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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. because all Muslim countries today are terrible compared to the west in every way possible Plus there are huge discrimination issues based on sect ethnicity language etc I agree its 100 % hypocrisy but I do it because of dunya lets be honest
  2. Brother you haves tremendous humility to say that but you are severely under estimating yourself
  3. Sunni bias against Shiite narraters ESP historians is evident in their evaluation of them
  4. Iran as an imperial power will use anyone for their goals Moral of story do not get used by Iran Arab or Pakistani. Should have befriend the generous russians otherwise will face their wrath
  5. afghanistan should have been a soviet republic only way to civilize them russians did so much for afghans in 10 yrs and ungrateful mujahideen wrecked it all
  6. Wasalam So essentially the Sunni hadith masters have to rely on history and rijal works So their opinion is based on 2nd hand information and cannot be considered reliable ?
  7. How did the hadith masters pass judgmental of the reliability of narrators if they did not investigate their biographical information themself. ?Most of Masters lived in a time which was several decades after the earliest narrators were alive So how did they get their biographical information on them? they must have relied on some historical sources or biographical data compiled by earlier historians. So the Judgment of even the best masters is essentially dependent on this biographical data and historical resources
  8. Question should be why do Sunni still respect aisha after she fought against a legitimate righteous caliph
  9. I will be very interested in this too please share more information what did he say about abu ayub ?
  10. When in your timeline does shiaism becomes majority sect ? Interesting thread
  11. no we destroyed ralph naders and bernie's careers by a resounding majority we in america hate all revolution, we HATE socialism while not understanding what it means and while demanding all its benefits the problem is the "educated" middle class which sees imaginary social evils and lives in a self righteous bubble and does not know how the world works wealthy will always be evil but whose votes keep them in power ? I really wish we can rehabilitate the image of socialism in america, putting the "social" in SS checks many of us love to receive
  12. true to an extent but accumulation of any sort is not justified as long as there are poor in such huge numbers in this world, so there is some injustice that is occurring by which we accumulate wealth whether we know it or not
  13. shia on this forum are mostly the more intellectual lot and even amongst them < 10 percent are interested in this history they represent a drop in the bucket of the total shias so don't act like all 12er shias are like some GD intellectuals because they observe muharram in indopak it is more common to find names like qumbar , kumail , thaqlain than miqdad or salman and I'm not saying that 12er scholars have neglected this subject, they have not but few read their books or reference them in majalis
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