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  1. The Path of Salvation He releases them from their heavy burdens and from the yokes that are upon them. (Quran, 7:157) An important action of the prophets was to release the yokes from the necks of humanity. These yokes were put on humanity because of its ignorance and carnal desires. They enslave man and lower his station making it easy for the arrogant, tyrannical powers to put yokes on humanity. The Prophets are ordered free humanity of both of these forms of yokes; to free man of the satan inside and the tyrant outside. Today, the oppressed people of the world are under the yokes of the arrogant powers. The arrogant powers have enslaved the world with deception and threats. Humanity is suffering from these yokes more so than it suffered under the yokes of Pharaoh, Genghis, and other tyrants of the past. Today, the arrogant powers are putting heavy loads on the shoulders of the people of the world and oppress everyone. Putting materialism first, spreading corruption, prostitution, poverty, racism, and violence, destroying the family, causing injustice, and other unethical traits of the arrogant power's politicians have put the spiritual modesty of the world in danger; placing it on the brink of extinction. These are the yokes of slavery that the 'modern, civilized' world has placed on humanity. There has not been any other age where corruption, darkness, injustice, and prostitution have been so rampant. All of these ethical problems are the results of the expansionist policies and the unethical economic, cultural, and political policies of the materialists. The cure of all of these ailments is in Islam. The mercy found in Islamic teachings is the key to saving humanity. If the social, political, and spiritual teachings of Islam are explained in a modern way it would attract humanity (the humanity that is thirsty for justice and spiritualism). The oppressed people of the world are fed up with the modern western world, with barbarism, with bloodshed, with injustice, with corruption, with prostitution, and with being deceived by money without spiritualism. The reason that the modern day man is after spiritualism and justice is the same principle as the coming of Islam. This is why Islam has found so many supporters from all over the world. Even non-Muslims have accepted the spiritual call of Islam for justice. The spirituality and justice of Islam will fill the gaps of society and this is why the capitalists of the world are in terror. The people who have become blinded will open their eyes when they see the miraculous message of the Quran and of Islam. People’s welcoming of Islam’s spiritual and just message has infuriated the arrogant powers of the world who have tried to combat this wave by spreading lies about Islam and Muslims. They have understood that Islam will take over strategic places of the world and will take over the hearts of the oppressed and impoverished. The centers of corruption have felt the danger. By: Salman Muhammadi Translated by: Abu Abdullah al-Nakhli www.insight-info.com
  2. The Ashura Movement and Islamic Unity The Ashura movement was even able to create change in Saudi Arabia. During the same time period as the anniversary of Ashura the Saudi Arabia newspaper Al-Watan wrote an article entitled: Sunnis are not of the Ummayah Tribe. This article explained the need for Sunnis to disassociate themselves with the Ummayah Tribe. The Author of this article wrote: "We do not support Yazid; rather we hold Hussayn bin Ali, the Prophet's grandson, highly." He added: "There is no doubt that the relationship between the Sunnis and the Shias has become better due to the efforts of educated members of both sects in creating productive dialogue between the members of each sect." Shias and Sunnis are both Muslim, they both pray in one direction, they both love the ka'bah. The enormity of this religion has gathered them together, but the enemies have done their best to create division – this can be seen best in Iraq especially in regards to the story of Ashura and how Muslims are supposed to mourn. If one looks into history they will see that Sunni scholars used to relate the story in the same way that Shia scholars relate it today. The Author of this article adds: "Yazid's oppressive army is not a role model for Sunnis because we consider Hussayn to be closer to us and better than a person who ruled for only three years and who killed Hussayn (ra)." The second year he was in power Yazid attacked the ka'bah and in the third year he attacked the people of Medina. The author said that some Sunnis believe that Shias consider Hussayn an emblem of revolution against the Ummayah Tribe. The problem with this is that Sunnis do not understand that Shia know that today's Sunnis are not the Ummayah Tribe. But, Sunni's must realize that Shias do not mean modern day Sunnis when they talk about the event of Ashura. Source: Jomhouri Islami Newspaper Translated by: Abu Abdullah al-Nakhli www.insight-info.com
  3. Ideological War from Yazid to Bush By: Hassam al-Din Burumand Source: Kayhan Newspaper Translated by: Abu Abdullah al-Nakhli The first scene: With the advent of Islam in the Arabic Peninsula which had the following teachings: unity, servitude to Allah, and opposed materialism, racism, and ignorance some people who felt that their social positions were in danger began to stand up to Islam. Although they apparently accepted Islam, in reality they did not have any inclination towards Islam in the least. As Ammar Yasir, one of the great companions of the prophet (s) said: "They appeared as Muslims but they did not accept Islam." These people, who were mainly from the Ummayah tribe, eventually strengthened the Ummawi political party in order to create an ideological war with the Islam that Muhammad (s) brought. They wanted to erase the prophetic Islam from history and they tried their best to make people forget the name of Prophet Muhammad (s). A little patience with Islamic history will support the internal hatred that the Ummayah tribe had for Islam. Ibn 'Abbas narrates that one day he was in a place when Abu Sufyan during the time of his life when he was blind (the head of the Ummayah tribe) passed by. At that moment the adhan was recited and when the caller reached the sentence: "Ashahdu anna Muhammadan Rasulallah," Abu Sufyan, who thought he was only in the presence of members of the Ummayah tribe, said: "You see where this Hashimi (the Prophet) put his name and how it is recited!" This enmity and hatred of pure Islam continued until after the Prophet's death they changed his last demands to suit their own personal gains. In the end, they reached power and they had a person by the name of Yazid, who drank wine and played with dogs, sit on the throne of Islam (in that day). It is here that Hussein defending the Muhammadi and Alawi Islam stood up to face the Yazidi and Ummawi versions of Islam. He took this fight all the way to Ashura so that Islam and the name of Muhammad would not be slaughtered and to create a banner for those on the path of guidance to last all the way until the Day of Judgment. After the tragedy of Ashura, when the head of Imam Hussayn (a) was brought to Yazid, he recited two lines of poetry thinking that he has conquered Islam: "That Hashimite played