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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Nobody is doubting that, everyone agrees that people should get married early. However, many people are not able to get married soon and have to wait for a decade or even more after puberty. This is for reasons beyond their control and they have no choice in this. There are also some scenarios where people really cannot get married for extended periods, for example people who are prisoners.
  2. I agree with you. My question was only in response to a comment that says being unmarried for long periods will cause medical problems. In a way that would imply that following Islam (staying chaste before marriage) causes medical & psychological damage, and we know that nothing in Islam is designed to cause any damage to physical or mental health.
  3. If one cannot get married or do mutah for a very long time after puberty (for example 15-20 years) and they also do not masturbate because it is haram, then what can they do so that they don't suffer from any medical or psychological effects? Most young people fall in this category where they have to wait for atleast a decade or even more before they get their first halal opportunity to have sexual fulfillment. Now if they masturbate, they will be sinning, but they will at least have some sexual outlet and will therefore not suffer from any negative psychological issues. But masturbation is prohibited, so this method is out of the way. But if they don't masturbate, and also don't have halal sexual outlets, then what means can they adopt in their unmarried lives which will save them from any psychological negatives or health issues that could arise from a completely unfulfilled desire? Basically the question is that......if an unmarried person doesn't want to suffer from any physical or mental issues that will arise because he doesn't have any halal options and also doesn't masturbate, then are there any methods or ways which he can adopt, which will save him from all these negative issues of a sexual desire which is not being fullfilled even by masturbation. If there is no such way, or it is not possible to avoid the "negative issues" before marriage, then one could argue that these issues are being caused not just by society which makes it difficult to get married early but also by Islam which prohibits masturbation categorically. But we know that nothing in Islam is "negative". This means that if Islam wants that an unmarried person should never masturbate (no matter how difficult it may be), then it must be a very positive thing to have an absolutely unfulfilled sexual desire before marriage. In other words, an unmarried person should find a solution that even though he has no halal sexual outlet AND he also doesn't ever commit masturbation but still he feels no negative consequences or physical health issues. Islam must have given a solution for this......so question is....What has Islam said that what can be that solution where a person is unmarried and hence completely sexually deprived and yet fully chaste (no masturbation at all) and also suffers no psychological issues or health problems because of unfulfilled desire? The answer to this question should be the target of every Muslim man who is unmarried, trying to avoid masturbation and in the process, is getting frustrated because of lack of halal sex. Frustration, negative sexual effects and harmful physical condition should not be the outcome of a chaste pre-marital, masturbation free life.
  4. Salam alikum What is the minimum information that a man is Islamically required to know regarding a woman to get married to her? Of course, it is completely permissible for a man to marry a woman whom he has never even met once. In fact, a man is not even required to see a woman or have spoken to her or know her name or age before getting married to her. If a man says that he wishes to marry another man's sister, and he knows nothing about her other than that she is that man's sister, if the woman agrees, would the nikah be valid? Yes, but if the other man has many sisters, then what is the minimum information that the person would need to know for the nikah to be valid....for example, if he says that I wish to marry the eldest sister or the second eldest or the youngest, is that information enough for the nikah to be valid if he knows nothing else other than this ?
  5. Ruling 1042. After completing the dhikr of the first sajdah, one must sit until his body becomes still and then go into sajdah again. https://www.Sistani.org/english/book/48/2224/
  6. If atleast the first two rakaats, or even atleast the first rakaat is read before the end, the prayer may be valid. The pause and becoming still between the two sajdas is compulsory because it represents life in this world, the first sajda being birth and the second being death.
  7. It cannot be explained. It is madness. It has no meaning or purpose. The Prophet (s) said the one who commits sins is mad. If the one who is being promiscuous understood what promiscuity is, he would say that it is such madness that even if Allah had made sexual sins permissible, he would have still not done them. The whole issue is that we humans are deceived and fooled by shaitan into doing things which we would have otherwise disliked so much that we would have given the whole world to stay away from them. Prophet Yousaf (عليه السلام) said he would love to go to dungeon instead of indulge in what Zulekha desired.
