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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalami aleykum. I wanted to ask brother Al Hadi to elaborate on the "God of feminism", as opposed to God of Islam. What (or who) is "God of feminism"? And maybe a couple of words about how "feminists are supporting Zionism" afterwards... Thank you.
  2. Salam John, It does look as something that might work in Shi'a countries/communities, but in the EU member states, as well in all Western countries in general, Shi'a are regarded as possible terrorists as well. There are more reasons than one for this, but the most important is Iran's rejection and open animosity to Israel, and therefore USA as well, who then create, spread and keep alive the fears about Iran everywhere possible. For those reasons I do not think that your local authorities would even consider that kind of tests, as the "official" widespread way of thinking in all EU states and the rest of the Western world is that ALL Muslims are terrorists per se, and the people as well as all authorities share this (or similar) opinion... I wish I had a more optimistic and positiv answer, but I am also a European, and here the rules are: hijab, or long beard, or a dishdashah - run for your life!!! (Exaggerated a bit, but essentially true - and fearful people do not tend to stop and look for details...) But that is only my opinion, and I could be wrong or have overlooked important details myself. Kindest regard and salam from Amina
  3. Salam, Gulf News are reliable media outlet? Actually, how do we, who are not familiar with any media outlets from the gulf states in general, how do we determine who is reliable and truthfull, or just serves the royals of their country? Or sell propaganda? What are the criteria? How do you choose whom to trust, brother Bukhari8k? Can you explain your criteria? And if you could, please mention three or four gulf newspapers, that you trust and read regularly? I would really, really want to read their point of view (from serious newspapers), but here in rural Switzerland we do not see Qatari or Saudi newspapers being sold at the kiosk in the village center... :-( Salam and thank you in advance, Amina
  4. So whenever someone of us Shi'a, who are openly using this site - called Shi'aChat - where we gather to share our thoughts and problems with our brothers/sisters in faith (since we are proclaimed to be non-Muslims, kuffar and heretics by some other Muslim groups), where we seek connection with fellow believers, comfort and also intelligent answers in this mad world (as all the other groups of people on this earth do on the Internet, including other Islamic paths), all the others connecting, including those who curse, insult and abuse us Shi'a openly in their chats/propaganda sites and wish us all only painful death, nobody is calling them hypocrits, but when we Shi'a openly show our love and devotion to our religious sacred personalities (as I have done) - we are suddenly munafiqeen "doing lip-service"! Why can non-Shi'a openly insult and attack us on ShiaChat, and glorify historical villains like Mu'awiya, Ummayad "kaliphs" and other opressors and murderers of Prophet's family (as) and this Ummah, proclaiming openly their devotion and proudly calling themselves the followers of those "rulers" from the past, on this Shi'aChat, but when I (and so many others), a Shi'a, mention my (our) love for my (our) Imams (as), on our Chat - I (and the others) are suddenly labelled as hypocrits doing lip-service?! It must be truly maddening for all those Shi'a-haters that they have not succeded to "cure" us of our love for Prophet's family (as) inspite centuries of torturing and killing us! (or "pogroms", as you called Shi'a killings of innocent takfeeris...) In no place on this Chat has anyone of us claimed to be the perfect, or perfectly just, or definitely accepted follower of Imam Al Hussain (as), or any such similar thing. All that all of us constantly repeat is that we love our Imams (as) with devotion. None of us ever claimed that his/her love for Aba 'Abdillah (as) makes him/her a perfect Muslim, of perfect Shi'a, or absolutely truthful, or to posess absolute sincerity in his/hers faith and deeds, or any other form of perfection! (Only a delusional person could ever state - or think - such a megalomaniac idea in the first place, as there is no such thing commonly - you have to burn with love for a long time, until it purifies you from all negative thoughts and deeds, and makes you ready and deserving to be among the true followers... and I have never ever read on this Chat that someone claimed such a thing!) I certainly didn't. But we keep loving and keep hoping. So why am I (and others) being labelled as hypocrite only for saying that I love and want to follow my Imam (as)? What is it with all you Shi'a- haters people and takfeer? Not only do you "throw" us Shi'a "out" from this Ummah on your chats, forums, websites etc, (playing God, a'udhubillah) but you follow us to our own chats, and start your "proclamations of Kufr" upon us even here - I mean, why are so many non-Shi'a so eager to be takfeeris of us Shi'a? What is it that fascinates and pulls you to takfeer? How about showing some humility, some respect, and leave the judging to Allah te'ala? We