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  1. isnt there a lot of similarities in the personalities and administration of Umar and our master Ali b Abi Talib ? not the least of them being both believed in precedence of early companions in seniority
  2. I need the reference again where it is mentioned that Talha wanted to marry Aisha , please help !
  3. If ibn nuwaira was a apostate why would umar be upset that Khalid killed him bihar ul anwar is a reliable source now ?
  4. I agree he was a traitor ( to everyone he worked for ) and the epitome of fickleness And shimar was a minor supporter of Ali had no significant contribution to his cause
  5. I don’t disagree with the facts you stated but still I can’t see how he isn’t a companion and supporter of Ali ( albeit unfaithful as noted by me above ) when he is a active participant in most events of his caliphate maybe you are biased against shabath as he said “ a whole army of Iranians is standing in front of us and you want me to recite Surah Baqara in prayers ?” When he was admonished for short prayers as a leader. He was prejudiced against Iranians though so I see why you abhor him so much brother my point is he is a complex personality, lots of grey areas in him not straight foward all evil like muawiyah and Aisha btw mukhtar was not all the rage with Arab Iraqi Shias either , his bulk of supporters are Iranian Shias even his few Arab Iraqi supporters like abu tufayl (رضي الله عنه) seem to have left him in the end as he lived to the ripe old age of 100 well into the period of zubayri Iraq.
  6. Sai’d b Mu’sayyib definition of Sahabi is wrong and very biased in favor of Quraish best definition of sahabi is of ibn Hajar asqalani Believed in God/ prophet saw the prophet died as a Muslim and THATS IT ! What you call “ Sunni tashyu” was the belief of most supporters of Ali / hasan / Hussain during their lifetime (and God knows best) with time stance of Sunnis and later Shias changed wrt all major historical figures esp uthman Ali Aisha muawiyah etc look up some videos of shaykh yAhya ninowy for starters
  7. Curious to see if Shias here know of him and have tried to answer his accusations against shiaism
  8. No evidence? Of what ? he was a supporter & companion of Ali ( albeit a unreliable and unfaithful one) even one of those who gave a very terse and fitting reply to muawiyah when he was gloating and bragging furthermore atleast on one occasion Ali took shibath advice over even a loyalist like mikhnaf b sulaym azdi Shibath probably had an element of sympathy for Iraqi Arab Shias given his remarks about Muslim b Awsaja and Ziyad b khasafa
  9. It must be noted though shabath b ribi’i indeed was a close companion of Ali and he was also a supporter of Aisha earlier and khawarij later and even later of ibn zubair so that’s the nature of tribal alliances in 7th century
  10. Furthermore when tawwabun rose to avenge Hussain they wanted revenge from Syrians as they correctly realized who the real villains were Its like saying Hitler Is innocent of genocide as he was a Austrian and it was German Bavarians or Norwegian SS recruits who committed these crimes total nonsense
  11. These are the Shia of Ali who fought in his battles and governed his empire not the followers of a later sect which crystallized in the second century Hijra
  12. Walaikum Salam what a racist and sexist thing to say white men are always guilty by this logic while women and blacks are not disgusting
  13. The strangest debate when we know that back in 60 AH neither Sunni nor Shia in its present form existed
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