with power – there was no revelation and no news." But, Zaynab's (a) words in Yazid's court showed the depths of this ideological war between people after the world and people after Allah. She said: "Yazid, I swear by Allah that you will not be able to destroy the memory of the Prophet's family and you will not be able to take away the Quran and revelation." Ashura, Hussayn's (a) movement, brought Islam to life again. It has been said that Islam was created by Muhammad and sustained by Hussayn. It has been narrated that one of the members of the Ummayah tribe (Ibrahim bin Talhah bin Ubayd Allah) toyed with Imam Sajjad (a) in Medina after Ashura by asking him: "Who won?" Imam responded: "When the time for prayer comes recite the adhan and iqamah. When you do this you will realize who won." Muhammad's name and pure Islam remained and their names are still heard in the adhan today after many centuries. The second scene: Today, although there is not mention of Yazid or Mu'awiyah, but as the war between good and evil exists throughout history the line of Yazid is still being traversed. There is an ideological war between the people after the world and the people after Allah. This war is now on a greater scale than before. Islam's ideological war is now being fought against materialists in the form of deceptive philosophy. It is fighting an ideology that gives nothing but sorrow and tribulations to mankind – an ideology that creates world wars under the banner of peace which results in the deaths of millions of innocent people, an ideology that commits the most horrendous crimes under the banner of freedom which results in the usurpation of countries. George Bush, the Yazid of the time, in his last trip to the Middle East spoke about the ideological war between Islam and the west to American troops in Kuwait. Bush claimed that this war was between freedom and violence and that America is on the side of freedom. Then, immediately after his trip the horrendous situation in Gaza presented itself. Till today tens of innocent people are being killed in occupied Palestine. The people in Gaza are now being barred from food supplies, electricity, water, gas, etc. This barbaric blockade is from the Zionists who are financially supported by the White House and in the words of Bush it is not violent. The events of today's world show the results of this ideological war between Islam and the west. Identity crises, family problems, sexual disease, the world's displeasure with Bush are issues that America is faced with today. Also, people all over the world from Africa to the heart of America are ready to accept Islam. An American newspaper said: "Soon you will wake up to the sound of the adhan." Imam Khomeini said: "Soon Islam will conquer the important places of the world and the world will hear the sound of the adhan." www.insight-info.com
  4. Elaborating deep aspects of the Ghadir feast, the Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei described the great lesson from the Ghadir event for the Iranian nation as endeavor and steady motion for establishment of the Islamic society and added that following Imam Ali (as), the Islamic world should avoid disunity and strengthen Islamic unity and harmony. In a speech to an audience of people, the IR Leader congratulated all Muslims and believers specially the Iranian Alavi (who follow Imam Ali (as)) on the occasion of the great Ghadir Feast and said that determining of Imamat (teachings of the Twelve Imams) as the main approach of the Islamic government is the ideological aspect of Ghadir. "Appointment of Imam by the Noblest Messenger of Allah and in fact by the Exalted Allah showed that from the standpoint view of Islam the governemnt has the meaning of Imamat and it does not limit to management of the ordinary life." Ayatollah Khamenei described the meaning of the Imamt as administrating this and the next world of the nations and perfection of the humans' spirits and added that 'this deep and basic approach distinguishes reign in the Islam from other governments and Shia on the basis of this bright logic could prove its righteousness during the history.' "Paying attention to Imam Ali's (as) unique characteristics is another aspect of the Ghadir event," the IR Leader said adding that "In the Ghadir event a person should have appointed to the Imamat who is the origin of all virtues and the divine evaluations showed that Imam Ali (as) had these great virtues." "We should follow the model of Imam Ali's (as) government and try steadily to establish a really Alavi society." "Justice, piety, monotheism, kindness to all people and humans, standing against deviation for the divine path were the characteristics of Imam Ali's (as) government," the IR Leader said. Ayatollah Khamenei added that 'maintaning unity and harmony among Muslims is another lesson from Ghadir event.' "Imam Ali (as) was appointed by the Noblest Messenger of Allah but when he saw that Islam was in danger he quit his right for the sake of Islam and Muslims' unity. He even cooperated with someone who had not any right for governing the Islamic society." He added that "the Iranian nation enjoys the strongest logic, the logic of Imamt and Velayat and does not seek to prove itself through denying others. By following Imam Ali (as), the Iranian nation is the flag-bearer of the Islamic unity and harmony. Pointing to the necessity of vigilance against the enemies' complicated moves against the Islamic Ummah, the IR Leader said that the great lesson of Ghadir fighting difference and discord and for implementing it, the Islamic sects should avoid insulting each other's beliefs and foil the Imperialism's plot for sowing discord among Shia and Sunni." Pointing to the upcoming Majlis elections, he said,"what important is that the nation would consider the elections as devine test and a field for showing efficiency because neglecting the enemy in this regard may bring some losses. www.insight-info.com
  5. Muslim-Markt (a German website) interviews Kai Ibrahim Kruse - Muslim in the German Bundeswehr Translated by: Mahdi Mohajjer 13th December 2005 Kai Kruse was born 1962 in Brake (Unterweser). After his school education he did a training as a painter. During that time he converted to Islam, and accepted the extention “Ibrahim” to his name. After completing his training he voluntarily joined the German Military (Bundeswehr). Kai Ibrahim Kruse Even before his military services, Kruse joined the Verband der Deutschen Bundeswehr e.V. During his time in the reservists group he joined several schoolings and trainings. For example a training for a radio operator and combat services. Later he joined a training for a low-rank officer and even is a low-rank officer today. Mr Kruse is married, has three children, lives in Brake and works for the security service. MM: Dear Mr Kruse, before we start this topic, would you give us a short comprehensive introduction to your motives to accept Islam? Kruse: I have always tried to find the way to God. I spent so much time with religions: Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. In Islam I found the answers to my questions, and in Islam I found the Light of God. Due to the fact that I was Christian on paper and that Christianity did not give me satisfactory answers and Islam made me happy, I became a Muslim