here have all read posts like yours many, many times, and it is impossible to overlook that dark excitement that the takfeeris feel about finally having a perfect cause for proclaiming ALL Shi'a to be hypocrits and kafirs - Bashar! Over and over again, it has been not only the favourite, but the only argument of takfeeris - the moment someone mentions the atrocities of even Da'esh lunatics (whom none of you officially support) against Shi'a and others - there it comes from you: You Shi'a hypocrites, you condemn the Sunnis, but none of you condemns Bashar, therefore, you are hypocrites and kuffar!!!And your love for your Imams are a lie and a mere lip-service! Gotcha!!! And, magically, all those many posts about so many of us condemning Bashar's actions allways seem to be overlooked, or forgotten, or simply vanish... Do you come here to accuse, because you want us to start to apologize, explain and defend us in front of you? Do you believe that Shi'a crave approval and absolution from you? So that we can be "admitted" back in the Ummah? I mean, who gave any of takfeeris the right and the power to "analyze" us, and "discover" that our love for our Imams (as) is only nifaq, when you do not even know who they were, let alone believe in them?! And now we are annoying you by merely stating, among ourselves, that we love and follow Imam Al Hussain (as)! No, no, no, you say, that is just lip service, not real faith! So all of you sudden experts on Shi'a Islam, you want us to -what? Go and prove our "Shi'aness" to non-Schi'a Muslims by joining the NATO and go to Syria to fight Bashar? Or join Turkish forces and shoot Russian planes down? And maybe just cause fitnah amongst us Shi'a, so that Da'esh has an easier job in wiping us from the face of the Earth, as they always promise, and were created, to do? So let me tell you the truth, whoever you are (interestingly, those of you who write such posts on this Chat, and there are many of you, you never share, openly and honestly, where you are from, what faith or group you belong to and your names are always so predictably - cryptic?). I am Shi'a by choice, and not by birth, for over three decades, and that is the only thing that I still hold sacred. I am by no means even average, let alone good, Muslimah. I have very little to offer to my Ummah. I have no health or money to join the war against Da'esh or other takfeeris, which I would do, if I could, in Iraq; my husbands family still live close to the shores of Shatt-al 'Arab. But since I cannot do all these things, I do what I can - I write and I love. I wite about all things connected to my faith, here on SC, and I love my Creator (swt) and the holy Messenger (sAawa) and his pure family (as). I don't care one bit about what all the Takfeeris of this world (the known and the hidden ones) think of me, my sincerity, my Islam, Shi'a in general or anything else - the only tiny detail would be my wish that they show some respect when they visit this site and mention the Family (as) of Allah's Apostle (sAawa), not for our sake (if you want us dead, you are hardly likely to pay any attention to etiquette), but for the sake of those sacred personalities (as), whom you also supposedly love and respect... And I definitely have no intention of meeting any of you anywhere for a talk - some people feel such pleasure when they kill, that they do not really care about long discussions, and when they smell Shi'a blood - they turn into Vlad Dracul with a knife! And I think all of us Shi'a in the whole world are genuinely interested in the matter of Allah te'ala and the holy family (as) and if they shall accept our love and devotion to them, and the matter of what takfeeris think of our devotion and if they think it is sincere or hypocritical, this matter is, I am glad to inform you (and the rest of the world), as important to us as a "goat's sneeze", as Imam 'Ali (as) said in Shaqshaqiyya... So keep visiting our chats whenever you can, "kick us out" of Islam if it makes you feel better, call us hypocrites, supporters of this and that, villify one side and praise the other (preferably the ones with no mustache and short dishdashas!), honour all of us here with your profound analyses of the situation on all fronts of all wars this Ummah is suffering and bleeding from, whoever you are! We are happy to oblige and give you yet one more reason to abuse us - we shall definitely continue to mention our Imams (as) as often as possible - filthy hypocrites that we are... I admit, I tend to grow over-emotional and sound pathetic when holy names are mentioned, but at least I do not have a God-complex and excommunicate the believers from their faith. Until later, greetings. Amina
