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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. My personal jihad against Coca-Cola is not because of so called Jewish funding, it's more about globalized poisoning and addiction by a US corporation, which participated directly or indirectly in US hegemony, alongside with sanctions, wars and propaganda, and progressively ripping countries off of their sovereignties. Seeing that Muslims not only did not understand that after one century, but also are ready to buy another round by now promoting RED BULL drinks, which are even worse in terms of physical harm and ideological messages (have fun, YOLO, do extreme sports, tattoo yourself)... I really don't know how to express myself without being unpolite. All this for a debate over some barley drink which does not intoxicate you. Now Enjoy a Coke :
  2. Matter of fact is, you simply consider imitation as bad when it is related to haram stuff, but when it comes to halal stuff you accept it happily. You are just as much enslaved as we are. Funny that you mentioned the container. Aluminum cans are used for Coke, Red Bull and all kinds of marketed poisons. Glass bottles for sparkling water. You seemed focused on the appearance.
  3. Question is why a Muslim is foolish enough to consider such poison as healthy. Pathetic!
  4. Funny, I recently began drinking it. Funny, when national drink in most mosques today is Coca-Cola and nobody complains about it. I'd rather have a non alcoholic beer once or twice a week than a can of soda everyday. @Haji 2003 cheers! (Now that's kafir)
  5. I think you will come across something regarding pork, which is the red line if I am correct. But hey, there's rules and concrete life...
  6. Unclear if issue here is 'mut`ah with non hijabi' or 'mut`ah with unchaste girl'.
  7. Or let's talk about Wahabism, and how it erased all traces of tawasul that was present in the whole Arabian peninsula, as it was in Africa, Europe and Asia beforehand. Wait, it seems the whole Sunni World was kafir until the 19th century?
  8. What sunni doctrine existed at the time of death of Prophet (sawas)? Isn't it ironic that you quote a verse about mutual consultation, to prove Khilafa which is absolute power? Do you really think this applies to political affairs?
  9. You just weren't sunni, brother...
  10. Better ask yourself why you are ok to approach someone who is famous for zina in the first place.
  11. I would say that in such situations, rather than trying to be the best, start with being as less bad as possible - not sure if that's even correct English. Then take it step by step.
  12. Thanks. Same for Caliphates from the past including Rashidun ?
  13. Why every thread on the Sunni Shia dialogue sub forum has to end like that. @ all guests : please open discussions if you have separate issues. My question seems to be answered : caliphate is not a prerequisite for Sunni doctrine. Yet it cannot be withdrawn or questioned to stay in your orthodoxy. Am I correct ?
  14. Put your phone on vibrate mode, recite last verse of surah kahf before sleeping and trust Allah that He (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) will make you perform your prayer on time. https://www.google.fr/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/shia/comments/o7khen/do_you_miss_your_fajr_prayer/
  15. realizm


    Did you know that disappearance of a Muslim is enough to consider him t-shirts without a doubt?
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