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  1. Panzerwaffe


    ? Where ? When they say "half off " that just means they are literally half in height like the really short Filipinos but they are not any cheaper
  2. Panzerwaffe


    Too much emphasis on the " right one " or perfect match Just marry brother you can always remarry later if you get bored Hope God makes it easy for your
  3. Another classic example that Iranian govt follows its national interests ( like it should) Perfect example where Armenia Iran and Israel can cooperate against Turkey
  4. Muhammad Ali engineer mirza Urdu Maulana ishaq (رضي الله عنه) punjabi Shaykh yahya ninowy English
  5. Panzerwaffe

    Origins of Islam

    @Gabenowa Salam brother please share more of your views fascinating Esp socio political environment in Arabia at dawn of Islam Early Arab attitude toward peasants Also comment on Racial bias of arabs towards others
  6. Panzerwaffe

    A tribute to Hashd Al Shaabi

    Please tell me more about them esp interested in their OOB and TO&E
  7. Panzerwaffe

    How can we tell if we are truly Syed?

    But all Syed must have some middle eastern genes
  8. Panzerwaffe

    How can we tell if we are truly Syed?

    Genetic test to see if you have any middle eastern dna at all My mothers family abidi syed from lucknow and they can trace it for 8 generations...funny thing when my 1st cousin did his Dna it was 90% indian 8% European 2,% south east asian something like that ....NO MIDDLE EASTERN heritage detected
  9. But bro malcom x atleast was idealist and true to his beliefs MLK was a hypocrite he used to visit prostitutes and engage in all kinds of decadent activities
  10. Well atleast they were better than that hedonistic buffoon clown MLK ... It's a comedy of errors on all sides the AA politics Sit back and enjoy bro
  11. In Pakistan there is a LOT of prostitution and premarital sex don’t have that holier than thou attitude brother
  12. Yup agree the sons of poor need not die for the glory of the rich
  13. You from south Africa? Whites pretty much made your country , dragged it out of dark ages You have nothing to complain about brother I do understand and sympathize with human suffering in Syria but I don’t think refugees should go to Europe but stay in middle east
  14. Panzerwaffe

    Iraqi delegation in Israel

    Name one country which is not cynical When it comes to their national interests Secondly You're views of the Israelis are just as extreme as some of my friends or are hardcore republicans.Difference Is according to you Israelis can do nothing right and according to them they can do nothing wrong ( morally speaking ofcourse) And that's the crux of the problem My Muslim friends call me Zionist as I list because I don't criticize Israel as much as they do , While my Republican friends think I'm anti semitic as I don't defend Israel unconditionally.
  15. Really Sunni civilians are supplying the manpower of the insurgents in syria why not target indiscriminately? That's a valid if not moral argument