  5. Salam em and everyone, Yet the chastity, purity, complete covering, the hours spent in prayer (day and night), devotion to their husbands, virtuous way of life, total abandon of hubb-id-dunya and many, many other attributes of those ladies and their way of life - how compatible is all that (or even a small part of it) to a modern feminist? Having been surrounded by them for decades, working with them closely for years, and after myriads of conversations, explanations and books they gave me to read about feminism, I am not sure some of us (especially brothers) know what serious feminists opinions or goals are of, say, women's rights concerning the free choice (of everything), women's rights concerning freedom (ALL aspects of freedom), their rights concerning education etc. etc. I have read various posts from various brothers in various forums, and many of them tend to get very agitated - and often openly verbally agressive - literally the same moment they read the first letter of a word feminist! And almost always, the same few old opinions, the same few old "facts" about those loose women (please, don't edit it out, it is a serious post and we are all adult persons) who want the freedoms that they do not deserve (or otherwise Allah swt would have given them to these women, but He chose to give them to men, which proves that those women are evil usurpers who disrespect man's God-given, and thus sacred, authority over all women etc.etc. etc.) No one thinks that he might need a little more genuine informations about why these women think how they think, or why they fight for those causes - all what the eyes see are the provokative clothes, make up, free movement and making all desicions freely and by themselves, being too free and too strong than any woman should be - basically, having the equal freedom as a man... As that is impossible to accept (and rather frightening for many, I imagine), therefore it can mean only one thing: all free women are evil sinners, any other information irrelevant. Often badly disguised behind a couple of nasty words. The actual and serious feministic opinions, stances, causes supported by them and political, social and other goals they fight for are largely completely unknown to many of us who came to the West from other cultures, and who, unable to understand or accept what they see around them, and judging it immediately by the social, moral and religious criteria of their old country of origin, nor are they interested in historical facts that led to the development of feminism. Many centuries-old social habits or religious rules, that are hardly ever questioned in their countries of origin, where they are percieved, at worst, as "unfortunate", although they have caused suffering and misery for millions of women throughout the history, and that are percieved as cruel, inhuman and unjust toward women not only by feminists but by the vast majority of the population in the West - are largely tolerated, and often practised, by the Eastern societies today. So the woman who is asking you which Islamic school of thought is best compatible to feminism - if she wants to convert, then give her some reliable Shi'a biographies of all our sacred Ladies of the Ahlul Bayt (as), written by Schia scholars, describing in detail how those Ladies lived. Also, give her some Sunni biographies of the Muslim women in history that they revere, and let the book be written by a serious Sunni scholar. You may add a wahhabi book, but do not substitute Sunni with Wahabi - they are NOT the same. In the Shi'a book(s), she shall see that these women chose the Faith above EVERYTHING else in their lives. They were all in different (mostly dire) circumstances in life, and they all had different roles and diferrent lessons to teach us. But to fight against female suffering (and those who cause it, in feminist view) on one side, and to accept much suffering willingly, while fighting against injustice, with totally new criteria to define it, on the other side - it is choosing between two completely opposite ways of life. One is the life of freedom, of total independance, of being one's own authority, of showing all the beauty you have freely and taking it as most natural thing for any woman in the world to choose freely between being "a nun" or a "wild cougar" - or anything in between. So the question is - can she combine her momentary way of life and causes and principles that she supports of fights for (unbelievable, I know, but even feminists have goals that they call sacred, and many of them are even quite spiritual..) on one side, and the faith that teaches complete submission to the Creator of Mankind (swt), that has a new, sometimes even completely different criteria for good and evil, for dealing with men (and women), that sometimes defines "opression", "human rights" or "obeyance" very differently than they are defined in the West... Can she find the fundamental similarities, or even fundamental sameness, and grasp that FAITH is ultimately LOVE (though it is sometimes almost impossible to spot when you read the news or deal with people nowadays...) Can she combine two VERY different ways of thought, that are both desperately striving for justice, each in it's own way...? If she is serious about her search for The Ultimate Truth, she (and indeed everybody!) should have correct and comprehensive informations to start with, until she is familiar enough with similarities and differences that she can choose her sources for herself. But ultimately, against all differences, all mutual hatred for each other between Muslims and those who are not, all stubborn zealots from both sides who have partout decided that they have no need of additional information and know all that should be known already, it is Allah te'ala who guides and decides. If He wants her in His Light, nothing and no one can prevent it. Kindest regards.
