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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. don't forget the shia doctors of pakistan in 1990s
  2. if whites had not come to north america your cherokee ancestors would have been killed/enslaved by other native tribes .At least the whites created this great country of USA where we can live in peace with rule of law today within 200 yrs of the warfare which occured between natives and whites, to ignore this is the height of ingratitude.Your native ancestors lived for centuries without any social evolution with raiding pillaging marauding against each other, yes the whites did a lot of bad things too but atleast they reformed their society relatively quickly. Maybe you should move to an indian reservation ? have you thought of that ?
  3. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/opinion-warren-cherokee-dna_n_5bc63a69e4b0a8f17ee6ba9a
  4. Really Cherokee defines you ? How much Cherokee are you ? What about your white ancestors? They dont define you ? I'm pakistani Indian 100% but in my family many people married white, east asian , jewish , latino As long as you marry a muslim nobody has an issue.
  5. because we "muslims" are turks persians kurds berbers and arabs first and then muslims that was the motivation of their tribal wars and pillaging against each other and non-muslims its only the indo-pak muslim who thinks he is somehow completely divorced of his cultural heritage
  6. @Northwest Exactly and dont forget Israeli arm supplies to iran [ as most Iranians weapons were american made ] Iran contra affair Iran religious establishment had an imagined fear/ hatred of america / israel but communists in iran and Afghanistan were an existential threat to merchants and capitalist class which was relatively shielded under religious govt And historical enemy of iran is Turkey and russia and revolutionary iran shared that hatred for USSR.In a way saddam did a huge service to USSR by securing their southern border as iran was a huge threat to them given its vast arsenal of western weapons USA was trying to weaken both parties and so was Israel Despite Iran's vitriolic rhetoric against Israel bulk of Arab Sunnis backed iraq even Palestinian themselves only gaddafi supported iran in his hostility against Mubarak and Saudis.Even alawite Syrian support to iraq was more as a counter balance to saddam than anything else.
  7. U are missing the point I'm not saying iran should let ideology dominate its politics , don't let the tail wag the dog Opposite of what you are suggesting Iran is entitled to maintain good relations with ALL major world powers and only thing stopping it is it's own short sighted policy We shias have no leg to stand on when Iranian govt chant death to America all yr long , if they had a More nuanced foreign policy maybe we could have advocated for them better rather they have left the field clear for Saudis Egyptians and israelis Real enemies of shias are Sunni bigots the same one they cozy upto with hamas and brotherhood.Thats why shias from Sunni dominated countries migrate to west and not iran or iraq as we DO NOT WANT TO LIVE IN SUNNI Islamic law or even secular muslim states Yes proudly tax paying and my kids have Medicaid wohoo !
  8. im a regular been doing this for > 10 yrs right under the noses of shia faithful , ive hired a muslim accountant so its all kosher [oops halal]
  9. Ofcourse mossad pays me big $$$ everytime i flood SC with anti Iranian comments
  10. Wasalam realpolitik trumps everything? You can do the same with usa and israel criticize them when needed harshly too if warranted in your opinion but atleast have full diplomatic relations , have a people to people exchange , cultural and economic ties.Will be good for your own people. Sunni govts are already corrupt decadent tyrannical we already know esp as we are shia minorities there I'm not criticizing iran only that's how it is but atleast accept that the facts dont act like Iran is this paragon of virtuous behavior in the world and a beacon of hope for oppressed all around the globe.Its like the Islamic version of Castro's cuba in 70s and 80s. The problem is not iran alone either saudi lobbyists and muslim brotherhood people in USA actively hurt their interests too that is why I totally oppose muslims in politics in america cannot stand all these binte aishas like sarsor, ilhan and rashida these women will bring Sunni intolerance to all smaller muslim communities in USA and I would rather vote for newt Gingrich and Steve Bannon than them.may they all rot in hell very soon And I'm sorry it is persian gulf
  11. I mean well I have nothing against iranian , I criticize them when it's due but also praise them highly when its deserved .Its all constructive anyway, but i get annoyed when we have iranian uber nationalists here who come down at you with a whip if you say anything negative about them accusing you of being an agent. I get that they act in their national interests but I dont like this holier than thou attitude when they pass summary judgments on everyone else Just thread is perfect example, rather than owning up to the endemic problem that plagues their and many other militaries they are just trying to transfer blame on everyone else. Honestly I don't see this incident as very embarrassing at all like I said antiship missile in live excercises are hard to control in such confined waters but what is lot more troubling was shooting of ukranian jet. USN aegis system in 1988 failed [ was hands down best in the world ] Soviets mistook a korean airliner for a us spy plane in 1983 Iraq hit uss stark Once a USN destroyer hit a Turkish vessel with sea sparrows
  12. oh i wonder where does ideology go when it comes to iran's great relations with russia china and india ?
  13. there are a lot of hadith experts here who can help you , my good fortune I have relied on them from time to time over the yrs to provide hadith refs but the language in these books is very tricky to decode and not for the faint hearted certainly beyond my payscale and intelligence
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