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In the Name of God بسم الله


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  1. Assalam Alikum 

    You've registered a long time ago.  Why aren't you a veteran member?

    How did you discover ShiaChat?  Do you still remember?

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    2. Laayla


      Same girl, just married with children.

      Sub7an'Allah, it's good to see you back.

      God bless you.  We are much older now.

      God give you a long healthy life.

      Congratulations on the eve of the birth of Imam Ali 3la salam.

    3. rashidNi


      wow... Allah bless you...im so surprised . I didnt expect to find anyone. i still remember of course... I take it as a good sign.

    4. rashidNi


      truly what a gift

  2. lol erm i really dont get what u mean?... insh. khair wateva u meant ill jst consider it +ve. =)

  3. fine!! :'cry: i never knew!

  4. happy birthday fella!

  5. woman! today is not my birthday lol

    niether am i 101 years old, but thanks alot anyways ttyl miss


  6. hey rashid

    whats up?

    i made a blog


  7. probably cuz so many are convinced that we are crazy muhammad haters that believe only in ali and beat ourselves with knives as a regular habit, *in other words cuz we are stereotyped like crazy*, although i dont mean to be negative, im just saying
  8. you said belizE!!! mannn lucky you, how did that go! tell me tell me, in a pm cuz these comment things limit your great speech to 400 characters, not even whole words, just characters......its crazy!

    salaam waiting to hear from you

  9. iceman aka the badmatahfingha, retreating to the heart is the most headache in the world, something you dont want to bother with, thats probably why i never get you heart = trouble

  10. sky so wait a minute are you saying that girls dont have an easy life :huh:
  11. check out my new poem bru


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