when I was 21. Back then, there were mostly Turkish Muslims in our area, who warmly welcomed me to their community. Since then I have tried to develop Islam inside of me. MM: Shortly after you became a Muslim, you joined the German Forces. Did you experience any problems? Kruse: My employers and friends, did not know a lot about Islam back then (1984), and they could hardly imagine anything. When I moved into the barracks, I immediately met my boss and stated that I was a German Muslim and that I needed to adapt certain rules in Islam, even during my working hours. For example the ritual prayer and no meat. The Colonel was amazed and as I was later told I had been the first German Muslim who worked in a tank bataillon. The first week was really tough for me as a Muslim. But when my friends and employers saw that I really practised my faith, they did not create any problems and accepted me fully. Shortly after that the Colonel told me that I would be receiving a special meal from the cafeteria. In the main training I met good people and did not have any problems. MM: How about your ritual prayers? Kruse: During my military exercises on the field, the commander of the batallions visited us. While visiting he saw that I was just doing my prayers. After I finished praying, he wanted to talk to me. I told him that I am a German Muslim and I had just made my prayers. After that he pulled me on the side and asked many question, because he did not know that there were German Muslims. I answered his questions and he understood everything and asked me to shift the prayers into my free time. I answered that it is totally unacceptable for me to do that and that I have not only sworn by the German flag that I would serve but also I had sworn to God. After little bit of a back and forth he gave me the permission that I could also pray during the training and should not be disturbed. MM: How was it after the basic training, and weren’t there the typical problems with alcohol and the other soldiers? Kruse: After my basic training, I came to a missile batallion. In that unit we were a security group. And in that group it was explicitly forbidden to drink alcohol, so that it was good for me as a German Muslim- thank God. The people in service where mostly the same as in the basic training. So they mostly knew me. I immediately told my new superiors that I was a German Muslim. And even in the new unit I did not have any problems as a German Muslim. MM: And what about group showering for example? Kruse: Due to the fact that my mates more and more learned about Islam from me, they knew that a Muslim is not supposed to shower naked in a group. Therefore I was always the last one who showered, after everyone had left the shower. And everyone accepted that without any problems. Even in the new unit I received a special meal. Shortly before the end of my military service I was able to give them positive information about Islam, which they openly received. MM: How was your connection to the Forces after your service? Kruse:After my service I was still active in the reservist group. I joined several schoolings and tests. During that time I was having many conversations with reservists about Islam. Some of them were able to see Islam with completely different eyes. MM: In your days Germany was being protected around its borders. Today we are talking about defending Germany in Afghanistan. Would you also be willing to serve there? Kruse: That is not easy to answer. On one hand I would surely like to support my brothers in Islam from Afghanistan in rebuilding their country, without weapons. On the other hand militarily speaking I am frank: NO because we Germans with weapons have nothing to do there. MM: Your experiences are based on the fact that you are German yourself. Do you think that a non-German inhabitant would have the same positive experiences in the Forces? Kruse: I cannot answer that easily either. It pretty much depends on the unit, the commanders and the mates. But I surely recommend German Muslims who join the Forces, to clearly show themselves as Muslims, to prevent problems. MM: The final question: You yourself have 2 sons. Do you want both of them to join the Forces? Kruse: Should the Forces still be there by then- my oldest son is now 13- then I would be in favor of that. MM: Mr Kruse, we are thankful for the interview. source: www.insight-info.com German source: http://www.muslim-markt.de/interview/2005/kruse.htm
  6. A Report from the Center Palestinian Polling Station Source: Kayhan Newspaper Translated by: Abu Abdullah al-Nakhli The Center Palestinian Polling station issued a moving report calling the terrible occupation of Palestine in 1948 a historical point in Palestinian history. The occupation caused the involuntary removal of Palestinian citizens from their home land, the taking of their property and putting millions of Palestinians into refugee status. Looking into these polls will show the depths of the Zionist’s crimes and the oppression of the Palestinian nation. 750 thousand Palestinians fled Palestine when it was occupied and 350 thousand of them were added to this number during the 1967 war. Today, 5 million Palestinians live all over the world – 2.8 million of them are in Jordan, 1.6 million of them are in other Arab countries, and the rest of them are spread out in other parts of the world. Half of this population is considered refugees who live in refugee camps. This can be considered true of the Palestinians living in Palestine as well. 4.5 million of these refugees live in 59 refugee camps: Jordan and Syria have 10 camps, Lebanon 12, The West Bank 19, Gaza 8. According to this report only 154 thousand people who witnessed the occupation remained in Palestine. This number has increased to 1.15 million today – 46 percent of them being under the age of 15 which shows that the Palestinian population is relatively young. 94 percent of Palestinians over the age of 15 living in the occupied areas are literate. 98 percent of children under the age of 17 attended school – 77 percent of elders attended school. But, 25 percent of the Palestinians living in the neighboring countries’ camps are illiterate. The population of Palestinians living in the occupied territories is 4 million: 2.5 million in the West Bank and 1.5 million in Gaza. The population of Jerusalem is 416 thousand people – 258 thousand being Israeli and 158 thousand of them being Palestinian. According to predictions in the year 2010 the numbers of Palestinians and Israelis will be equal in Jerusalem. Palestinians have one of the highest growth rates at around 4.6 percent in the West Bank and 5.4 percent in Gaza. www.insight-info.com
