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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I am sorry for my mistake. I apologize and may Allah forgive me the wrong selection of words. By Allah I had absolutely no intention at all to show any disrespect to the Grand Ayatollah. I was only taken aback by the sudden feeling that due to " technical" (not religious) error on the website, the fajr time was wrong and my pryers were void. In fact, I browsed through Ayatollah Seestani's code of conduct on the same website to find out if a prayer has to be read again when it is found out that it was read before time. I also sent them a question about this "mistake" and did not use any insulting language, rather just wanted a clarification. I'm glad to know that the misunderstanding was on my own part and I do apologise again if it appeared that I was "bashing" the Marja (astagfirullah). Such a thought did not enter my mind even for a split second when I used the word " shocking". Rather I was referring to what I had thought was a probably a "typing error". There was no disregard meant for anyone. However I do realize that my expression and choice of words was wrong for Which I sincerely apologize.
  2. Everything is correct. Location: Manchester, GB Time Zone Offset: GMT +01:00Calculation Method: Leva Research Institute, IranDate: 28 May 2011 (Saturday)Fajr = 1:06 !!!?What is the problem with all these sites and which one is correct?
  3. So you mean the time for fajr in london starts at 2:43? I am very confused because different websites are showing totally different times... www.najaf.org = 2:46 http://www.salahtime...anchester/Month = 3:47 http://www.didsburymosque.com/ = 1:30
  4. Salam, I've been in Manchester for the past few weeks and here I've been checking the www.najaf.org website to find out the time for Fajr. I've been reading Fajr according to the time mentioned on this website. However, I have found out today that the time stated on this site is completely wrong. It is actually one hour earlier than the actual fajr time. This is such a big, gross error and because of it I have been reading Fajr one whole hour before the time starts. For today, the time for dawn is stated as 2:46. Whereas it should be 3:46. Has this got something to do with day light saving thing? I was confident that the time mentioned on such an important website would of course be correct. I am totally surprised and upset that such a big error is going unnoticed. Who is to blame for my prayers that have become void because of this mistake, while I had thought I was praying Fajr in the most preferred time?
  5. Salam, I would like to know what is the process of setting up an official business email address on the pattern of you@yourcompany.com. How does one go about setting up an email account in this format? Can anyone help? I know one has to pay for it, but what exactly is the method? Thanks.
  6. If time for Maghrib is approaching and you still have to read Zuhr and Asr both, however there is enough time only to read one prayer, then you should read Asr. That's because the time for Zuhr has ended .
  7. Salam, Khadar? I think you mean Qadha !! Zuhr becomes Qadha a few minutes before sunset.
  8. The problem is not how much tissues you use in the toilet. You can use as much as you need inside the toilet and nobody would say anything. So the number of tissues used inside the toilet is not the issue. The issue is: Islamically, can you use tissues that are provided "in" the toilet at places other than the toilet? If the answer to this is No - then we should be careful using the tissues. And if the answer is Yes, would there be a limit to the number of tissues that you can use at other places?
  9. The Quran has said: " So. he who has done an atom's weight of good shall see it And he who has done an atom's weight of evil shall see it." (99:7-8) It is said that if there had been something smaller than an atom, Allah (swt) would have used that word. It is also said (in the Quran somewhere) that on the day of judgement when people would be handed their book of deeds, they would cry out in surprise that what sort of book is this, that it has not left out a single thing unmentioned. So we really should not under estimate our bad deeds, however trivial they may seem to us.
  10. Interesting. This reminds me of another question. At some places in UK, you have to put in 20 pence to unlock the toilet door. After coming out, if you keep the door open and let somebody in, that person wont have to pay 20 pence. I believe this is most certainly haram. The water used would also be islamically considered as "Ghasbi" (userped). If you do wudu with this water, it would be void. Am I correct?
  11. Yes, I have already mentioned the story in the opening post of this topic. Yes, the story about Hazrat Aqeel is the one where Imam Ali(as) placed a burning coal on his hand when he asked for extra funds from Bait-ul-ma'al.
  12. Salam Suppose a person goes to a public toilet, washes his hands and takes out 3 tissues (or paper towels) from the box. He uses two to dry his hands but keeps the third one in his pocket. He then comes to his home and has to wash his hands again. He uses the third tissue now. In Islamic jurisprudence, would this be considered as stealing or misuse of a public service funded by the government, because the tissues provided are for use at that place. This issue may seem very trivial to most people. But in reality, it may not be so. When a person came to Imam Ali(as) at night, he was busy doing some officical government work. When he found out that the man had come for a personal issue, he put out the official lantern and turned on his private lantern because he did want to use the oil funded from government reserves for his own personal work. If it is permissible for the person to use the tissue at home, what could be the limit of the number of tissues that he can use? For example, if he takes out 20 tissues, uses only 2 at the public toilet and uses 18 at home...would it be considered stealing then? The tissue is just an example. It can be extended to include a host of other public facilities which can be used unfairly. What is the Islamic ruling on this? Thanks
  13. Hmm..No, I dont think its persian. Its actually Punjabi..... Lakh Tay Karoor Wari, Akho Dam Dam....which means: Say Dam Dam hundreds of thousands of times
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