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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalami aleykum. I wanted to ask brother Al Hadi to elaborate on the "God of feminism", as opposed to God of Islam. What (or who) is "God of feminism"? And maybe a couple of words about how "feminists are supporting Zionism" afterwards... Thank you.
  2. Salam John, It does look as something that might work in Shi'a countries/communities, but in the EU member states, as well in all Western countries in general, Shi'a are regarded as possible terrorists as well. There are more reasons than one for this, but the most important is Iran's rejection and open animosity to Israel, and therefore USA as well, who then create, spread and keep alive the fears about Iran everywhere possible. For those reasons I do not think that your local authorities would even consider that kind of tests, as the "official" widespread way of thinking in all EU
  3. Salam, Gulf News are reliable media outlet? Actually, how do we, who are not familiar with any media outlets from the gulf states in general, how do we determine who is reliable and truthfull, or just serves the royals of their country? Or sell propaganda? What are the criteria? How do you choose whom to trust, brother Bukhari8k? Can you explain your criteria? And if you could, please mention three or four gulf newspapers, that you trust and read regularly? I would really, really want to read their point of view (from serious newspapers), but here in rural Switzerland we
  4. So whenever someone of us Shi'a, who are openly using this site - called Shi'aChat - where we gather to share our thoughts and problems with our brothers/sisters in faith (since we are proclaimed to be non-Muslims, kuffar and heretics by some other Muslim groups), where we seek connection with fellow believers, comfort and also intelligent answers in this mad world (as all the other groups of people on this earth do on the Internet, including other Islamic paths), all the others connecting, including those who curse, insult and abuse us Shi'a openly in their chats/propaganda sites and wish us
  5. Salam em and everyone, Yet the chastity, purity, complete covering, the hours spent in prayer (day and night), devotion to their husbands, virtuous way of life, total abandon of hubb-id-dunya and many, many other attributes of those ladies and their way of life - how compatible is all that (or even a small part of it) to a modern feminist? Having been surrounded by them for decades, working with them closely for years, and after myriads of conversations, explanations and books they gave me to read about feminism, I am not sure some of us (especially brothers) know what serious femini
  6. Sorry, everyone, But it REALLY hurts that the artists are always omitted! And they did SO much for our civilisation, as proved beyond doubt by famous Prof. Dan Brown. Many old documents (mostly from times of Annunaki) show that both Aristotle AND Plato regularly and secretly met with Leonardo da Vinci, as well as Albert Durrer, on the Greek isle of Lesbos, and thought them about Shi'a Islam. The same masters of the brush then went back and spread the new teaching throughout the pre-historic Europe, mostly through mysterious drawings, and always in a secret combination of Sanskrit
  7. The current ever-worsening economic situation of the "kingdom", as well as decades of pathological and perverse promiscuity (that even the most "free spirited" in the West cannot imagine), living in extreme excess in all aspects of life, literally bathing in gold and having (seemingly) unexaustible source of zillions of riyals, continuously transgressing the laws of Islam; killings, torture and opression of innocents on a large scale for decades, upholding takfeerism as official religion and supporting and funding it wherever possible; supporting and having a close and friendly relationships w
  8. Salam everyone, some posts here are very interesting, and give us something to think about. Just a small reminder: through some reliable scholarly sources, we are strongly discouraged to write (or say) Imam al Qa'im's (aAfs) first name. Kindest regards!
  9. :bismillah:

    Dear sister,

    I just HAD to say hello to you, because you are one of the rarest people here - your sense of humour is GENUINE!! 

    Your posts are incredibly witty and funny (and ironic/sarcastic) just when they should be, but some other posts are very human (as you stated in your profile about your religion).

    I especially like the "fact" that you smoked your map - I often desperately wish to smoke my whole location, and just take off to one of the parallel universes... (and it is NOT a joke...:angry:)

    When I first read one of your posts, I misread your chat name (or however it is called) and thought it was "apes off my back", and quite some time passed until I realised that I might be one of those interesting apes - the one who should go to Specksavers... 

    I love your sincerity and your way of calling things by their names - just continue with posting and commenting, please!

    Love and hugs, 


    1. Chaotic Muslem

      Chaotic Muslem


      "apes off my back"

      Apo, you are awesome! Loves and cakes sis.

    2. Amina



      Chaotic, I love you - but I AM in my fiftys, and I DO wear contact lenses, so curb your mirth, please!!! :cuddle:

      I mean, REALLY:..:grin:



    3. apofomysback


      Haha! OMG this is such a pleasant surprise awww. Wow I'm flattered Amina thank you so much for the appreciation. I must say you and CM have given me the ;pick me up' I desperately needed right now. Thank you so much! 

      *hugs hugs and loads more hugs for the two of you*

      PS: Amina I don't have access to PM hence the posts aren't going to remain private. You can email me if you want! It would be lovely to hear from you sis!

  10. Salam, sister Fatima and everyone, I just wanted to say that I love hearing about dreams in which believers meet any of the Holy personalities (as) and it always makes me cry... About your dream, dear sister, well, there are various explanations from various persons, but we all agree on one basic thing - it can only mean something truly good! So don't be bothered by comments of some people, who are, sadly,unable to feel, understand or even accept the many forms of Love our Creator (swt) pours on us every moment of every day. They will deny your dream in harsh words, deny it's
  11. Salam, A.A.Repentance Your last argument is indeed the most true wake up call for white-skin-lovers, and people with racistic tendencies in general. It just occured to me - all those Middle Eastern "very white" individuals, so proud of their colour among the generally darker population of the Middle East, are in Europe, and the West in general, considered dark and often looked down upon (and often discriminated in many aspects of the daily life) by those "truly white" Caucasians - so it is good-bye to fair-skin-glory... And so every nation finds someone to despise, and there is
  12. Salam Umayyad, thank you for the - I think it was meant as a compliment, it really made me laugh - I am somewhat firm in my belief! May the Allmighty Lord judge me like that, too... Let us pray that we shall all be firm in our (true) belief, when the moment of choice comes... Thank you for being so friendly, Kindest regards, Amina
  13. Salam everyone, I do agree that we should study every aspect of Imam's (aAfs) life, including his lineage, as he is one of the most important parts of our creed, but I have read this thread from the beginning till the end and found it more and more incredible the more I read. The actual question about Narjis Khatoon and the fact that she has most probably been invented, out of pure love for our beloved Imam (aAfs) and the desire to endow him with highest possible lineage (thus the Roman princess and all the miraculous details about her) - the question about her and the first mentioni
  14. Salam, Umayyad, I guess that, in the end, that eternal, bottomless pit that exists between our two religions (Shi'a Islam and Umayyadism, the way I understand it) shall never let the two of us truly agree with anything that the other says - we both love our religious leaders too much... I would very much like to write something optimistic and reach out a hand of friendship to you, in spite of all the differences of opinion, but I read the word "Umayyadism" and all I see (with my mortal eyes, my mortal heart and my immortal soul) are the sons (as) of our Prophet (sAawa), so truthfull,
  15. Salam everyone, Isn't it a bit strange that US and NATO are fighting "strongly" and "with all their military strength" (which should be considerable) against Daesh savages in Syria FOR YEARS and - NOTHING happens, and the moment Russia enters the conflict and fights the same Daesh but also other jihadis in Syria - and after just FEW MONTHS the situations is COMPLETELY changed! Amidst constant accusations, insinuations, verbal attacks, lies and false "proofs" (many forged maps, airplane footage, diagrams and God knows what else) that NATO and it's servants are feeding us with daily,
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