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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Well from what Il know, Michigan is where you may find most shias in the US, because of a large Arab community.
  2. Couldn't agree more. Our sheikh also related a story of a known `alim who in his memoirs related how he visited and old father of three martyrs from the war. At the time of prayer he asked to make wudhu so the old man went upstairs - or maybe was it downstairs - and brought him a towel so the sheikh could dry himself after ablution. Then the sheikh quoted him the hadith of how rewarding it is to keep the water from wudhu until it dries by itself, and politely declined the towel. To which the old man asked him what was more rewarding in his opinion : to stick to a hadith, or to
  3. Probably sitting in squat position creates this feeling to your limbs.
  4. Probably a tracking ID, as in an online purchase.
  5. As I said I just find it amazing how people want to make a topic like apostasy go sectarian.
  6. My post was actually ironic. But you did not miss the opportunity to display your weak analytical skills.. Understand brother, you cannot counter an argument about apostasy with figures about conversion rises. Like if 100 people convert to Islam but 50 apostasize, and the topic is about apostasy, you cannot just come around and conclude that the balance is of +50 and that is great. Got it ?
  7. Look sister, I feel really sorry about what's happening to you right now and some things I am not sure I understood well - like why is he no longer in the UK - so all I can do is tell you what I know about the country and it's people. I think what's happening here is a case of a (young) man running away from his responsibilities (a wife and a baby), using the excuse of his mother and family reputation/business. You know, the actual core of the matter is that 1/ he was not ready from the start to engage in a serious relationship since he underestimated all the possible outcomes
  8. Since the major accepted source is social media, then I have to say most apostates I see seem to be sunni (Saudi, Pakistani, Berber). Great isn't it ?
  9. Forget this 'family will disown him' stuff. Families especially in Lebanon do not disown their sons. Sure there may be a hard time waiting for him -not because of the hijab but rather because of the mut`a context which remains taboo- but things can work out if he mans up. How old and financially stable is he ?
  10. What. Have you never felt tired after studying for hours ? Just curious, have you any idea of how hard your father works ?
  11. We should all be aware that it is part of the Zionist agenda to infiltrate all layers of the society, so it can take it over by gaining popularity from all sides. Thus you will find 'conservative' Zionists like that Shapiro guy, and also pro LGBT Zionists like those who set up the gay pride in Tel Aviv. Politically you will find pro-Likoud and pro Two-State Zionists and so on. Those apparently antagonistic groups are actually working together to carry on their message. The pro Two-State Zionists will even argue against the pro-likouds on TV shows so they show that all Jews are no
  12. Complete waste of time. Turkish reciters have some accent. Sunnis recite parts of surah in prayer. But who would be stupid enough to make a video about it?
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