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  1. I actually make lovely lasagne, but it looks different. Plus, I like lamb mince. . Ooh yes please.
  2. Looks yummy. What is it? Can we have a recipe please? :)
  3. Don't go with Abbott travel...for the love of God..don't do it woman!
  4. I wonder what muslim sports players do in ramzan...
  5. Your posts never fail to make me smile... :D
  6. His woman??!! His WOMAN??!! :P His woman has a name!
  7. Gosh....So happy!! So Happy!! Lalala leleleeee
  8. Whoever it was, here's hoping they can exterminate all the vermin from the planet.
  9. You have a mature head on young, broad, handsome, muscular.....etc...etc... shoulders. Better?? :unsure:
  10. You have a mature head on young shoulders.
  11. Some people are so highly strung on this forum.
  12. The London Eye is rubbish. I remember when I went (it was really hot and I was ill), this fat woman pushed in the queue in front of me and then we ended up in the same carriage/coach /compartment thing. There is only one big bench in the middle of it on which people can sit down, if they wish, kind of back to back and this same woman was taking up two spaces. i politely asked her to move up, which she refused to do and just gave me a dirty look, so I sat down anyway and she started to push me off the bench!! So I decided to return the favour and pushed her back too before we both settled on our seating arrangements! My favourite place in London is definitely The Tower of London. It's amazing. I love all that old history stuff. Just make sure to do some stretches before you go. the last time I went, the day after my legs were killing me because of all the spiral staircases you go up and down.
  13. It's very nice, but i needed to googe the Rafflesia fower, coz i'm a pleb. Yo! Hmm, I get the feeling Hajjis daughter will get it. Just not plebs like you and me. There is a difference between preppy and plebby 9yr olds.
  14. I don't understand why people insist on reproducing when they can't even look after themseleves, let alone an innocent child that depends on them for everything.
  15. I don't like red. I don't suit it. I don't want to wear it. I refuse to wear it. :mad:
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