  7. A Challenge to pro-Western Arab Regimes July 20th, 2007 Today’s perceptive guest editorial once again comes from friends at CEPRID. Hamas: A Challenge to pro-Western Arab Regimes by Alberto Cruz Rivers of ink have flowed on the control of Gaza by Hamas and with them analysis to suit every taste, depending on each one’s ideological viewpoint : from those who see the beginnings of an Islamic Caliphate to those who think, with much greater probability, that the Abbas government is the beginning of a Vichy Republic as in France under the Nazi occupation. However, few have noted what represents a challenge to pro-Western Arab regimes. As with an earthquake, right now the epicentre is in Gaza, but the copycat effects won’t be long turning up in other parts of the Arab world and particularly in Egypt and Jordan. It is in that light one should interpret the decision taken on July 8th by the forever inoperative and ineffective Arab League to send two representatives to Tel Aviv, precisely from these two countries, who maintain diplomatic relations with Israel, in order to “work on the peace process” with the Palestinians in the framework of the 2002 plan. During last summer’s war in Lebanon and proportionately as it showed up the incapacity of the Israeli army to defeat Hizbollah faced with the resistance of that Lebanese political-military movement’s fighters, the Arab street saw massive demonstrations where Islamists joined up without inhibitions with Marxists and where the posters of Hassan Nasrallah shared pride of place with those of Che Guevara. In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood marched in unison with Kefaya; in Jordan, the Islamic Action Front rubbed shoulders with the Workers Communist Party. Similar demonstrations took place across the Arab world with a single slogan: “no peace without justice”. And with one aspiration : the withdrawal of Israel from Palestinian lands occupied since 1967. Attempts by pro-Western Arab regimes to curry favour with their peoples by dusting off resolutions like that of 2002, recognising the State of Israel in exchange for withdrawal from the Occupied Territories, have now been left behind, likewise suggestions for a new international conference like the one in Madrid in 1991, after the first war against Iraq following the invasion of Kuwait, in which an attempt to solve all the problems of the Middle East might be tried one more time. Also left behind are the timid efforts made by these governments for the UN to work on this theme “given the level of resentment and anger against Israel and the US (in the Arab street)” arguing that if an agreement were not reached, “the alternative is chaos” (1). The chaos referred to by the representatives of these regimes is not the same forseen by Condoleezza Rice when she speaks of “creative destruction” in the Middle East, of which the imperialists have dreamt since the neocolonial invasion of Iraq in 2003. Rather, it is the chaos referred to by Mao Zedong when he said ” the more chaos spreads, the closer the solution becomes”. A solution that peoples are taking into their own hands. That is becoming clear in Lebanon and in Palestine without looking further afield. In Iraq as well, with all its nuances, when one tries to address the situation there, which is not by any means as homogenous as people try to make one think. In the Occupied Territories, Israel’s nazi-style occupation has convinced the Palestinians they have no other option except resistance since all the concessions they have made to the Israelis since Oslo have come to nothing. When the mis-named international community, in other words, the US and its European acolytes along with a pathetic UN and an inactive Russia (the members of the Quartet), imposed a siege on the Palestinian people so as to overthrow the legitimate government of Hamas after it had won democratic elections, that ended the myth of any possibility of a better future for its people by accepting democratic rules of the game and above all, it ended any hope of a future independent State. Any hope of an independent State not subject to imperialist designs. Any hope of an independent, clearly viable State, because currently the settlements continue to grow and Palestinians are more and more confined in bantustan type reserves and can barely move around in, never mind control, 55% of the West Bank. Does anyone remember now that three years have elapsed since the International Court of Justice in the Hague , the UN’s judicial body, issued a judgement declaring Israel’s construction of a wall on Palestinian land illegal, ordering the Isareli government to immediately stop the construction , demanding the demolition of the parts already built, restitution of properties confiscated from Palestinians and appropriate compensation for those affected? No. Everyone ignored the verdict. Israel above all, but also the pathetic European Union, which has not had an autonomus foreign policy since the war against Yugoslavia in 1999, only offering hypocritical submission to the imperialist designs of US imperialism. Nobody has stopped Israel in its historic rejection of UN resolutions (194, 242, 338…), while everyone makes every demand of the Palestinians. Nobody stopped Israel from destroying, killing and laying siege to a people during the offensive against Gaza to try and free the soldier Shalit. But, was that really Israel’s objective or just a new excuse for collective punishment against the Palestinians, breaking, as usual, each and every norm of international law? Nobody stopped Palestinian President Abbas while he prevaricated on implementing the government of national unity agreed between Hamas and Fatah in Mecca, under Saudi patronage, officially an agreement but in practice a coup instigatedby foreigners (in this case, the Saudis), forcing the winner of the elections to share power with the loser. Only one organization is applying the brakes now, in a hurry: the Arab League. But not to Israel, to the Palestinians. To Hamas. On June 16th during an urgent meeting of its Foreign Ministers, it said it was not going to get involved and would not favour either of the parties concerned, Hamas or Fatah. Now it is clearly doing so in favour of Fatah . The reactionary Arab regimes cannot let Hamas win. Mubarak’s regime thinks that the permanent refusal of Hamas to recognise the State of Israel calls into question its own legitimacy as a leader of the Arab world and one must remember the close links between Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, who control almost a fifth of the Egyptian parliament, despite being declared illegal, against whom repression is increasing, with dozens of its leaders and hundreds of its militants imprisoned. Egypt cannot accept a Hamas government on its border with the influence that might imply for the Muslim Brotherhood. That has been Israel’s great victory. We are going to see in the days ahead the reappearance on the table of the “Jordanian option” on the West Bank to give Abbas some stability and to revive the old agreement adopted by the Palestinian National Council in 1983 for a Jordan-Palestine confederation, on condition that the members of that confederation be independent States. Without ignoring the possibility that the Arab League may propose the placing of its own troops (that is to say from Egypt and Jordan) under command of the UN in Gaza. It was Abbas who made the proposal in his meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, on June 29th. A move that recalls very much what Karzai did in Afghanistan, Maliki in Iraq or Siniora in Lebanon. Hamas obviously rejects both prospects. It will treat any troops as a force of occupation, with all that implies. Once more, other people doing Israel’s dirty work. As in Lebanon. Hamas has the huge challenge ahead of feeding a million and a half people in Gaza. But the reactionary Arab regimes have ahead of them, the challenge of their own peoples who