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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I remember a pub named Hope and Anchor in Liverpool some 15 years ago.
  2. Suppositions brother, suppositions. In the last 80 years, there was hardly a single moment where Lebanon was not under state of war or Coup d'etat.
  3. Lebanon of January is better than Lebanon of August. Who would deny this, I don't get you. Like it or not bro, Lebanon of old = taking from Ottoman partitions and giving to Maronites. The reforms you talk about aka National pact = splitting it and redistributing to big families to avoid clan bloodshed. Nepotism at its finest. PLO troubles came, but it could have been just any party, poor Christians, poor Shias, poor Sunnis.
  4. Stop misinterpreting. You think reform would have been possible in a cast like system ? Joke of a theory.
  5. Always claiming truth, you can get annoying sometimes brother. Their manifesto and first stances as a militia or party go back to the mid-80s, meaning during Civil war. Even 1990 Taef treaty deals with Hezbollah. Facts ? Maybe in the Great Syria that existed before, but probably not in Lebanon, a foreign handmade product after all.
  6. realizm


    Thank you. May Allah keep us from betraying Amir Al Mo'minin (عليه السلام)
  7. Well at least something we can agree on, today's Lebanon is worse than it was before. Factually it's not, but not sure where this debate will lead us.
  8. Most of the time, it's about meeting people in class or at work...
  9. If if was all PLO's fault as you said, then why did not a national consensus kick them out ? All alliances games habibi, don't act like you don't know please. PLO, Syrians, Progressive Christians (if that's how you name them), Sunnis, Shiites. It's not just the PLO. On what are you basing this ? Christians are still richer than Tripolite Sunnis, and so on. There is an heritage from the past that never disappeared. Maybe you should blame the initiators of Lebanon, who was first created as a land for Maronite Christians. Those Maronites to whom you give credit for the economic welfare of the 1960s. Again, summing it up to PLO Amal and Hezbollah is just giving an extremely raw picture of the puzzle, it's plainly inconsistent.
  10. Same way, the PLO issue could have been dealt with by reforms. You forget to mention that all stakeholders in that war just fought for their share that they had amassed from corruption. Matter of fact, that economical jannah as you call it, was just the result of an unfair distribution of wealth. Do you know how poor some factions of the people were ? Should reforms had taken place, that would have meant more public spending, more transparency, less influx from abroad, less wealth. Finished double digit rates. Basically no more jannah. And probably confessionalism would have taken over in the end.
  11. Lebanon in the 50s and 60s was already at the peakpoint of corruption.
  12. realizm


    Delusional masses claiming your name, Enemies still standing, God bless your soul and preserve your honor, What a life for you, o Ali.
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