  6. Sorry, everyone, But it REALLY hurts that the artists are always omitted! And they did SO much for our civilisation, as proved beyond doubt by famous Prof. Dan Brown. Many old documents (mostly from times of Annunaki) show that both Aristotle AND Plato regularly and secretly met with Leonardo da Vinci, as well as Albert Durrer, on the Greek isle of Lesbos, and thought them about Shi'a Islam. The same masters of the brush then went back and spread the new teaching throughout the pre-historic Europe, mostly through mysterious drawings, and always in a secret combination of Sanskrit and Aramaic letters, as they were considered to be especially powerful for transmitting of spiritual secrets. So please, post ALL informations correctly in the future. Even if you do NOT like Mona Lisa. It was, after all, not her fault... Kindest regards, Amina
  7. The current ever-worsening economic situation of the "kingdom", as well as decades of pathological and perverse promiscuity (that even the most "free spirited" in the West cannot imagine), living in extreme excess in all aspects of life, literally bathing in gold and having (seemingly) unexaustible source of zillions of riyals, continuously transgressing the laws of Islam; killings, torture and opression of innocents on a large scale for decades, upholding takfeerism as official religion and supporting and funding it wherever possible; supporting and having a close and friendly relationships with the worst enemies of the Muslim people (not gov'ts) although those zillions of petro-riyals could have fed the starving all around the world - all over the western mass media the "royal" family are now percieved as "out of control", "in deep crisis", "unpredictable", "very dangerous for what is left of the stability in the region", "in total panic after finally realising the dangers of the dire economic crisis the "kingdom" is in", "acting in increasingly irrational manner and being a real threat in the region*, etc. etc. And the most probable princely "heir to the throne" is on top of all western lists as unstable, extremely vane and self-centered, power- and throne-hungry, completely recless, completely unexperienced in politics as well as neither capable of comprehending the consequences of his political/military actions nor caring for them at all but only possessed by his wish to be the next king... My heart still bleeds for the loss of our brave shaheed Al Nimr, and him being tortured and murdered by this degenerated gang of pervert megalomaniac traitors of our faith (as well as of basic humanity) - but he chose to be a free man, following the footsteps to Karbala', and it is the only balm for my heart that his brave worrior's soul is now in the highest realm of Paradise - between the arms of Aba 'Abdillah Al Hussayn (as), the place that he earned by shedding his blood and staying firmly loyal to the King of Karbala' (as)... But to say the terrible truth - I have no hope whatsoever that those blood-thirsty Takfiri "royals" are going to change into human beings any time soon, or show any mercy to 'Ali al Nimr, or any other unfortunate soul being held in "royal" dungeons - the Kings of Petrol have finally crossed the last border and entered the Land of Lunacy, and seeing all their wars being lost all around them, they are now reacting in the only possible way - trying to take with them as many lives as possible, while having one foot in the hellfire already... Nor do I think we shall see any real condemnation, or even action, against these wahhabi barbarities from their beloved western bosom friends - they tend to focus on Iran's every step... And therefore miss the mass killings in the Arab peninsula every single time... Or maybe they are just dizzy sitting on the top of Mount Olymp and spreading democracy, happiness, weapons and all good things to the hungry masses of this planet... It must, after all, be very misty very cold and very high, that Olymp - even for modern day Zeus'... But please provide us with every possible link to every petition, and I shall sign it immediately - for no delusional caricature "king" can change the fact that The True King and Creator (swt) shall have the last word - and judgement. And His Justice comes swift and unexpected! Kindest regards.
  8. Salam everyone, some posts here are very interesting, and give us something to think about. Just a small reminder: through some reliable scholarly sources, we are strongly discouraged to write (or say) Imam al Qa'im's (aAfs) first name. Kindest regards!
  9. :bismillah:

    Dear sister,

    I just HAD to say hello to you, because you are one of the rarest people here - your sense of humour is GENUINE!! 

    Your posts are incredibly witty and funny (and ironic/sarcastic) just when they should be, but some other posts are very human (as you stated in your profile about your religion).

    I especially like the "fact" that you smoked your map - I often desperately wish to smoke my whole location, and just take off to one of the parallel universes... (and it is NOT a joke...:angry:)

    When I first read one of your posts, I misread your chat name (or however it is called) and thought it was "apes off my back", and quite some time passed until I realised that I might be one of those interesting apes - the one who should go to Specksavers... 

