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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ali is indeed one of the 99 beautiful names of Allah. but he is NOT Allah, he is a medium for guidance for us, .. we can ask Imam Ali (S) to intercede perhaps between us and Allah, Quran cannot be contradicted. Ahlulbayt themselves said, Quran and Ahlulbyat can never contradict with each other, infact they go hand in hand... they shall never separate
  2. Ayatollah Khurasani has been misinformed by the Pakistani and Indian Pro Khooni Matam people. Ayatollah Khorasani has not travelled the world like Ayatollah Khamenei and he is not well informed. Ayatollah Khurasani has never been to India, nor Pakistan, nor Afghanistan where extremist Shias misrepresent Shia'sm by doing contaminating Azadari and misrepresenting Imam Husain's mission and Shia'sm. Ayatollah Khursani is not aware .. He does not use internet personally, nor he knows much about how the CIA is using the contaminated version of Azadari and spreading false propaganda about Shia'sm
  3. all single women want a permanent marriage mostly. but, you may find women who are divorced or second time divorced or widows with children easily for temperary marriage inside the community. you may also find single non religious women who are interested in dating easily understanding the concept of Muta in halaal. the religious ones want permanent marriage of the choice of her parents when younger. as they grow older without marriage.. sometimes they may start being more open minded ... but usually they want a direct nikah. the divorced women sometimes are open to an idea of getting to k
  4. Your totally wrong here, Ali Sharyati was a great man, just like other great men Shaheed Ayatollah Murtada Muttahari and Shaheed Ayat. Baheshti, Shaheed Ayat. Banohar. but, you cannot compare anyone to the ULTIMATE LEGACY of Ayatollah Imam Khomeini. Your very much wrong and making reckless stupid comments when you said, Ayat. Imam Khomeini was "hiding" outside Iran?!?!!??!!??!? When Dr. Sharyati entered Iran in 1965, Imam Khomeini as a TOP HEAD MARJA of the Shias .. as successor to Ayatollah Berujerdi, made NON STOP Speeches against the Tyrant Shah to the point that the Shah PUNISHED
  5. Its too early to say who is who. The only person i have 100% faith in is Ayatollah Khamenei that he is the Khorasani who will pave the way for the 12th Holy divine Imam Al Mahdi (S) and he will have a disability in his right hand. (all shias and sunnis have this hadith). and in his (ayat. Khamenei) there will be an army ready prepared especially for the reappearance for the Imam Mahdi (S). He will be the leader of Persia and he will be from Khorasan. but even Ayat. Khamenei does not want us to make early assumptions and i have heard from people that he criticized and not want us to jump to
  6. Salaam aliakum, I wanted to know what is Ayat. Sistani's fatwa on Organ donation. and what is Ayat. Khamenei's fatwa on it. and other fatwas from other great respected noble scholars if possible. also organ donation while living in America. is it ok to donate it to the non Muslims? If anyone knows .. please post. this will be very much helpful.
  7. Salam bro, i was wondering if you can get hold of a neelam (blue sappire) in india?

  8. My heart goes out to you brother, remember me strong and STUBBURNLY remember Allah and smile and say.. I have faith in you Allah.. i Have trust in you. I was in the states, I lost my job, I started using up my savings, was not able to get a job.. So, i took a very ordinary job so i can pay my rent and bills for the mean time. slowly i lost my favorite red sports car to the bank. (it got repossessed). I had loved a very beautiful girl (in temperary marriage). She showed her true colors and changed after 4 years of relationship. when i had money and job, she would be very nice to m
  9. Salaam Aliakum, I wanted to ask a question, There is a person who is planning on getting married secretly. the wife is very good, just, pious, but she is not comfortable with the idea of him having another wife in Nikah. So, the husband planning to marry but keeping it a secret from his first wife. Is it allowed to keep it a secret from his first wife. Since its his right to marry up to four in Islamic law, Is it also allowed to keep the "NIKAH" marriage a secret. Please let me know both views of the great marajas of the time today. Ayatollah Sistani and Ayatollah Khamenei. Thanking yo
  10. Ayatollah Khamenei's correct webpage is . THIS IS OFFICIAL SITE www.leader.ir The topic is locked. I wish it could be corrected. I have notified to the admins before as well. Please add this as official website of Ayatollah Khamenei http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/71812-grand-ayatullahs/
  11. Your listening to only anti Islamic revolution propaganda. the judge sentenced the enemies of Islam and sent them to hell where they belong. Weather your listening to the anti Islamic Revolution propaganda from western sources or MKO sources or Shia who sold out to Israel sources. You should not trust them. Your an stupid for thinking that IMam Khomeini had time for each handle cases for every criminal in each and every city or village of Iran. Imam Khomeini established a system, a government, judiciary, muncipal, civil courts, etc The judiciary found them guilty and punished them. W
  12. MKO (Muhajideen Kalq org) were terrorist type, They had to be punished for their crimes. I personally feel that those who fled, should have been chased and should have been killed. but Iran does not chase anyone. I am not a scholar .. but my opion is that the MKO had turned into terrorist types and were danger to normal everyday people. they would put a time bomb in the garbage can in a public place and it would explode killing innocent people. they killed more then 80 members in the Parliament. They Killed the president Rajavi, Ayatollah banohar, Ayatollah Muttahari, and even disabl
  13. Imam Khomeini did not order any mass killings. these are lies. Some revolutionary may have done access but he was caught and charged for murder and killed. The thing is that before the 1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran, The Shah (king) of Iran would not trust the Shias to hire them for his SAVAK Secret Intellegence Activities. So, he hired Iranians who were of Bahai religion. (followers of Bahai-ullah) Over 600 SAVAK Secret intelligence agency officers (trained by CIA and is similar to American CIA) .. They killed many protestors who wanted the Shah out, the arrested scores of Proteste
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