal is revolt against a rightful caliph its never justified as per hadith of prophet , if killers of uthman were in Ali camp then they were on haqq too I agree with rest of what you are saying broadly speaking
  10. No dedicated sittings to curse But why not put these people on same level as at least Ali enemies use radiallahanhu next to their name ? Its Uthmans Quran now ? I thought that s a Shia accusation, all sahaba read the same quran I hope you believe that We need aisha hadith to worship Allah ? Thats the weirdest argument for intercession ive ever heard
  11. So refuse the great social network of US ? I see Muslims using it here all the time plus avoiding taxes as much as possible Secondly what constitutes taking care of wife and kids ? Who determine s when it is enough Thanks
  12. Hating umar and Abu baker is a doctrinal necessity for 12ers yes I agree ( far more than truly evil ones like aisha muawiyah etc) Earliest Shia were united in hating uthman , what evidence from non imami sources they hated umar ? Not sure We have no direct books penned from any sahaba inc umar all rely on narraters so does not matter how good or bad he was
  13. Sunni hate just as much , their focus is different They hate those who didn't pay zakat to abu baker.... "Accused" aisha of adultery Killers of uthman Ibn saba and Disciples Khawarij So both Shia and Sunni base their beliefs on hate Dont be sympathetic to 12er Shia they act like victims as they are in the minority when we are majority we oppress just as much I will only praise aisha and uthman if Sunni sing praises of the above individuals
  14. Clearly Sunni version is different Until both Shia and Sunni have one uniform standard way of judging narraters and some independent biographies on them there is no hope of resolution
  15. Rich men will have monopoly over women then Able to provide is a relative term.in the west food stamps section 8 Medicaid provides for basic needs what else does a man have to do ?
  16. Is there any surviving rijal works of "authentic sunni " scholars that sunni muhadith have relied on for grading narraters and hadith e.g do we have something some ibn Zuhri , raja b haywa , Ali Madini etc that survives in a book form today ?
  17. because all Muslim countries today are terrible compared to the west in every way possible Plus there are huge discrimination issues based on sect ethnicity language etc I agree its 100 % hypocrisy but I do it because of dunya lets be honest
  18. Brother you haves tremendous humility to say that but you are severely under estimating yourself
  19. Sunni bias against Shiite narraters ESP historians is evident in their evaluation of them
  20. Iran as an imperial power will use anyone for their goals Moral of story do not get used by Iran Arab or Pakistani. Should have befriend the generous russians otherwise will face their wrath
  21. afghanistan should have been a soviet republic only way to civilize them russians did so much for afghans in 10 yrs and ungrateful mujahideen wrecked it all
  22. Wasalam So essentially the Sunni hadith masters have to rely on history and rijal works So their opinion is based on 2nd hand information and cannot be considered reliable ?
  23. How did the hadith masters pass judgmental of the reliability of narrators if they did not investigate their biographical information themself. ?Most of Masters lived in a time which was several decades after the earliest narrators were alive So how did they get their biographical information on them? they must have relied on some historical sources or biographical data compiled by earlier historians. So the Judgment of even the best masters is essentially dependent on this biographical data and historical resources
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