    I love your sincerity and your way of calling things by their names - just continue with posting and commenting, please!

    Love and hugs, 


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      Apo, you are awesome! Loves and cakes sis.

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      Haha! OMG this is such a pleasant surprise awww. Wow I'm flattered Amina thank you so much for the appreciation. I must say you and CM have given me the ;pick me up' I desperately needed right now. Thank you so much! 

      *hugs hugs and loads more hugs for the two of you*

      PS: Amina I don't have access to PM hence the posts aren't going to remain private. You can email me if you want! It would be lovely to hear from you sis!

  10. Salam, sister Fatima and everyone, I just wanted to say that I love hearing about dreams in which believers meet any of the Holy personalities (as) and it always makes me cry... About your dream, dear sister, well, there are various explanations from various persons, but we all agree on one basic thing - it can only mean something truly good! So don't be bothered by comments of some people, who are, sadly,unable to feel, understand or even accept the many forms of Love our Creator (swt) pours on us every moment of every day. They will deny your dream in harsh words, deny it's goodness, deny it's many possibilities, indeed some deny the very connection between our Loving and Merciful Creator and us! So be happy about your dream, be thankful for it and ask Allah (swt) for explanation if you need it. And may all your ziyarat in Iraq be accepted - how I envy you for such luck, to have seen and entered all those holy places! Karbala' is indeed an "axis of spirituality"... So pray for us, who are still waiting on the opportunity to visit those blessed shrines, and pray that Allah te'ala in His Mercy touches and opens those cold hearts, unable to accept His closeness although He Himself stated clearly that He is closer to ourselves than our jugular vein, and who suffer endlessly in that empty coldness, that is worse than any other suffering - being far away from His Love and Mercy (even if it is only an illusion). By the way, I do wonder how the Misk from that Falcon smells... I sincerely hope that it has the pure scent of Allah's (swt) Love, His Closeness and His Mercy... And maybe just a touch of fragrant tears from Karbala'... Kindest regards, Amina
  11. Salam, A.A.Repentance Your last argument is indeed the most true wake up call for white-skin-lovers, and people with racistic tendencies in general. It just occured to me - all those Middle Eastern "very white" individuals, so proud of their colour among the generally darker population of the Middle East, are in Europe, and the West in general, considered dark and often looked down upon (and often discriminated in many aspects of the daily life) by those "truly white" Caucasians - so it is good-bye to fair-skin-glory... And so every nation finds someone to despise, and there is always someone even whiter than you, and then there is always someone darker than the others - and it may this time even be you! So the wheel keeps turning since the dawn of mankind, and the children of Adam (as) still manage to find something irrational to hate and despise each other for - some ridiculous "reason", even though they know it is completely irrational and primitive... I think the only cure for this ancient malady of the heart is to spread love and acceptance, and to cherish and enjoy this wonderful diversity and all it's forms of beauty. And keep oneself away from "discussing" irrelevant and badly disguised matters of skin colour preferences, especially when our beloved Al Qa'im (aAfs) is concerned. He (aAfs) is coming soon, I hope, so let us be prepared to behold his blessed beauty - the beauty of his courage, of his purity, of his holiness, of his noble ancestry, of the Truth and Light that he brings with him, and of his blessed appearance and his beautiful, shining face - whatever shade of colour it has! He (aAfs) is a true Arab, the successor of his Arab forefathers (as), the son of Allah's (swt) Messenger (sAawa), who was the true and genuine Arab, too. So doesn't that most noble lineage make him worthy to be called "waseem", like his grandfather, the Apostle of Allah (sAawa), whatever his colouring is? Which believer, who had that honour and that divine gift to meet him (aAfs) would (and could) be so vain and lost to even remember such insignificant issue of skin colour?! Sorry everyone, but here the two of some of the most sensitive issues for me collided - the skin-colour-preferrences, that I have known so well throughout my whole life and deeply abhor, and the mentioning of Our Qa'im, may Allah te'ala hasten his reappearance and make us worthy to die as shuhada between his blessed arms. So I just tried to make some matters clear, even if it sometimes hurts, and make us all turn our focus on truly imortant issues. I did not wish to hurt anyone, but sometimes facing the truth as it is is crucial for all of us. (if we can face that truth about ourselves, and not deny it!) I promise that this was the last "sermon" from me. Kindest regards, Amina
