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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. And now the treason is on the other foot, how does it feel? So many of you here wanted to collaborate with the americans to 'get rid of the Sunnis' And now it's the owther way round you scream foul? Funny funny.
  2. The better question would be. What's the difference between the FSA and the Iraqies who collaborated with the occupation? The answer is Absolutely nothing.
  3. The US bombed the golden dome to spark of the civil war in Iraq, everybody knows that. Whilst i think it disgusting, i suggest you consider the fact that they used inriched uranium shells in fallujah resulting in birth defects in many generations to come, it's for that that you should be sorry.
  4. Yeah right, western politicians are really benovelant right Satyaban, they really just care about people lives. WHY DO WE DOUBT THEM SO??? We just must be racist or something right. NO YOU let's be real ok. They don't give a RATS about freedom, democracy, or peoples lives. Love the video, yeah tell her, If you haven't been inside Syria yet then why make up lie about it! Wait what am i asking, WE ALL KNOW WHY.
  5. @Ugly Jinn, it's more complicated than that. The US's agenda was to stay in Iraq indefinetly, as they did in Germany. They aimed to retain controll of the bases. But the puppet regime in Iraq is still a controlled puppet regime, but now they are in Iran's pocket not as much the US's, Iran muscled the US out. First they worked along side each other, suppressing the resistance movement, but then slowly Iranian influence increased over the puppet regime., why? because the puppets knew that if it wanted, Iran could get rid of them instantly, they have a trigger in Iraq called the mehdi army. This never would have happened if the resistance hadn't fought as hard as it did though, especially in the north. This never would have happened without US sustaining as many losses as they did, if the situation was just peachy from the start. What i said was that iraqi wasn't already victorious, but that victory is near. The next step is to get rid of the puppet regime and apparatus and change the constiution. If you re-read my first post please, i wrote "sweet sweet victory and we are almost there," with emphasis on the almost
  6. If you are dreaming about a civil war in Syria , i hate to break it to you but the Turkish/NATO Agents running around border towns shooting people does not mean civil war. A couple of landmines should do he trick. Can just smell NATO desperation in the air, their thinking of just attacking with out a pretext.
  7. @Fink Perhaps you will learn waging war is not going to get you out of the hole you created for yourself. What do you think you achieved here, got rid of Saddam, is the current government any better? For the Iraqi people, it's worse. You think you made a friend out of Iraq, think again, Iran has broke that little pipe dream of yours. What you would have Iraqies do, bend down and accept your rape, is that what is best for them is it? HAH. Finally your dream bubble burst, sure took a while. @Ugly Jinn All those things you said do not constitute victory, people die from both sides, it's not who you kill or how many you kill, but the outcome of the war at the end of the day, and at the end of the day, The US has begged to stay in Iraq but Iran has seen to it that they leave. What's left is to get for the Iraqi resistance to get rid of the puppet regime and traitor apparatus. Victory is not here yet, but it's near. @shiaben Come now, 60% of the ba'ath party was Shia, leading up to the Iran-Iraq war, Iraqies where brimming with patriotic ferver . If you want to talk ethnic tension, look at the disharmony in the US.
  8. This is a truly stupid question, there are no borders between Iran and Syria, a war on Syria is a war on Iran and vise versa.
  9. Come now, you claim your hands are clean? don't be ludicurous.
  10. The resistance fought long and hard, they gave iraqies something to be proud off, there is still more to come, but this is the begining of the end. It seems like it's has been an eternety waiting fot that saigon moment
  11. Victory of Iraqi Nationalists against the foreign occupation of their country ofcourse, it's coming soon.
  12. Asaib Ahl al haq are the best of the south, and the attack was from the south, did you hear the mehdi army attacked ahl al haq ? i'm truly disgusted. Don't worry they have already left in shame and the shame will continue to follow them, from the greenzone to kuwait. Two soldiers were killed from the northern resistance yesterday, perhaps check their websites. Is that a recent video? wonderful! You know now that it's all almost over, there is no need to deny it. Syria was helping and arming the resistance the whole time and we will continue to do so till the last traitor is eliminated ^.^ the resistance satelite channel is still going in Syria right now. <3 @Fink you are a joke. Don't blame iraq from your sodliers deaths either, blame yoursefl! What's the matter little traitor, things didn't go the way your 'god' intended? You lost your little traitor war? how sad for you but i know how you can feel better, go shoot yourself in the face.
