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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Privet, Servidor  (allthough we are all sinners, I just cannot call a fellow Slav "Greshnik"...)

    It is obvious that not only many SC members here understand what is going on in the world at the moment, but the Russian people have their eyes open too, which is good... I have to admit that I am really scared for Russia and it's people, as the attacks and provocations are getting more and more aggressive, and simultaneously there is a huge anti-Russia, anti-V.V.Putin smear campaign going on - I can talk about the TV Programs and news that I watch - German, Austrian, UK and American... They are all hell-bent on Russia and it's President, and they have long ago left the mere news misinformation stage, but have months ago started a vicious campaign of slandering, ridiculing and insulting Vladimir Vladimirovich personally... So there is very obviously a secret agenda to destroy Russia's strength, with one of it's strategies being to demonize and disrespect president Putin, and make the western citizens hate and disrespect him - so that any attempt of Russia to defend itself and explain the plot to the world is made unbelievable and not taken seriously...

    So I just felt the urge to send you this mail of support, and let you know that although we belong to different religions and seem divided and enemies - I do not feel like that at all!  I may not be able to change much in this world, but my love and devotion of our ancient Slavic Mother Russia can never be destroyed.. And should even most Russians feel that I am an enemy, due to my religion - well, I choose to love, instead to hate... So may God Allmighty protect you, your beautiful country and all wrongfully accused from the poisons of the great serpent, and may the day come when we can truly be slavic brothers and sisters, and enjoy peace and prosperity. 

    Proschai and God bless, greetings from Switzerland from Amina


    1. Servidor


      O! My. Thank you!

      Yes, it would be strange to call someone else a sinner...We only truly know ourselves and therefore are only responsible for ourselves. And what when acknowledged of myself is perfect and pure honesty, when applied to another becomes judgement and condemnation without any right to it. So I think I understand your misgivings there.

      With the vilification of Vladimir Vladimirovich. I've since accepted this as an unfortunately necessary consequence of the Western way of seeing the world as consisting in heroes and villains rather than legitimate national interests that can just as legitimately conflict with one another.

      Then there is the support during his tenure for the Church and Her moral standards and teachings so contrary to current ideas in the West. Evil is irrational and shows itself to be most so and most plainly when confronted with a firm, thoughtful, constant stance for the good.

      Hatred is an unbelievably ugly thing. It is evil distilled. When people begin to hate something or someone of which or whom they have no personal experience or acquaintance—what can you call it but irrational and evil? Not that the people are. They may be both, Lord God knows their hearts. But I suspect they are more the toys of their passions than the dark geniuses or active serving soldiers of wickedness.

      Don't let this trouble you. I have even noticed a turn lately in some sources. Russia's war against IS, the definite and deliberate action taken, especially when contrasted with the confusing and tepid American actions that went before—have returned Putin to a kind of hard-liner superhero status. A dispenser of superior violence no one wants personally to mete out, but is pleased and grateful when someone with the backbone comes along and does it.

      Do not think that we think you are our enemies. In Russian Federation more than many other places in the world there is a clear understanding of the distinction between Islam and Wahabism or Salafism.

      You know, I heard a story once. See, when Russia was an Empire and we had a Tsar there was a law, from the legal code of 1906, and I quote:

      Freedom of religion is granted not only to Christians of foreign sects, but also to Jews, Muslims and heathens; so that all peoples residing in Russia may glorify Almighty God in various tongues according to laws and confessions of their ancestors, blessing the reign of Russian Monarchs and beseeching the Creator of the universe to increase the nation’s well-being and to strengthen the might of the Empire.

      Muslims lived in Russian territory for centuries and vowed allegiance to the Tsar and fought for the Fatherland if not for the Faith.

      When the British, I believe, caught some Muslims from the Russian side they noticed that when they prayed, they prayed for the Tsar. One of them told them "You're a prisoner of war now. You don't have to pray for the Tsar. He can't punish you." They replied that they didn't pray for him because he would punish them if they didn't—and kept praying for him.

      May the Lord God protect you and Switzerland and all of us from each other!

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