  12. Salam Umayyad, thank you for the - I think it was meant as a compliment, it really made me laugh - I am somewhat firm in my belief! May the Allmighty Lord judge me like that, too... Let us pray that we shall all be firm in our (true) belief, when the moment of choice comes... Thank you for being so friendly, Kindest regards, Amina
  13. Salam everyone, I do agree that we should study every aspect of Imam's (aAfs) life, including his lineage, as he is one of the most important parts of our creed, but I have read this thread from the beginning till the end and found it more and more incredible the more I read. The actual question about Narjis Khatoon and the fact that she has most probably been invented, out of pure love for our beloved Imam (aAfs) and the desire to endow him with highest possible lineage (thus the Roman princess and all the miraculous details about her) - the question about her and the first mentioning of an African slave-wife, immediately turned into a polarized discussion - was he black, how very black is black, how many of his grandmothers were black, what regions of Africa have darker and what "nearly white" skin and even the percentage of genetic material that could prove that no, he was DEFINITELY NOT black! This so-called religious discussion produced from the beginning two groups: the ones pointing out that the Imam (aAfs) may well have been very dark/almost black, and the others who, in various degrees, by all means desperately tried to prove that no, he couldn't POSSIBLY have had dark skin - God forbid! There is somebody who more than once insists that he must be white and even counts the maternal and paternal genes! Someone mentioned the racism in the Middle East (which I have encountered innumerable times in Iran, Syria and among Iraqis), and even Sayyed Bilal Al Habashi (as) not being able to find a wife because of the colour of his skin (you are right, it IS heartbreaking!), and almost every third post ends with "but of course, skin colour doesn't really matter..) after numerous arguments by which he/she desperately tries to prove Imam's (aAfs) whiteness. So in spite of all disguising, hiding behind "scholarly" motives or "scientific" proofs, the racism in it's purest form - white is better, more beautiful and even worthier than black - raises it's ugly head... More than 15 centuries after our beloved Messenger (sAawa) told us unmistakeably that our God and Creator (swt) does NOT judge His creation by the colour of their skin, but by their - our - piety! And I can tell openly that for my European blond hair, blue eyes and white complexion I was treated (literally!) like a higher being wherever we went in the Middle East, while my husband, a very dark-skinned Basrawi (south Iraq), was barely tolerated, and considered an unfortunate accessory to his, ah! sooo European wife. A friendly female believer, who I jokingly asked if I would still be considered so handsome if I only had one eye, answered in a dead serious manner: If the remaining eye was as blue as your eyes are now, we would still revere you as the most beautiful among us! After only a couple of days after we left Europe for the Middle East, I started to fear this ridiculous, primitive and completely undeserved admiration for me and disrespect of my husband, who was used to that unfair and unjust treatment from his childhood days... And I kept remembering how, in my home country, my female classmates used to sigh and giggle with fascination and admiration, whenever I took out a photo of my husband... So why then is this thread so long, while some of us barely disguise the fact that they cannot accept a dark-coloured Imam? (a'udhu billah, and sorry, but it is very obvious!) What ON EARTH does it matter if his skin was "sub-saharan" dark, or "Arabic" dark, or very fair(!), or how many percent of his blessed genes were inherited by his father (as), thus "prooving" that however dark the skin of his blessed mother was, he himself MUST be very fair?! Why is it relevant? Who CARES if he is dark, middle or fair? What SCHOLARLY interest does it have? And, as the Imam (aAfs) always knows what is in the hearts of his followers, so he also MUST know about this kind of conversations - do we really want to add obvious racism to our many shortcomings toward him (aAfs) and his rights over us? I am definitely not some moral apostel here on SC, and carry a mountain of flaws and sins on my shoulders, but this topic - the colour of the skin - and not of just somebody's skin but of the man who is our only hope for a better future and the only true love of all our hearts (aAfs) - however we wish him to be the best, the most brave, the most noble and the most handsome even, let's still look sincerely in our hearts and see, if under all those admirable wishes for him (aAfs) there is not that centuries and generations old, not very admirable and very dangerous racistic notion that some are better than the others, just because of their colour... By the way, different nations have different notions of beauty - for me, BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!! Kindest regards to all, Amina