are not going to stand impassively by watching the degradation of Gaza and the famine of its inhabitants. For the moment a poll by the Palestine Information Centre on July 3rd shows clearly that if there were elections in the Territories, as Abbas has said he is prepared to carry out, 51.47% of the population would vote for Ismail Haneya and 38% for Abbas. What has happened in Gaza is directly attributable to the pro-Western Arab regimes who have on their debit side a huge credibility gap with their peoples and downright failure every time they promote or revive any peace agreement, like the timid 2002 plan they felt obliged to get down from the attic after Hizbollah’s victory in the war last summer (2). And what happened in Gaza has a lot to do with the overall situation in the Middle East. Precisely now with the first anniversary of Israel’s Last war in lebanon, the UN Security Council is going to discuss a report from the Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon which accepts as valid Israeli claims on the supply of arms from Syria to Hizbollah. The despatch of “international experts” to “supervise” Lebanon’s border with Syria is getting ever closer. International tutelage neo-colonial style in Lebanon. As in Afghanistan, Iraq and in the Palestine of Abbas. http://fanonite.org/2007/07/20/a-challenge...rn-arab-regimes
  8. U.S. Islamic charities feel post 9/11 heat By Ed Stoddard Reuters Friday, July 20, 2007; 12:25 PM DALLAS (Reuters) - Islamic charities in the United States complain they are being unfairly scrutinized and persecuted as part of a broader backlash against Muslims since the September 11 attacks. The issue has come under renewed focus as a major trial gets under way in Dallas in which the U.S. Department of Justice is trying to prove the Holy Land Foundation charity illegally sent money to the militant Palestinian group Hamas. "We feel our faith and charity which are very important to us are under attack in this trial," said Khalil Meek, spokesman for Hungry for Justice, a coalition of civil rights groups offering support to the defendants in the trial -- the charity and seven men linked to it. U.S. law enforcement officials maintain some Islamic charities have been used as fronts to channel cash to groups Washington has deemed terrorist. Holy Land was one of the largest Islamic charity groups in the United States and one of six in the country that have been shut in recent years, according to OMB Watch, a government transparency watchdog. Estimates vary but there are thought to be about a dozen still operating in the United States. Islamic activists say charities that donate to Palestinian causes have been singled out. "Any charity that decides to provide aid to Palestine is either shut down or intensely scrutinized," said Meek, who is also president of the Muslim Legal Fund of America. Other Islamic charities also find it tough. "It is very difficult right now for American Muslim charities to operate and at the same time American Muslims themselves are finding it difficult to donate to these charities," said Nidal Ibrahim, executive director of the Arab American Institute. He said the institute has asked the Bush administration to issue a "seal of approval" for those charities that have been examined closely and found to be operating lawfully. "At the end of the day, American Muslims give to these charities out of a sense of goodwill and to fulfill a religious obligation," Ibrahim said. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...7072001092.html
  9. The Gap Between Legality and Morality July 18th, 2007 In a country where courtrooms are adorned with portraits of the two moral giants who forced China to open its markets to the legal export of British opium (produced in Bengal), the following passes for a Legal system: Four years since the illegal (and immoral) war on Iraq was launched, finally someone is being held to account for the fiasco that has resulted in the deaths of nearly a million Iraqis — the man who vigorously opposed the war! There is a scene in the Errol Morris film Fog of War where Robert MacNamara is asked why he ordered the use of Agent Orange when he knew of its disastrous after effects. He replies, ‘but no one told me it was illega’. Not for a moment does it occur to him that what he did might have been immoral. The history of British, American, and now Israel, colonial conquest is replete with instances where deeply immoral acts were given a veneer of legitimacy through judicious use of legalisms. The theft of Cherokee land in North America, and the theft of Palestinian land in the Middle East (through the quasi-governmental JNF) are two cases in point. In present day Britain, whenever there are deviations from the orthodoxy, the establishment finds perfectly legalistic ways to exact revenge. They get one of the transvestites (generally referred to as ‘judges’) to come and dump on the malcontent and consecrate an act of crude retribution. So, for example, when the war started going bad, the Blair junta wheeled out Hutton to dump on the BBC, even though its coverage had been overwhelmingly pro-war. But for Blairites, even one deviation was one too many. The aim was to intimidate — and it succeeded. So now we have the antiwar George Galloway being suspended from parliament on trumped up charges by an establishment that eagerly dragged the country into a disastrous war, and contributed to the deaths of nearly a million Iraqis. I have no doubt their action is perfectly legal; I also have no doubt it is immoral. But more interestingly, the same Charities Commission that is investigating Galloway, at the same time has given tax-deductible charitable status to an organization, the JNF, that has been described as Israel’s ‘main agency of ethnic cleansing’. (Incidentally this happened the same day when it was revealed that Labour peers had been accepting cash for access to lobbyists. Appropriate, no doubt, as most of these peers had paid for their titles in cash in the first place.) Here is a video of George Galloway’s own response, and in the following Mark Steel addresses the hypocrisy of the decision : At last a politician has been suspended for their role in the Iraq war. You’d have thought it would have happened before now, and you might have thought when it finally happened, it wouldn’t be the politician most prominently against the war. Suspending George Galloway for his conduct in Iraq is as if last week’s trial of those failed suicide bombers ended with the judge saying “This was a monstrous crime. So I’m going to let you off, and jail the bloke who chased you through the Underground.” The main reason given for the suspension is that some of the money for Galloway’s charity came from a dodgy Jordanian businessman. Is this the normal attitude with charities, that no donation should be accepted without the donor being investigated? Maybe it’s a new culture, and in next year’s “Children in Need”, Terry Wogan will say: “And how about this? We’ve had a grand donation of £25 from Mrs Wimthorpe in Derby. Well I’ve got one thing to say - who the hell are you, Wimthorpe, and what’s your game? We’re going to go through you with a microscope and if you’ve put one finger out of line you can keep your dirty money you old scallywag, spina bifida doesn’t need you.” Another source of