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  1. In Kadhim's case, I find it's much more about agreeing with the Israeli narrative. Piers Morgan has even done better, he tried to convince people he was more pro-Palestinian than anyone because he gave more airtime to Arabs and Muslims, when main goal of his interview was asking 'do you condemn Hamas? '
  2. Such a complex sentence just to say that IDF are reliable and Hamas are liars? Then this. Brother, are you purposely occulting the fact that urban or guerilla warfare, is precisely about that : giving hard times to the enemy's progression ? Had IDF targeted the city's football stadium, they would have encountered the same resistance.
  3. Bombed was not the right word here, agreed. Use "attacked", "assaulted". Aren't you the one taking sides with IDF, parroting a so-called discovery of weaponry in tunnels ? Forget about statistics class, or at least just admit that when an army claims a war on tunnels and only finds itself able to post pictures of curtains, a baby bottle and a cleaning staff rotation, chances are they lied at a probability of about 90%. But you're here, saying Hamas was lying and that IDF was only exaggerating. It's fine to show people you're right. Here you're just giving a biased point of view so your theorem comes correct.
  4. In the case AKs were not stashed by idf, is a tunnel under a hospital part of the hospital and justifies it to be bombed ? Idf claimed to launch a war against tunnels, they failed miserably. Why do you need to takes sides with them? And an off topic question is why do you want everyone here to hate you on every goddamn message you type ?
  5. In communities I know of, mahr is 10 times superior. I guess since we have muqaddam and mu'akkhar then people do not mind going with such 'terms and conditions'. Isn't it weird to discuss 'price' at such an early stage though ? Families have not met yet.
  6. Also why is it in our resalat books that should it not be longer than a fist, while many maraji` grow it longer ?
  7. If he had time and breath to waste for posting such non sense, let us waste time and breath for praying for the oppressed. In salat al layl we ask forgiveness for mo'minin wa muslimin. Sunnis are Muslims. Period.
  8. Start step by step. Like not watching your phone 1 hour before sleep and 1h after wake-up. Then not watch phone during diner, and when watching TV.
  9. Will be watching all mayadeen live on YouTube inshaAllah. May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) facilitate the affairs of all mu'minin and real mojahedin.
  10. Talk about being confused... Since the west allowed marriage for sodomites and lesbians, kids are being taught at school that they can choose between boy girl kangaroo or slimeball. As for humiliation, do you think a massacre was equal to dhilla in the eyes of Imam Hussein (عليه السلام) - if his name still rings a bell to you?
  11. Your solutions only open the door for more fasad and humiliation. Your approach will hold no weight at the time of Imam Mahdi, so why compromise now?
  12. https://www.google.fr/amp/s/www.newarab.com/news/gaza-health-ministry-releases-detailed-list-7000-victims%3famp Do we have the same initiative for the 1,400 victims claimed on the Israeli side?
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