  14. Salam, Umayyad, I guess that, in the end, that eternal, bottomless pit that exists between our two religions (Shi'a Islam and Umayyadism, the way I understand it) shall never let the two of us truly agree with anything that the other says - we both love our religious leaders too much... I would very much like to write something optimistic and reach out a hand of friendship to you, in spite of all the differences of opinion, but I read the word "Umayyadism" and all I see (with my mortal eyes, my mortal heart and my immortal soul) are the sons (as) of our Prophet (sAawa), so truthfull, so poor, so abandoned, so innocent, sitting in Umayyad prisons just because of their noble lineage, their shackled hands raised in prayer, night after night, year after year... Our faiths, it's morals and it's histories, are the fundament of all our opinions and decisions, and I have to admit openly that, even if you and I agreed on all political (and non-political) issues that are plaguing this Ummah these days and years, I would still feel, hidden deep in my heart, that small, eternal, unextinguished flame of sorrow, of anger, of hurt and of injustice for all that was done to those Sons of our Prophet (sAawa). And a part of me would always, untill the end of time, flinch and be shaken when I see that the man talking to me calls himself openly "an Umayyad" and his religion "Umayyadism"... So I am sorry, but this is the boundary of my soul, and I would rather die than abandon it for any worldly reason. Neither do I want to be a munafiqah and lie about what feel and believe. (But I also do not insult, curse or offend anybody.) I guess that this means this is a first post that I have ever written here, that is negative because it is PERSONAL for me. I have never meant it to be offensive to you in any way, though. If you are not angry and still want to chat, could you please explain to me shortly what IS Umayyadism? How can it be a religion? Is it for you a branch of Islam, linked to history of Umayyads, or something else? I ask you because I truly want to understand. Fi amanillah, Amina
  15. Salam everyone, Isn't it a bit strange that US and NATO are fighting "strongly" and "with all their military strength" (which should be considerable) against Daesh savages in Syria FOR YEARS and - NOTHING happens, and the moment Russia enters the conflict and fights the same Daesh but also other jihadis in Syria - and after just FEW MONTHS the situations is COMPLETELY changed! Amidst constant accusations, insinuations, verbal attacks, lies and false "proofs" (many forged maps, airplane footage, diagrams and God knows what else) that NATO and it's servants are feeding us with daily, aimed at proving that Russia and Putin are lying, cheeting, targeting the friendly "moderate opposition"in Syria (what on Earth do those words mean?!) and generally making the situation in Sytia "more dangerous, more chaotic, more volatile", more - everything bad, AND YET that same Russia, amid constant insults and occasional downing of it's war planes and killing of it's pilots in murky circumstances by treacherous lackey snake-state of the region - and yet, Russia manages to turn the tables in a few short months, and achieve what NATO's "gigantic and sincere efforts" have strangely not been able to achieve in YEARS - they made Daesh fanatic hordes and other "friendly and moderate" takfeeri cut-throats FLEE in disarray! I mean, somehow the pictures and words that are pumped into our systems daily via "independent" and "free" media, get COMPLETELY OPPOSITE MEANING if you just switch off the sound and think with your own grey cells, without additional official "explanations" prepared (and pre-chewed) for millions of us poor morons watching the "news" worldwide... Well, the plan of constructing an excuse for waging the war on Russia because of it's "misconduct" in Syria has (almost) failed (in spite of all the shady efforts of loyal Ottomans), so I think now they shall have to revert to the other option - framing Russia for "invasion" of, say, Latvia or Lithuania, or even Belarus (all of whose governments are allready bought and ready to sell their peoples)... Anyway, when all those nice, pleasant, friendly and moderate blokes with loooong, tangled beards finally realize that they have lost their golden khaliphate, I hope they shall show a true and genuine Umayyad mercy to their old protectors and loan-payers... Such a strange world we are living in... Amidst all those good "friends" that we have, who from time to time turn out to be liars and munafiqeen, let's all turn to OUR Creator and those few men (and women), who have NEVER lied to anyone, and say: Labbayk ya Allah, labbayk ya Mohammad, labbayk ya Hussayn, labbayk ya Qa'im aal Mohammad (as)! Kindest regards and salams, Amina
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