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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thanks for your replies.. And @hameedeh that is really helpful. We still haven't completely committed as we are wary, but that just might sway us! Inshallah khair
  2. Thanks for your feedback - will take it all on board. Leaning more towards yes, but inshallah khair
  3. For now would like peoples experiences and thoughts, but thanks, if we really are at crossroads we might do that.
  4. Salam all, I have a question about travel to the US.. We're planning a trip to Hawaii in September. We were so excited and really looking forward to it , but recent politics has me feeling a little anxious. Does anyone know if this is a good idea in terms of vibe / sentiment etc towards Muslims there, even as travellers/tourists. I've also just realised that we'll be there Sept 11. Trust in Allah (swt) and go for it.. or bad idea? Thanks in advance
  5. I'm glad you clarified .. because it seems that from the way many communicate around here, that they couldn't care less.
  6. Brother, I hear what you are saying. But there is a time and a place, and also a person who can and should be the person "who commands the good and forbid evil". I'm not saying it shouldn't even happen - there need to be conditions. We need to be extremely mindful of the effects of what is being said on the person they are being said to.. Even if something does "annoy" or aggravate you.. and you know, you're probably entitled to those feelings, but a harsh word, can often do more damage than good. Inshallah khair. Allah yehdeena ajma3een (may Allah (swt) guide us all).
  7. Some lovely suggestions - others I love: Girl: Tahra or Tahira ("pure") Boy: Tajeddine or Taj (Taj means "crown")
  8. Brother @E.L King , the link you stated and it's quote is very clear. it doesn't make sense that the Sayyed [ha] would be purely saying it with respect to mustahab and makruh. It would include the things that are wajib/halal. In any case.... Is not wearing 'proper hijab' something that is 'haram' or is it makruh? Wearing the hijab is wajib. However, from my understanding, how one wears it varies on the spectrum with one end being what is most mustahab... to the other end of the spectrum being "most makruh". I doubt it would be a "haram" thing if some very respected shyookh and sayyid's are responding to the question "should the girls take off the hijab if they aren't wearing eg abaya?", with "NO they should remain in hijab". I doubt the ulema would be agreeing to actions that are "haram". Not the best decision these girls are making, yes. Very makruh? yes... is it HARAM? There maybe extreme examples where how they wear it might be, but for the most part, and with most people, I don't think I could say that.. who judges that? That is for Allah (swt). You have completely missed a few of my points. Who is it, that is to use these "sometimes harsher ways"? You? Another random on the street? Would you be happy for a man who was not a mahram to your daughter/mother/sister to become abusive whether it be verbally or physically with her? Is it their place? Absolutely not.
  9. I guess you haven't read it either, directly from the link, and really a big part of the point I've been attempting to make: Furthermore, when a person enjoins good and forbids evil, the status and personality of the wrongdoer must be taken into account so that he is not troubled and disrespected. In addition, one must not be so severe and harsh that the wrongdoer becomes averse to the religion and religious activities.
  10. Islamically, nasiha is done privately, not publicly. And who is best to speak to a sister "privately"? Certainly not a random guy off the street. Only a mahram would be appropriate to give such nasiha in this context, such as parents, siblngs. Again. It's nasiha.. not a verbal/physical/emotional beating.
  11. Brother, your comment re "if you're not in proper hijab don't bother" is actually counter-productive than actually helpful when it comes to advising or giving nasiha to the girls in question. Planting that seed of removal of hijab is what you are doing by making those comments. Hijab on is better than hijab off. Sure there is the BIG element of modesty, but there is also the part where it is the symbol and flag as a muslimah. The hijab has more than a few roles to play, and just because someone isn't "properly" (your words) fulfilling one part, doesn't mean, as the saying goes, that you 'throw the baby out with the bath water" so to speak.
  12. Ok, I fear I have upset you. Not my intention. The way you present to me, is one that is an idealistic view. That is not an insult at all. You are saying that you are not an idealist.. Okay, I will take your word for it. Re answering those other questions, inshallah if I have time I will get to a response.. inshallah others may have their ideas too and am sure will have good suggestions.
  13. Phew! lol, sorry.. I thought you were, but a small part of me thought there's a chance this fellow is being serious.
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