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  1. Not just 2006 sister https://www.google.fr/amp/s/english.alarabiya.net/amp/views/news/middle-east/2014/07/10/Israel-s-World-Cup-complex-and-neighboring-wars But this year it would be even more ironic with Arabs hosting the ceremony.
  2. I am not into football, alhamdolillah. Let's see if 'Israel' launches an attack this year as they usually do.
  3. What would happen if a woman walked in Najaf with her head uncovered?
  4. Let that fool spit his venom. Sooner or later he will have to advocate against the Prophet's Mosque if he persists in his version of 'islam' made in Qarn al Shaytan.
  5. I fullt agree. I was thinking yesterday about how young 'Muslim' kids have turned to delinquency and are obsessed with football, music or social media personalities. That made me realize that the once famous phrase 'In the East I saw Islam but no Muslims and in the West I saw no Islam but true Muslims' is now completely obsolete. It only took one generation.
  6. Today we are all British. Give us all a free bank holiday.
  7. Great job. SAN's lecture was so dishonest, it feels good to hear someone tackle each of his words and 'dissect' them. Thank you brother Muzaffer. You spoke my mind literally. That Ennio Morricone remix soundtrack is nice too.
  8. What I wonder is, can the intention of Qurba mean different things from one person to another?
  9. Thanks for this, enjoyed it.
  10. Today I was pondering on how intention is wajib and how all of our acts are void if not correctly done. Think about it, we all know its importance, we all formulate it before prayer, but how many times do we not think about actually getting closer to Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) and mostly focus on giving takbir and achieving our four rak`ats. Closeness to Allah? Do we even know what it means and what it implies ? Is our understanding of the prerequisite of adoration even correct?
  11. Seriously, that was quite a lame effort by Sayid Ammar Nakshawani. At one point he mentions the cases of 'Lebanon and Iraq' where he says 'Shirazi this Khamenei that'. And then orientates the video towards the importance of ikhtelaf. Doesn't he know those two countries have a decades-long history of cohabitation in marja`iya ? Of course he does. Amal Sadrists vs Hezbollah in Lebanon, Mahdi Army Sadrists vs Sistanis in Iraq, and those are just the most known cases. They are just examples of clashes like those from@Haji 2003's scrapbook. And that's a real shame he doesn't have the honesty to mention that wars amongst disciples were always political They never were about theological differences. He's acting like no group is pushing no agenda and it's all about opinion. A sahaba fairytale mentality, by Sayid Ammar Nakshawani ? Sorry I don't buy that.
  12. "British Shiism" is not just a phrase by a YouTube channel, it is also used by Sayed Hasan Nasrallah or Sayed Ali Khamenei.
  13. Subhan'Allah, we were discussing yesterday with my wife how social media is destroying some people's lives, and how doctors will probably be addressing new pathologies in the near future like depressive jealousy and other negativity issues. @Dawid Das You are so right we should boycott SM in our daily life and mental. All you see up there is all fake.
  14. You did well at shouting at them, just for the sake of showing your son you stand by his side. That won't make those dumb guys think though. I mean seriously, mocking a 4 year old kid is a sign of a very, very poor intelligence.
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