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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I see. However, why couldn't the universe at bottom be identical with what it means “to be?” It seems to me that that's what everybody who holds it ‘just is’ intends by the claim. If your only disproof is that the universe could conceivably have not existed, God too could conceivably not exist. There are people who are very confident there exists no such thing or being. An atheist's response to your refutation is as simple as shuffling the word ‘essence’ round. Label the universe's essence as ‘to exist’ and it equally well no longer requires a first cause. The very notion o
  2. Saw this and thought of this thread.
  3. What if freedom from pain was happiness? And so the two poll options were one and the same? Aristippus and Epicurus thought so.
  4. I have always found this objection a bit embarassing whenever I hear it being brought up. It's interesting that a preeminently mathematical mind of the kind Russell possessed, didn't see the problem here. The primary problem is precisely the fact that the universe, crudely put, is a collection of causes. A collection of causes cannot consistently account for themselves taken together as a whole. No collection of causes is exhaustively explicable in terms of its parts. If I can explain every domino's being knocked down in terms of another domino, I don't explain how the dominoes start
  5. Wonder! Aristotle and Socrates for the win. The other two, without suggesting they have no merits in other respects and contexts, don't seem to me capable of doing the work here. Skepticism as an attitude or tendency has a 'can't-do' touch to it. It is broadly negative. Good at breaking, but not for building. Skeptics are in their element telling or showing you what isn't the case or what you don't know. Fear of the Lord, I don't see has anything to do with knowing as such. I can't see somebody seriously saying they know anything, outside of a strict religious framework, because
  6. Welcome back.  Where have you been?  Long time we haven't heard from you.

    Update us in your latest journey in your life.  

  7. So cute! And now I own a company and my boss works for me.
  8. If you're ever beginning to take yourself slightly too seriously, reread something you wrote on a discussion forum four years ago.
  9. Salaam alaikum and Здравствуйте.

  10. Salam Brother, I just wanted you to know your refuting of Anti-Quran Science is why I have regained faith in the Quran thanks alot.

  11. Just so everyone knows, today is national cat day in the Russian Federation— Yes. In Russia there is a cat day on a par with mother's day, father's day, book day, museum day and so on.
  12. People in the West are apparently afraid that Russian hackers are after them. This cartoon is, probably unintentionally, doubly funny because a lot of the best upload hosts as well as the best anti-virus system (Kaspersky) are indeed Russian.
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