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  1. Hello, Servidor. You were reported for a post in the Thoughts topic. The warning automatically triggered a 12 hour suspension. Hopefully you have your warnings sent to you by email notification. If not, you can ask a Moderator for details. 

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    2. Hameedeh


      Servidor, you were temporarily suspended for 24 hours, not banned. Your language was thus, and I quote you:  And ! S's of b's banned me for a few hours! 

      Mods did not take this to mean Stooges of Batman. You can well imagine what they thought. Your change of avatar on Christmas Day and recent change in demeanor has been unusual and concerning to me. You are not on mod preview, however if you need to take a break, we all wish you well. If you stay at ShiaChat, just be considerate of members and watch what you say in reply to everyone, Mods included.  

      Happy New Year. May God bless.

    3. Servidor


      I see.

      I mean, I know. It was meant to lead them to think along those lines even though that isn't what I meant. I said it was a little risqué. However, ultimately that is how they chose to interpret it—not what I said. I won't play that trick twice. Promise!

      As for my avatar. I half explained this in the thoughts thread itself. The way the picture you upload appears in a circular frame makes it look like it's inside a fish-bowl. She's pulling a face like a fish...

      And, it is a famous actress. Olga Budina. Her head's shaved because she is playing one of the Holy Royal Martyrs in my favourite film, The Romanovs: An Imperial Family (Романовы. Венценосная семья). Toward the end the children had contracted typhus; one's hair falls out when one contracts that and only grows back if you shave it.

      She is pulling that face because that is what Grand Duchess St. Anastasia Nikolayevna, whom she plays brilliantly, did when the family was compelled to have their photograph taken front and profile like criminals while under house arrest.

      In any event, I am unusual. But don't be concerned!

      As for a break. Well, this forum is a break from actual things I have to do. I'll go though.

    4. Hameedeh


      Servidor, I received your reply, however I don't see it here now, so maybe you deleted it. I promise to not worry about you. Merry Christmas, whichever day you celebrate. Take care.

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