  8. The reason why sexual desire exists in the first place is to create a strong bond between two people who are married to each other. Marriage is the pre-requisite of sexual desire. If there is no marriage, then sex is not even needed. It has no purpose or role or benefit or any use at all outside marriage (nikah/mutah). A car needs petrol to run, but if someone doesn't own a car, then there is no need for him to get any petrol, until he buys a car. That's because the main thing is the car, the petrol only comes after (not before). Likewise, marriage needs sexual gratification to run. But if someone is unmarried, there should be no need for him to have sexual desire until he gets married. That's because the main thing is marriage, sex only comes after (not before). The issue is that Shaitan fools us into believing that we need to fulfill the sexual desires even before we get married. This is something pointless, senseless, madness which has no meaning or purpose. That's why it is considered a transgression for unmarried people if they commit any sexual act. It is not needed, that's why it is forbidden.
  9. The greatest joy of this life is not marriage or sex; the greatest joy in this world is Salah (namaz). But extremely few people in this world can ever reach a level of faith where they are able to taste the unbelievable pleasures of namaz. But those who do would say that the physical pleasure and comfort they get from namaz is far greater than any pleasure from marriage or sex etc. Our Imams understood this so well; that's why when Imam Musa Kazim (عليه السلام) was presented with a beautiful woman inside the dungeon who had come to seduce him, he did not even lift his head from the sajdah. The pleasure he felt in sajdah was unmatchable by any other pleasure of this world - either halal or haram.
  10. Salam I'll be in Berlin for a few days end of November inshaAllah. Wondering any Shia mosques or centres around ? Thx.
  11. If a man thinks that marriage is the only way for him to avoid sins, but he is unable to get married, does it become permissible for him to commit some sexual sins? Of course not. This means that Islam tells us that we must never think that marriage is the only way to avoid sins. It is one of the ways, not the only. Anyone who thinks he has fear of falling into sin because of being married is required to adopt either marriage or patience - he is still not allowed to sin at all - no matter how big his fear may be. This means marriage is not considered as the only way to remain chaste in Islam. Sexual patience before marriage is an achievable target and anyone who thinks he cannot avoid sins before marriage is questioning the law of Allah.
  12. Wow...I just opened this thread randomly and noted that you posted here a link to a topic I started 9 years ago!
  13. Not answering your question, but just a general comment... The ultimate goal of man is to be able to not fall into sin - regardless of whether mutah is possible or not. Everyone should make this their aim that they are able to not fall into sin, no matter what their life situation may be...married or unmarried, mutah available or not available.
  14. 2Timeless. There is no problem with that. Thats exactly what I am saying - if Islam requires unmarried people to be like celibates who must not fulfill their urges in any way, it can only men that sexual gratification is not an absolute necessity for mankind, otherwise pre-marital sins would have been allowed in Islam. The fact that even if a person is in such a state that he is never able to get married, he will still not be allowed to sin , proves that fulfilment of sexual desire is not an absolute necessity for mankind. It is a pleasure which comes only with marriage and anyone who is unmarried has no Islamic right to fulfill his urges in any way - unless marriage becomes a possibility for him.
  15. If it is natural for bachelorhood to create a state of sin, then it would mean that Islam expects something unnatural from unmarried people by asking them to remain chaste. This cannot be true because Islam is a religion of nature. If it demands that unmarried people should not fulfill their sexual urges in any way at all, it means that being completely chaste before marriage is not something unnatural. What is unnatural is that a person is unmarried and commits sexual sins. Allah has not given any unmarried person a sexual desire so strong that it would force him to sin. If anyone sins, the blame has to be put on his unnaturally and abnormally heightened sexual urges which he has himself generated in the first place. I'm not claiming that premarital chastity is easy, but I don't believe that it is the natural urge which drives man to sexual sins before marriage. Rather his nature should push him away from any unwanted, unacceptable, forbidden sexual urges before marriage.
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