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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalamu Alaykum

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  2. Has there ever been a DNA test done on Syeds to see if they are all related? I remember reading about how a DNA test done on the Jews and the DNA proved that a large percentage of them are related. Maybe something similar can be done on Syeds all over the world to see if many are related.
  3. Just curious. I have been reading up on Imam Ali for the past year. So I guess it was just curiosity. Hope I didn't offend you.
  4. Is there a historical source which describes the physical description of Imam Ali while he was alive? did he have a long beard, or a short beard(like the modern depictions). But in general, how did he look like?
  5. Can some of the commenters here not joke about this incident. What that girl went through was no joke. One of the strangest things about this is that the people that killed her are probably her relatives or people from her village. These are people that she probably grew up with knowing them all her life. Yet they had the heart (or lack of it) to kill her like this. I don't know how they did this. They must have been some very cold people. The Sunnis retaliated by killing innocent Yazidis who had nothing to do with the girl's death. If they wanted to do something, they should have just attac
  6. That is so sad. Couldn't they have just boycotted her instead of killing her? Why did they have to kill her like this? What is the honour in this? This isn't just a Muslim thing. People of all faiths do this. I remember in college I knew this Coptic Christian from Egypt who once bragged to me that if one of their girls were to ever go out with a Muslim man, his community would hunt her down and kill her. This is a cultural problem not a religious problem as the media tries to make it out to be. No religion teaches to do such dishonourable things to another human being. I think these people w
  7. I am a non Muslim. But between the Sunnis and Shias, I sympathies with the Shias. My personal views about Saddam Hussian is very negative. I didn’t like him when he was alive. But after seeing how he died, I can’t help but have some respect for him. He died like a real brave man. Those men who were taunting him in his last moments gave Shias a very bad name. The way he died has turned him into a hero worldwide for Muslims and non-Muslims. In India, thousands of non Muslims all over India began protesting after hearing news of his death. Although Saddam was not a respected man worldwide while
  8. Can Muslims eat Kosher meat? by kosher I mean a animal killed through the Jewish way, by a Jew?
  9. Please use some references when discussing historical issues. I know that Sikhs and Hindus did kill innocent Muslims of east Punjab, just as innocent Sikhs and Hindus were killed by Muslims in west Punjab. Atrocities were done by both sides. I myself know of Sikh elders who participated in such massacres, but now regret their actions very much. But I have never heard of Sikh men raping Muslim women, in fact according to Sikh beliefs even thinking of such thoughts while dreaming is considered a sin. This is the first I have even heard of this. Historical or contemporary references would be appr
  10. Although I am a non-Muslim, but I have to admit that man did stand out and was very noticeable amongst the crowd. Even the camera man couldn’t stop following him as he passed by. I don’t think he is Imam Mahdi, but I think he might be a spiritual man who probably does a lot of prayers.
  11. Sindh may have been the first. But first does not mean the most important. Muslim rulers have never administered India from Sindh. It has always been either from Afghanistan or from UP, Bihar region of India. Sindh was a mere province in the many Islamic empires of India. Now everyone knows that Urdu started near the Lucknow area (also in UP). Not surprisingly since this was the cultural capital of North Indian Muslims. Punjab, Kashmir and Sindh only began emerging when the British came. Before that, Muslim leadership was from UP, Bihar or from Afghanistan. Which Muslim leaders came from Pak
  12. From what I have read of Islamic history of India, the classical Indian Islamic civilization was in UP, Bihar or in the south in Dekhan. Even Urdu was created in UP and Bihar areas. The Muslims living in these areas were not only the rulers of India but also very culturally rich. I’m not saying anything against Pakistan, but I think that if India had stayed united, both the people who live in India and Pakistan would have been better off. To say the very least, at least Punjab, Bangal and Kashmir would not have been devastated. Put all things aside, if partition had not happened. We certainly
  13. I heard his interview on the radio last week. He's Iranian and very well informed about Shia matters worldwide. Has anyone read his book? what do they think about it?
  14. The only thing that would get smashed is his bones, not my jaw. I would just love to see this guy try this type of [Edited Out] on some one his size and not someone half his size. Perhaps this tough German "mafioso" should try this on a Russian trained in Sambo. I doubt he would get out of the place with his arm or leg intact.
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