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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Marry now for their sake and then marry again when you are set in your field Why is this even a dilemma for you ?
  2. This response is FAR WORSE than the original question
  3. Political correctness is the biggest fitna of our times
  4. #28 Amr b Qarazah b ka'b Ansari Son of qarazah b ka'b Ansari who was a companion of the Prophet and supporter of Imam Ali who appointed him governor of kufa , his father passed away in 40 AH Amr was chosen to participate in negotiations by al-Hussain before the battle.His brother Ali was a strong opponent of Hussain and severely criticized Imam for "misleading " his brother. Amr perished in a hail of arrows early on the day of ashura some say during the first attack.
  5. Feminism is polluting orthodox Islam too now tsk tsk
  6. Just wanted to start a thread collects togather the biographies of martyrs of Karbala Please also include details about their lives other than their participation in Karbala. Thank you
  7. I'm for any solution that guarentees that wahabi do not gain power there and minorities rights are guaranteed, Assad' or not its irrelevant
  8. This is a fitna thread ...moderators ?
  9. Best case scenario for Germany they defeat france in a DEFENSIVE border war Not invade the low countries or norway Gain half of Poland Britain, United States stay out of the war and france is intact and unoccupied but militarily defeated and politically divided
  10. Germany winning ww2 is not going to happen , just as likely as Nepal is going to conquer India. germany to defeat British empire alone is totally impossible Remember its Canada Australia egypt NZ India + british isles vs a germany ravaged 20 yrs earlier by war and sanctions Myth of german power was created by British to drag United States into war with them , so young Americans needlessly died in Europe to fight a power that could have better stopped russian communists somewhere along vistula and hungry. Ww1 and ww2 in Europe were unnecessarily extended due to british jumping in and prolonging local European wars
  11. Crone is dead now but did Michael cook also retract that ? Or he still defends it ? Offtopic but What is your view on "slaves on horses" by crone ? As biographical source ?
  12. Speculations , it's on him to provide some conclusive evidence
  13. Oversimplification but 12er imami accounts will definitely tend to favor reports that highlite negative attitudes towards first 2 caliphs by Ali While harmonizing Sunni accounts tend to portray them as besties almost always on the same page on every issue Truth will likely be never be known for sure as we have no first hand accounts but reasonable to say relationships between Ali and first 2 caliphs varied from open hostility at times to courteous cooperation on matters of mutual benefit. Imam Ali perception of what his right was wrt leadership may be very different to what later Shias [ I.e after 1st century hijra] may consider as rightful leadership but the paucity of accounts preserved from the first generation of Muslims we are left to bicker over the sources available to us
  14. When u say early Shias , who exactly are we referring to? And which book are you referring to ? Where is the clear schisms between followers of Ali and first 2 caliphs ? Other than at the time of saqifa which seemed to fade after Imam pledged allegiance (per Sunni accounts) Please elaborate, I would be very interested to know esp interested in ubay b ka'b support of Ali at time of saqifa Also wasn't din e Ali not different from din e Muhammad ? as Ali killed amr yathrabi after jamal for saying they were different according to atleast one account Also why did opponent of nafi b hilal not say I'm on religion of Abu Bakr /Umar rather than Uthman suggest some possibilities like first 2 caliph were not so polarizing as we think today BUT Ali and Uthman were
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