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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Dear sister @starlight and all readers btw, it's an open question. Don't you think at that point we should not be asking books to give us recommendations on how to pray, and rather find the answer ourselves ? I mean, we all read the importance of praying on time, khushu` and so on. But sometimes I feel there is much more to it, like it's very close to us but remains concealed, and the only key is inside us, not books. Anybody else in this situation ?
  2. And also prayer is supposed to keep away from sins. If sincerely done.
  3. I would rather say madhhab is not the goal but the way. As long as you reach the goal, which is Allah's agreement.
  4. :salam: Sorry, I didn't get your last question. I am not referring to Sunnism as madhahib, rather as a dogma. I see madhhab as a users manual, you may still manage to assemble the thing correctly without following the very script. I prefer to take it from the manufacturer though !
  5. @eThErEaL Not saying this just not to lose face, but yes I consider Sunni madhhab valid. I would not abide by it though. That's another topic. But After all, what is the difference between accepting a different madhhab, and accepting a divergent fatwa by another marja` from your very madhhab? I don't see one. So in a way, my position is pragmatism. That being said, it does not make Sunni Islam more consistent to me, precisely because they have sanctified this absurdity that 'only sunnism is correct, even though, well, we have 4 sunnisms - but all the rest is trash' .
  6. I cannot say I memorised much of Qur'an except for short suwar - longest of which must be Al Shams or Takwir - but I am quite at ease with al Kahf for frequency reasons and I really love it. I guess there is a relationship between reciting often and loving the Qur'an. I remember Ayatollah Khamenei saying that even though you are not a hafiz you should pick some suwar or ayat you cherish and stick to reciting them as your favorites so you keep a relationship with the word of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). Other than this I love Az Zumar, at Tawba, Maida.
  7. Only jugements I know relate to janaza, not haydh.
  8. "Islam of the salaf is the only Islam, aller the rest is not Islam" Wow !!
  9. I personally was not even aware that was a dubious story, but now I know, it feels just like another Jewish scam. So, glad to find out something I will bring about in my future antisemitic discussions !
  10. Good, so why not acknowledging that what that kid did was completely un-islamic. Same as @Ashvazdanghe said.
  11. Please extra read about how laws are to be passed on an individual in Islamic law.
  12. It amazes me how Muslims always like to bring those ahadith were Prophet (sawas) got insulted, mocked, thrown garbage at, and always remained patient, but think it is a personal duty to kill anyone who would do this today. With no proper trial, no chance to defend himself. Sorry but you must be one sick dude, or an unexperienced youngster.
  13. He killed someone and beheaded him. Cut his head with a knife : skin, carotid artery, spine. How sweet is that.
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