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  1. Ok, there are racist muslims and racist brown people who cry about racism when it is done to them. I agree. But don't tell me that somehow all white people are no longer racist. Look at what I found in the news TODAY. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/winter-sports/40252620
  2. He's agreed to get engaged to somebody else. It might be a difficult thing to do, but you need to move on.
  3. So i found the recipe and you can tell it's completely wrong just by looking at it. It's way too thick....
  4. Well my mum's recipe is better and isn't going to make you vomit.
  5. Just saw this now. Yes i'd agree with other posters....don't put garam masala in it. Your attempt wasn't a marvelous fail though....slight exaggeration I would have chopped onion, chopped green chillies, chopped fresh dhaniya, salt, red chilli powder, bit of dhaniya powder or zeera powder if you really want it.
  6. Ooh wow....what went in it?
  7. That's what I did in the end but it's a bit of a pain.
  8. This is ridiculous.....i've just posted something and I can't find it. My idea to consider is to just put the site back to how it was.
  9. I can't stop watching this video and laughing my head off!
  10. are we all dying this year? Here's hoping.
  11. Good! I also suggest, for the girls who are being mean to you, you should show them that you're not bothered by it, even if you are. If they say anything to you, make sure you have something to say in return. Don't let them walk all over you. When i was in high school, there was a girl who was bothering me and when i started to stand up for myself, she left me alone. Also, remember, the world is full of horrible people. You just have to accept it. Don't let them turn you into a horrible, bitter person like them. You're better than that, insha'Allah. Once you've left high school, you'll find that people let you be yourself a bit more and aren't as judgemental. There's a big world out there. Being queen bee at high school isn't that big a deal in the grand scheme of things. In ten years time, you can facebook stalk them and they'll probably all be grossly overweight. Ha!
  12. This is terrible! I will be your friend. You can talk to me insha'Allah. I promise, i'm normal and not an internet stalker.
  13. I shall never be able to look at a pizza in the same way again, which is a shame considering I eat it so often
  14. You'll be waiting a long time for that to happen in 404. I'm not going to question the sincerity of the the members of the committee but in 404 the best way to ensure your chances of getting on the committee are to stamp your feet really hard and say 'er, excuse me...why am I not on the committee? Don't you know how important my family is? Don't you know how much money we donate to the imambargah?' etc etc blah blah. But I still love 404 and hope they can sort themselves out inshaAllah. I live in hope. @A true Sunni How do you know so much about 404?
  15. Tough. Once i was eating my lunch in the canteen at work and this bloke did that right next to where i was sitting. It felt wrong. I had to stop eating. And what about burping? Once i was at school and and this boy came and burped right in my ear. That also felt wrong.
  16. Well i'm sorry, but it's not my fault and i'm not going to spend my time apologising for something that isn't my fault and has nothing to do with me. Even if I wanted to, I have a job to go to, stuff to do....you know..a life to lead. How is it acceptable for most muslims to have to pay the price for the actions of a deranged few? If this is how muslims think then God only knows how the non-muslims think. Edit: And I know somebody who lives in Texas who told me a little boy had his arm broken on the school bus because he was a muslim. Did the kids who broke his arm do it because 'no one is blaming the fact that people are getting run over in the streets, getting shot at the shopping mall, getting murdered for drawing a picture, etc. People are tired of Muslims doing all this, and tired of other Muslims saying "it's not my fault." '? Does that make it ok? And should we ask for an apology from every non-muslim for this boy's broken arm?
  17. I don't know many Mohammeds who want to go to Poland.......I mean, even the Poles are leaving Poland so why would Mohammed want to go there?
  18. Because shiachat is dying a death
  19. Nope, these kind of videos are not a good thing...they're terrible! I have been shouting at the tele for years whenever this kind of thing comes on. Surely the words of whatever they are reciting should be enough to elicit gham e Hussain (as) in the people? Why do they have to do so much acting? Do they make a lot of money? There is no need for it. I may be wrong, but in Pakistan, it seems to be mostly the urdu speaking lot who come out with these videos? And why do they feel the need to always bring in a bit of farsi to their nohays? The average Pakistani isn't going to understand a word of what is being said...I certainly don't. If it's mainly aimed at a Pakistani audience, why can't they just stick to urdu? Terrible.
  20. Yep, and when you do get married after having waited for the right person, you appreciate them much more.
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