friction is that Galloway’s charity, The Mariam Appeal, which assisted sick Iraqis who were suffering from the effects of sanctions against their country, was political in that it was against those sanctions. In other words, it was against the thing causing the suffering. And that’s wrong, apparently. So presumably there will also be investigations into appeals for victims of earthquakes. How dare these people oppose earthquakes in the name of charity? At least they should be balanced, and allow space for supporters of earthquakes to present their side of the story. The original investigation into Galloway’s dealings in Iraq came when The Daily Telegraph accused him of taking money from Saddam, an allegation that cost them £150,000 when they lost the libel case. Now, despite their acceptance he didn’t take a penny for himself, the parliamentary committee says his charity “damaged the reputation of the house”. So there’s the explanation - the full report probably went: “You mean you weren’t on the take? How the bloody hell does that make the rest of us look, you [Edited Out]?” Somehow, however, the diligent committee seems to have missed other possible examples of the house being brought into disrepute, such as a Prime Minister taking the country into war because “I have no doubt that Saddam possesses weapons of mass destruction - absolutely no doubt, no doubt whatsoever.” And insisting we could be attacked in 45 minutes when he knew this was bollocks; and ignoring his own intelligence that this would make us targets for terrorism; and ignoring the UN and the weapons inspectors, so assisting in the creation of mass carnage, while he swans off to make millions from his memoirs. If they want to investigate corruption in the Middle East, they could look at the $300m taken in cash from the Central Bank in Iraq, and secretly flown to Beirut in a chartered jet to buy arms, organised by the Iraqi Defence Minister whom we helped put in place. This led to his colleague, national security adviser Mowaffak al-Rubaie saying: “I am sorry to say that the corruption is worse now than in the Saddam era.” No wonder Blair resigned - how do you top helping to make Iraq more corrupt than under Saddam? In his new job, is he planning to make Afghanistan less keen on heavy metal and women’s football than under the Taliban? Or the committee could glance at the billion pounds in illegal payments made to Saudi Arabia in order to secure arms deals for British Aerospace. Unlike Galloway’s crime, parliament decided this matter was too trivial to warrant an inquiry. And if they did find them guilty, they’d have probably ordered them to pay it back at one dollar a week. But instead, the person suspended is the one who opposed these things. The only explanation is the Commons procedures were originally taken from a chapter in Alice in Wonderland, in which you get charged by the authorities for being an un-criminal. And maybe that’s the plan for our whole legal system, so you’ll be sent to prison for being an un-corrupt arms dealer, or an un-robber, while liberal types complain that prison doesn’t work because most un-criminals re-offend, and if you lock someone up for not stealing a car, when they’re released they’ll do something even worse such as not rob a bank. Meanwhile robbers and murderers will be allowed to stay free, but only if they remember to ask you to draw a line under robbery and murder, and accept that, hand on heart, you thought that robbery and murder was right at the time. http://fanonite.org/2007/07/18/the-gap-bet...ty-and-morality
  10. Kissinger: The hatred of America in Europe and the Middle East is at its peak America's former secretary of state said that hatred of America is at its peak in Europe and the Middle East. Henry Kissinger, America's former secretary of state and old politician said regarding France's, Italy's, and Germany's opposition to some of America's policies that a government you sacrifices some of its own people in order to achieve its foreign political goals will face these oppositions. The English Sunday Times wrote regarding the present condition of America in Iraq that with the Republicans turning away from George Bush they have handed the war over to their opponents and do not have any motivation for continuing it. www.insight-info.com
  11. The confession of two American spies in Iran will be aired The confessions of two American agents in Iran will be aired on Iranian television. A intelligence official in Iran announced that the confessions of Haleh Esfandiari and Kian Tajbakhsh regarding their spying efforts voluntarily taken from them and will be shown to show what the truth of this issue is. Haleh Esfadiari and Kian Tajbakhsh are two Iranians who live in America and are members of a hidden American agency. They are charged with performing actions against the security of Iran by use of propagation and spying. They were arrested two months ago in Tehran. Haleh Esfandiari in her first interrogation confessed that the American agency she worked for has set up unofficial communication stations with university students in Iran and their goals are anti-Iranian and pro-American. www.insight-info.com
  12. Iran's New Game: `Rescue Nuke Scientist' By ALI AKBAR DAREINI The Associated Press Monday, July 16, 2007; 3:13 PM TEHRAN, Iran -- An Iranian hard-line student group unveiled a new video game Monday that simulates an attempt to rescue two Iranian nuclear experts kidnapped by the U.S. military and held in Iraq and Israel. The "Rescue the Nuke Scientist" video game, designed by the Union of Students Islamic Association, was described by its creators as a response to a U.S.-based company's "Assault on Iran" game, which depicts an American attack on an Iranian nuclear facility. "This is our defense against the enemy's cultural onslaught," Mohammad Taqi Fakhrian, a leader of the student group, told reporters Monday. Iran and the U.S. have been in a standoff over Iran's nuclear program, which Washington alleges is a cover for developing atomic weapons. Tehran denies the charges and says its nuclear projects have peaceful purposes. Tensions also have escalated over the detention of five Iranians in Iraq. U.S. authorities have said the five include members of Iran's elite Quds Force, which is accused of arming and training Iraqi militants. Iran has denied the allegations and insists the five are merely diplomats. In "Rescue the Nuke Scientist," U.S. troops capture a husband-and-wife team of nuclear engineers during a pilgrimage to Karbala, a holy site for Shiite Muslims, in central Iraq. Game players take on the role of Iranian security forces carrying out a mission code-named "The Special Operation," which involves penetrating fortified locations to free the nuclear scientists, who are moved from Iraq to Israel. To complete the game successfully, players have to enter Israel to rescue the nuclear scientists, kill U.S. and Israeli troops and seize their laptops containing secret information. If players fail a mission, a message pops up saying: "With resistance, you can battle the enemy." Iran's red, white and green flag flutters in the top right corner throughout the game. "We tried to promote the idea of defense, sacrifice and martyrdom in this game," Fakhrian said. Fakhrian said his group was trying to market the video game first in Iran and other Muslim countries. But the group also has plans to bring the game, which comes on a CD for computers, to Western countries, he said. The game comes from the same student group that was behind the infamous "World Without Zionism" conference in 2005 where President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for Israel to be "wiped off the map." Ali Reza Masaeli, leader of the group that designed the new game, said it took three years for his technical team to produce it. The team was based in Isfahan, a city in central Iran that houses a nuclear site. "It is an entirely Iranian product in response to the U.S. cyber war against Iran," Masaeli said. This game follows the free "Assault on Iran" online series from New York-based Kuma Reality Games. That game simulates U.S. Special Forces destroying the Natanz uranium enrichment facility in central Iran. A message left with Kuma's public relations agency was not immediately returned. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...7071600991.html
