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  1. I read the book maybe a week ago and I loved it. This book reminded me of my childhood in jnoub Lebanon, the summers we used to spend running in the village. This was a nice feeling to have. I've learned how guilt will eat at you forever once you have wronged a person. The fact that Hassan was left to suffer in that alley without any help and how this haunted Amirfor all of his life. This is why we must stand and fight oppression at any level, because if you stay silent, it's just like partaking in the oppression yourself. Also, human guilt is a powerfull thing, to live with guilt, will of course eat a way at your insides and it will consume you. that is if the person has a conscious, and if he doesn't have a conscious or a thread of decency, like Assef who from his teen years is a bully and then later on in his life he is part of the Taliban who massacared Shias and the horrible things he did to Hassan's boy. People like Assef, do not know God and have nothing to do with humanity, even though they claim they do; hypocrites and we have all seen them in this world. This book teaches you about Afghanistan and how the country was befrore all of these wars. I guess most of the conflicts on earth have ruined beautifull countries such as Afghanistan, it just gave you a glimpse of Afghani people and this just reaffirms that most of the cultures around the world are the same, and we are all the same however arrogance blinds you to think that one peopl is better than another. For example, how Amir would come up with different schemes just so he can go and talk to Soraya at the flee market and how it was a sort of shame for the two of them to talk alone, however, once Soraya's mother would be with them, then this made it ok and people would not gossip if Soraya's mom was present. Soraya's story of how she ran away with a man and later went back with her father. I mean all of these things they all happen in Eastern Cultures in America... no one is better than anyone we are all the same :) I recently heard at a lecture during Ashura is that religion and obeying Allah is inherent in humans. Eventhough we may not worship Allah and eventhough we do not pay Him attention, this is going against our very nature. An example of this in the book how Amir was confused about religion, his dad used to tell him that the Mullas are all hypocrites and religion is a farse. However, in the end of the book when Amir wanted that little boy to live he went frantic and was asking which way is the west and how he quickly started to pray and saying there is a God. So why waste our time and not worship God, or why only worship Him when we need to. In the end we always need God and we always need to worship Him. So why should we wait until the end of our life to worship God, we all know there is a God so we should just worship Him. I would recomment this book because it teaches you a lot about humans and human emotions... we all need to learn this so we can sympathize with one another. Also this book teaches you that we all need God so don't deny this most innate human emotion. Salam
  2. (salam) i'm reading Husayn - Savior of Islam by S.V. Mir Ahmad Ali. It's a good book with a lot of historical insight.
  3. (salam) Please visit www.al-haqq.com, they have an extensive list of books, and they have a pdf file of over 400 books. Have fun... Salam
  4. Badr, Thanks so much for your help. I appreciate it.
  5. I live in USA. do you have a webiste for the number you gave me
  6. (salam) I am looking to purchase the commentary on the Qur'an called: An Enlightened Commentary into the Light of Qur'an by Sayyid Kamal Faqih Imani and a Group of Muslim Scholars, published in Iran. Now i know this title is available online through al-islam.org, however, I wanted to purchase them. Anyone know where this can be purchased. I have racked my brain and did an etensive search on the internet to see where I can purchase this from and I have had no success. Thanks in advance for your help. thanks
  7. (salam) I read this great book last year about the early beginnings of Islam its called A Restatement of the History of Islam and Muslims by Sayyid Ali Ashger Razwy [http://al-islam.org/restatement/index.htm] its available on al-islam.org, or you can by it off of al-khoie.org. Anyways, it talks about misconceptions about the history of Islam and its great because it offers proof for the comments which the author claims. I can't think of any off the top of my head, however, you will be suprised with the information you can get out of this book. This book offers a really good concise way about the beginnings of Islam and the encounters which Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had to go through. Also, it teaches you Imam Ali's (as) role in the history of Islam and just the sacrifice which he had to endure in order to assure that the religion of Islam would not be lost. This book talks about wars of Islam and many misonceptions which people construe for the truth. This book is a good stepping stone to the more heavy reads, if you like history you will love this. Good reads and God bless
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