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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam I'm not sure what "anti-shia " sites you are refering to , nahjul balagah is not a primary source all its sermons are in other sources as well but imam was in a position to speak against uthman and he did many times but he did not against abu bakr /umar so frequently , one can only imply they followed policies better than uthman .their companions only participated for a short time in wars with Iran until fall of Madain but after that they didn't participate in rest of conquests in Iran & other wars with Romans when they saw that these wars turned from spreading of I
  2. Dont forget terrorist killings of US and french peacekeepers marines in Lebanon in 1982
  3. Jews thought the same about Persian kings too earlier who in time of Heraculis emperor defeated the Roman and occupied Palestine.It is a common jewish fantasy , so nothing new here If conquests were a malignant jewish plot why didnt 1 any imams speak openly against it 2 forbid their followers from participating 3 refused the income from such illegal wars ? 4 advised against Omar in strategy Ofcourse you conventionally say to " preserve unity of ummah they made the sacrifice" but then where was this principle in the wars of Jamal siffin nahrawan and karbala ?
  4. Actually most early history works are nonsectarian if there is bias it's more tribal or regional Later ones ofcourse there is clear sectarian agenda on both sides
  5. Salam Japan is a protectorate of USA it cannot have survived this long without USN safeguarding it , only reason they were not punished after ww2 as imperialist policies in the west wanted to use them against Russia.Japanese have not atoned for their sins in ww2 and they are dangerously militaristic Society. Arabia was not subdued in Prophets time without war , e.g battles of hunain, taif and Khyber.In these Ali was a willing participant , they were not merely swayed away with logic and love Reasons why other tribes like yemen and hadramut fell in line are multiple not the le
  6. There very few if any hadith about the vast majority of sahaba , that does not prove he was a bad companion but his actions certainly does. Most hadith about major companions were likely invented for political reasons but no way to be sure. Many were invented for muawiyah as well but were so bogus that even Sunni muhadith do not fully endorse them
  7. Indeed brother and those who participated in uprising and killing of ibn Affan took part in Bayt ridhwan and attended battles after that may Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) grant them paradise as well
  8. Muawiyah reign was not a time of imperial greatness either he was resting on the laurels of the conquests done during the rashidun caliphate.His siege of constantinople was a failure, his biggest success was in governing Syria everything else was being done as the same way as in time of rashidun.His policy failure was clearly evident in iraq and hijaz , he failed in 20 yrs to win over these provinces and laid the seeds of the coming 2nd fitna by his high handed rule [ what happened to his hilm when dealing with supporters of Ali ?] So no from a purely worldly standpoint too muawiyah rule
  9. These hijabi feminists are the most sinister" Aishas" [ yeah they are the muslim Karen's] I've ever seen
  10. You mean Hasan al basri participated in the Ibn Ashath uprising against hajjaj b yusuf and ummayyads? Qays b ubaid was also a participant in that revolt?
  11. Why don't you live in a Muslim country? That's ideal for you Save your "faith"
  12. Yes essentially these earlier compilation were cliff notes which were redundant once the later more detailed compilation is put in circulation Our hunger for original manuscript is a much later construct based on our research requirement which became available with 20th century technologies There is also ubaidullah b abu rafi a scribe and companion of imam Ali who wrote the biographical account of the companions of imam Ali.This is a very early work referenced copiously by ibn athir , ibn abd birr in their dictionaries
  13. Salam Is there any surviving copies of these works dated to this early period? Not incorporated into later historical works.
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