  13. Islamic Creationist and a Book Sent Round the World By CORNELIA DEAN Published: July 17, 2007 In the United States, opposition to the teaching of evolution in public schools has largely been fueled by the religious right, particularly Protestant fundamentalism. Now another voice is entering the debate, in dramatic fashion. It is the voice of Adnan Oktar of Turkey, who, under the name Harun Yahya, has produced numerous books, videos and DVDs on science and faith, in particular what he calls the “deceit” inherent in the theory of evolution. One of his books, “Atlas of Creation,” is turning up, unsolicited, in mailboxes of scientists around the country and members of Congress, and at science museums in places like Queens and Bemidji, Minn. At 11 x 17 inches and 12 pounds, with a bright red cover and almost 800 glossy pages, most of them lavishly illustrated, “Atlas of Creation” is probably the largest and most beautiful creationist challenge yet to Darwin’s theory, which Mr. Yahya calls a feeble and perverted ideology contradicted by the Koran. In bowing to Scripture, Mr. Yahya resembles some fundamentalist creationists in the United States. But he is not among those who assert that Earth is only a few thousand years old. The principal argument of “Atlas of Creation,” advanced in page after page of stunning photographs of fossil plants, insects and animals, is that creatures living today are just like creatures that lived in the fossil past. Ergo, Mr. Yahya writes, evolution must be impossible, illusory, a lie, a deception or “a theory in crisis.” In fact, there is no credible scientific challenge to the theory of evolution as an explanation for the complexity and diversity of life on earth. The book caused a stir earlier this year when a French translation materialized at high schools, universities and museums in France. Until then, creationist literature was relatively rare in France, according to Armand de Ricqles, a professor of historical biology and evolutionism at the College de France. Scientists spoke out against the book, he said in an e-mail message, and “thanks to the highly centralized public school system in France, it was possible to organize that the books sent to lycées would not be made available to children.” So far, no similar response is emerging in the United States. “In our country we are used to nonsense like this,” said Kevin Padian, an evolutionary biologist at the University of California, Berkeley, who, like colleagues there, found a copy in his mailbox. He said people who had received copies were “just astounded at its size and production values and equally astonished at what a load of [Edited Out] it is. “If he sees a picture of an old fossil crab or something, he says, ‘See, it looks just like a regular crab, there’s no evolution,’ ” Dr. Padian said. “Extinction does not seem to bother him. He does not really have any sense of what we know about how things change through time.” Kenneth R. Miller, a biologist at Brown University, said he and his colleagues in the life sciences had all received copies. When he called friends at the University of Colorado and the University of Chicago, they had the books too, he said. Scientists at Brigham Young University, the University of Connecticut, the University of Georgia and others have also received them. “I think he must have sent it to every full professor in the medical school,” said Kathryn L. Calame, a microbiologist at the Columbia University medical school who received a copy. “The genetics department, the biochem department, micro — everybody I talked to had it.” While they said they were unimpressed with the book’s content, recipients marveled at its apparent cost. “If you went into a bookstore and saw a book like this, it would be at least $100,” said Dr. Miller, an author of conventional biology texts. “The production costs alone are astronomical. We are talking millions of dollars.” And then there’s postage. Dr. Padian said his copy was shipped by a company called SDS Worldwide, which has an office in Illinois. Calls and e-mail messages to the company were not returned, but Dr. Padian said he spoke to someone there who told him SDS had received a cargo-container-size shipment of books, “with everything prepaid and labeled. It just went all over the country.” Fatih Sen, who heads the United States office of Global Impex, a company that markets Islamic books, gifts and other products, including “Atlas,” would not comment on its distribution, except to describe the book as “great” and refer questions to the publisher, Global Publishing of Istanbul. Repeated attempts by telephone and e-mail to reach the concern, or Mr. Yahya, were unsuccessful. In the book and on his Web site (www.harunyahya.com), Mr. Yahya says he was born in Ankara in 1956, and grew up and was educated in Turkey. He says he seeks to unmask what the book calls “the imposture of evolutionists” and the links between their scientific views and modern evils like fascism, communism and terrorism. He says he hopes to encourage readers “to open their minds and hearts and guide them to become more devoted servants of God.” He adds that he seeks “no material gain” from his publications, most of which are available free or at relatively low cost. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/17/science/...amp;oref=slogin
  14. Afghanistan: British Front Line Casualty Rate Claimed to be Higher than the Second World War The Telegraph is claiming that the rate at which British soldiers are being seriously injured or killed on the front line in Afghanistan is about to exceed that suffered by UK troops during the Second World War. While there are many reasons to be cautious about their analysis, e.g. they may be unfairly comparing frontline casualties from Afghanistan with total casualties in WWII, the claim is nonetheless striking. The casualty rate in the most dangerous regions of the country is approaching 10 per cent. Senior officers fear it will ultimately pass the 11 per cent experienced by British soldiers at the height of the conflict 60 years ago. The rise is partly driven by a tenfold increase in the number of wounded in action - those injured, but not killed - in the past six months as fighting in Afghanistan has intensified. Last November, only three British soldiers were wounded in Afghanistan by the Taliban, compared with 38 in May. Meanwhile in Iraq, British troops are now suffering a higher rate of fatal casualties by proportion than their American colleagues. In a five-month period this year, there were 23 fatalities among the 5,500 British troops compared with 463 fatalities among the United States's 165,000 troops, according to the Royal Statistical Society. Military commanders are concerned that the high rate will start to have an impact on operations and morale. http://www.craigmurray.co.uk/
