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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I will be very interested in this too please share more information what did he say about abu ayub ?
  2. When in your timeline does shiaism becomes majority sect ? Interesting thread
  3. no we destroyed ralph naders and bernie's careers by a resounding majority we in america hate all revolution, we HATE socialism while not understanding what it means and while demanding all its benefits the problem is the "educated" middle class which sees imaginary social evils and lives in a self righteous bubble and does not know how the world works wealthy will always be evil but whose votes keep them in power ? I really wish we can rehabilitate the image of socialism in america, putting the "social" in SS checks many of us love to receive
  4. true to an extent but accumulation of any sort is not justified as long as there are poor in such huge numbers in this world, so there is some injustice that is occurring by which we accumulate wealth whether we know it or not
  5. shia on this forum are mostly the more intellectual lot and even amongst them < 10 percent are interested in this history they represent a drop in the bucket of the total shias so don't act like all 12er shias are like some GD intellectuals because they observe muharram in indopak it is more common to find names like qumbar , kumail , thaqlain than miqdad or salman and I'm not saying that 12er scholars have neglected this subject, they have not but few read their books or reference them in majalis
  6. that is the incentive for many to have kids , but even in worst case no one is actually starving unlike other countries .You can get 3 to 4 diagnosis once u see a doctor , talk to a social worker and MOST people walk out with some benefits [esp if you are not a white male , sad truth from 14 yr experience. We never talk about the silent war on the single white male in USA] religious perspective no absolutely not but muslims should also not pay tax to a non muslim govt logically or historically, [yes i know "scholars" change their opinion on it based on whichever way the wind
  7. 99 percent of "religious" muslims Ive met have read exactly ZERO religious books
  8. ASA give the polish a break dude , they are amazing hardworking people and i see a lot of polish men and women here in chicago not one complains about these things back home I'm sorry I'm not aware too much of whats going on there , just want to say Hi to you btw i love your location stasiland , sounds very umm utopian
  9. needs are subjective these days honestly for someone who lives in america we technically don't need any money food stamps are pretty generous, section 8 is decent in most places and at thrift stores i can find better clothes than my wardrobe AND Medicaid is amazing ! i would hoard money for peace of mind essentially, for the "what ifs"
  10. i prefer someone who has a good job, cooking and cleaning is so OVERRATED and I'm a minimalist so I can feed and clean myself with kids yes both partners can take turns, i love taking care of kids too
  11. how should we define hoarding wealth, lets keep numbers in USD Thanks
  12. What did your GI specialist tell you about your prognosis ? I see dozens of crohns patients and the vast majority of them are well controlled.And I work in an average hospital nothing fancy and not even a big academic setting.
  13. supposedly Sa'd b abi waqqas said that [not sure, read it yrs ago]
  14. torturer in chief , bandit as they used to loot italian convoys operating in libya just like afghan bandits who fought the soviets
  15. ahem yes just like almost EVERY police department in the third world
  16. one of the few good things Italians ever did
  17. Prophet preferred his family even his Cousin Ali over his wife Aisha , so whats your point
  18. really ? which culture is that ?
  19. You are indeed very brave to say this and I agree 100 percent , tragedy is even those sahaba that supported ALi their contribution in Prophets time is ignored by shia public 12er shia just want ALL praise be for Ali and everyone else is irrelevant in their world view , including his sons from women other than Fatima sunnis in order to compete have no reinvented umar as a brave warrior that is laughable too but the though process behind it is the same
  20. where did you find this comment ? can you give me a source ?
  21. what is the evidence they were sahaba , did ibn hajar or ibn athir count them as such ?
  22. that means the scholars cannot explain the inconsistency of these mens loyal support for ALi during his caliphate but being MIA at time of saqifa
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