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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. That's your opinion But that of vast majority of scholars say they are najis I agree most people are filthy too but thsts a different issue
  2. Dogs are good for Scaring your neighbors pets Running with them / keep you active as they need walks frequently Keeping pesky kids teenagers off your property Keep them outside your living quarters, their saliva and hair are najis I would not keep a dog if I live in the city only if it's a far suburb or rural country
  3. Same with Uthman lots of sahaba and followers hated and cursed him Ibn tamiyyah was obsessed with debating Shias he wasted his talents really
  4. Who said anything about Daesh ? Totally offtopic
  5. Yeah that's the definition of a bully Just a more mature one
  6. That's fine they should do what is in their best interest but then do not claim to be a " Islamic govt" call yourself what you are a nationalist iranian republic
  7. I don’t mean to understate the contribution of persians to either Sufi Shia or Sunni Islam , without persians a huge literary vacuum would have existed
  8. Thsts extremely disheartening that you are accepting nonshias and irreligious Persian speakers over religious nonpersian Shias You changed "Muslims to civilized people " really so the first generation Muslims who brought you Islam were barbarians? But I guess you are being honest Thanks your reply was pretty much what I had expected ...
  9. Iran should accept all nonirani Shias who want to immigrate there and expel its Sunni Jewish Christian Iranians...exchange on a one to one basis I would go further Why don't the iranian government expel the non religious Iranians and accept religious Shias from indo Pakistan? I'm sure a lot of them will migrate and create the perfect religious society free of dissents What do my iranian friends here think ?
  10. Be careful If she is insecure the response might be " are you calling me fat ?" Better have a comeback
  11. Lahoris are a lot more fun than Karachites Growing up most of my friends were punjabi even in Karachi
  12. Seriously that's blashphemy about kaaba^^^ "You will have me tightly wrapped around your finger like an Armani hijab "
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