  13. The conspiracy against Syria has already failed, but NATO , Israel, Turkey, and the Arab rats still want war. I'm making this post to assure you that Syria, it's people, and it's allies and friends, are ready for war and ready to pulverise all our enemies.
  14. THere is just sooo many to choose from does it have to be three??? 1.Hillary Clinton 2.Maliki 3. Bandar bin Sultan
  15. There is nothing insane about it, If they touch Syria russia china NATO Syria, Israel, Iran, Qatar, Saudi, it will be all out war. Syria by itself will be enough to destroy israel. Don't take recent events so lighlty, you must be blind isilurian not to feel the tension in the air. and btw, the illuminati stuff, all real.
  16. The war isn't over untill it's over. Untill the last soldier the resistance will keep fighting. And untill the last minute the americans will still be disgusting criminals, 8 years later, once again randomly firing at civilians when their convoy gets attacked. http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5j8Iq4I5fQzumov_0CtTfJDP4xtOw?docId=CNG.f2a3a0fa4ad4e680720e79b2681beb07.121 Got to hand it to the Iraqies, they promised us a sweet sweet victory and we are almost there, they just NEVER say DIE unless ofcourse they are speaking to the enemy.
  17. Listen closely those pathetic pawns who celebrate Qaddafi's death, those who think NATO has brought you 'freedom'. Those imbeciles who think the sock puppet NTC are heroes, those so called 'rebels who parade around in US uniforms and kiss Hillary Clinton's feet, those traitors who destroy their own cities. I have a few things to say to you. You are Slaves, you where born slaves and you will die slaves, and you know i think you enjoy it. You have no dignity, you have no self-determination. Know this. When you humiliate a countries leader, you humiliate the entire country. There was a time when those protesting gaddafi where also against foreign intervention in the same breath. But all those people seemed to have been silenced or killed by the NTC. The "rebels" lost my support the moment they allowed foreign intervention. The moment they betrayed lybian sovereignity is the moment all those who fight them have a right to do so. Nato just created a Martyr. Whatever bad things they say about Gaddafi, that he was a dictator and a sell ou, he died with a rifle in his hand. AND Listen closely those FOOLS who think Syria will ever be touched by filthy foreign hands. You clearly do not live on this earth, Syria is impenetrable, and those who try to hurt her will not only fail but also taste 'The Syrian Curse' May it enter your very home and destroy you. So do yourself a favour and get off our back, don't pretend like you give a damn about us. If you like being slaves be slaves on your own, don't you dare try and drag us down with you, because you will only get burned in the process.
  18. <p>Saddam and the current regime, the difference? The only difference i see is the current regime is worse, they are both theifing murders but atleast saddam nationalised Iraqi oil not sold out his country and didn't kneal down to allow himself to be sodomised by foreign occupiers like Maliki and friends. Regardless if you support them against iraq's rightful dissidents and revolutionaries, you are not human.</p> A shout out to Asaib Ahl al bayt, i heard Sadr's people had a clash with them. Sell out traitors.
  19. The US is having it's own revolution! For the last 8 days protesters in tents have been occupying the streets of wall street in New York. At this very moment at least ten thousand protesters are marching through wall street and blocking traffic. Watch it now live here: http://www.livestream.com/globalrevolution
  20. Again and again the traitorous iraqi puppet regime proves they are undemocratic criminals. Firing at protesters who only wanted better electricity infustructure. http://www.nytimes.c...ast/17iraq.html BAGHDAD — Security forces in the eastern Iraqi city of Kut on Wednesday fired on a group of protesters calling for the provincial governor to step down, killing at least three people, according to a local government official. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/10357955 One dies as Iraqi police fire on Basra power protesters Iraqi police have opened fire during a protest against power shortages in the south of the country, killing at least one demonstrator, officials say.
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