  15. Pillars of Colonial Wisdom July 16th, 2007 TE Lawrence, one of the earlier Orientalists, had the kind of wisdom one would be hard pressed to find in the battery of ‘resident scholars’, ’senior fellows’ and ‘middle east experts’ that fill the desk of various Washington think-tanks, and clog the airwaves with their idle banter. Here Fisk shows us how Lawrence had it right about Iraq: Back in 1929, Lawrence of Arabia wrote the entry for “Guerrilla” in the 14th edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. It is a chilling read - and here I thank one of my favourite readers, Peter Metcalfe of Stevenage, for sending me TE’s remarkable article - because it contains so ghastly a message to the American armies in Iraq. Writing of the Arab resistance to Turkish occupation in the 1914-18 war, he asks of the insurgents (in Iraq and elsewhere): “… suppose they were an influence, a thing invulnerable, intangible, without front or back, drifting about like a gas? Armies were like plants, immobile as a whole, firm-rooted, nourished through long stems to the head. The Arabs might be a vapour…” How typical of Lawrence to use the horror of gas warfare as a metaphor for insurgency. To control the land they occupied, he continued, the Turks “would have need of a fortified post every four square miles, and a post could not be less than 20 men. The Turks would need 600,000 men to meet the combined ill wills of all the local Arab people. They had 100,000 men available.” Now who does that remind you of? The “fortified post every four square miles” is the ghostly future echo of George W Bush’s absurd “surge”. The Americans need 600,000 men to meet the combined ill will of the Iraqi people, and they have only 150,000 available. Donald Rumsfeld, the architect of “war lite” is responsible for that. Yet still these rascals get away with it. Hands up those readers who know that Canada’s Defence Minister, Gordon O’Connor, actually sent a letter to Rumsfeld two days before his departure in disgrace from the Pentagon, praising this disreputable man’s “leadership”. Yes, O’Connor wanted “to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your many achievements (sic) as Secretary of Defence, and to recognise the significant contribution you have made in the fight against terrorism”. The world, gushed the ridiculous O’Connor, had benefited from Rumsfeld’s “leadership in addressing the complex issues in play”. O’Connor tried to shrug off this grovelling note, acquired through the Canadian Access to Information Act, by claiming he merely wanted to thank Rumsfeld for the use of US medical facilities in Germany to ferry wounded Canadian soldiers home from Afghanistan. But he made no mention of this in his preposterous letter. O’Connor, it seems, is just another of the world’s illusionists who believe they can ignore the facts - and laud fools - by stating the opposite of the truth. Bush, of course, is among the worst of these meretricious creatures. So is the late Tony Blair. Oh, how we miss Lawrence. “The printing press is the greatest weapon in the armoury of the modern (guerrilla) commander,” he wrote 78 years ago, accurately predicting al-Qa’ida’s modern-day use of the internet. For insurgents, “battles were a mistake … Napoleon had spoken in angry reaction against the excessive finesse of the 18th century, when men almost forgot that war gave licence to murder”. True, the First World War Arab Revolt was not identical to today’s Iraqi insurgency. In 1917, the Turks had manpower but insufficient weapons. Today the Americans have the weapons but insufficient men. But listen to Lawrence again. “Rebellion must have an unassailable base … In the minds of men converted to its creed. It must have a sophisticated alien enemy, in the form of a disciplined army of occupation too small to fulfil the doctrine of acreage: too few to adjust number to space, in order to dominate the whole area effectively from fortified posts. “It must have a friendly population, not actively friendly, but sympathetic to the point of not betraying rebel movements to the enemy. Rebellions can be made by 2 per cent active in a striking force, and 98 per cent passively sympathetic … Granted mobility, security … time, and doctrine … victory will rest with the insurgents, for the algebraical factors are in the end decisive, and against them perfections of means and spirit struggle quite in vain.” Has the US General David Petraeus read this? Has Bush? Have any of the tired American columnists whose anti-Arab bias is wobbling close to racism, bothered to study this wisdom? I remember how Daniel Pipes - one of the great illusionists of modern American journalism - announced in the summer of 2003 that what the Iraqis needed was (no smirking here, please), a “democratically minded strongman”. They had already had one, of course, our old chum Saddam Hussein, whom we did indeed call a “strongman” when he was our friend and when he was busy using our gas against Iran. And I do wonder whether Bush - defeated, as he is, in Iraq - may not soon sanction an Iraqi military coup d’état to overthrow the ridiculous Maliki “Green Zone” government in Baghdad. Well, as one of my favourite expressions goes, we’ll see. But wait, Pipes is at it again. The director of the “Middle East Forum” has been writing in Canada’s National Post about “Palestine”. His piece is filled with the usual bile. Palestinian anarchy had “spewed forth” warlords. Arafat was an “evil” figure. Israeli withdrawal from Gaza had deprived Palestinians of the one “stabilising element” in the region. Phew! “Palestinianism” (whatever that is) is “superficial”. Palestinian “victimisation” is a “supreme myth of modern politics”. Gaza is now an “[islamist] beachhead at the heart of the Middle East from which to infiltrate Egypt, Israel and the West Bank”. One of these days, Pipes concludes, “maybe the idiot savant ‘peace processors’ will note the trail of disasters their handiwork has achieved”. He notes with approval that “Ehud Barak, Israel’s brand new Defence Minister, reportedly plans to attack Hamas within weeks” and condemns the Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, for buoying Mahmoud Abbas’ “corrupt and irredentist Fatah”. So we are going to have yet another war in the Middle East, this time against Hamas - democratically elected, of course, but only as a result of what Pipes calls “the Bush administration’s heedless rush to Palestinian elections”? It’s good to see that the late Tony Blair is already being dubbed a “savant”. But shouldn’t Pipes, too, read Lawrence? For insurgency is a more powerful “vapour” than that which comes from the mouths of illusionists. http://fanonite.org/2007/07/16/pillars-of-colonial-wisdom/
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