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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Our only consolation is him rotting in the deepest level of hell eternally.
  2. Al Hur ibn Yazid was not the son of Yazid ibn Mu`awiya (LA). Just saying.
  3. You have clearly no clue about what you are talking about. Discussing the poetic side of rap or its revolutionary input to the world in 2022 is clearly a waste of time to me, so I will just leave it here.
  4. What's even sillier is to give credit to an organization based on the amount of minds it can control. Ok with seeing your people spend their Ramadan nights watching US sponsored music programs? Fine. Not worried to have your traditional Pakistani drinks sellers laid off and replaced by red and white fridges on the side of the road ? Fine. Not wondering why this billion whatever currency industry of traditional music is controlled by a foreign firm (damn, even your music) ? Choosing rap as a means of protest, disclosing your identity out of fear while America is indirectly your only confident ? And I'm the one being silly here?
  5. My point was how to manage a Friday office in Baghdad with all the mosques around, but I had misread it, that seems to be in Babil.
  6. What's weird is how a small group can have a Friday mosque on their own, with all the country being managed by major institutions.
  7. You should ask someone more knowledgeable for exact conditions, I am not qualified enough.
  8. I did not read anything about incest rape in the link you provided. Why are you bringing this particular example and pretend it goes by the general rules ?
  9. Here it is 120€ per day. So I tend to believe you could donate in countries where monetary situation is at your advantage. Maybe someone could confirm or refute.
  10. Not to mention that in tribal areas, those rules are barely known to the general public, and even if they were, the local code prevails over every system of thought. Sheikhs are well aware of the social fabric, they know they can start a war by abiding too closely to shar`ii rules. I guess they welcome such a loophole.
  11. Straight pathetic. She couldn't find a worst ally than Coca-Cola, but she did.
  12. Wow at point #5, I don't even know why it deserves a paragraph.
  13. I succeeded in my first khatm al Quran this year, which was alhamdulillah an achievement. Spiritually it was good, and I genuinely feel I have dominated some evil aspects of my nafs. Yet, as every year in month of shawal, I feel like it's far behind me and it's been two days of Eid only.
  14. Sounds just fine. May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) accept from us all.
  15. Initially between maghrib upto salat el eid. But I think some maraji` allow giving it earlier with the intention of arriving on time.
  16. I need to understand how Eid can be celebrated on Monday in Australia AND in the US but not in Europe and the Middle East ?
  17. Salam, Thanks a lot @Dave follower of The Way, it is heartwarming that a Christian brother opens the topic of a Muslim holiday. May God protect you and your loved ones.
  18. Yes, what you circled. By clicking on the picture it gets more visible. Je viens juste d'acheter des croissants là, habibi
  19. Have a blessed day of Eid or a last day of fasting, acts reside in the intention. Salam
  20. Here in France, Eid announced for Tuesday by offices of S. Khamenei and Sistani. Yet, hilal was spotted hence visible in South France, at least with optical aid. Here at the very center. It is indeed very thin, but it confirms the offices follow the orders from back there rather than do their homework, which I find quite sad. I am used to it, though.
  21. They say a picture is worth a thousand words right? Give us words, for God's sake Seriously, this goes better with explanations.  Edit : sorry @Haji 2003 your pic was actually perfect and nicer, I had seen the quoted message which cropped the key.
  22. Many products including ice cream contain gelatin, some may contain whiskey.
  23. What are the differences ?
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