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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Bismillah Salamun alaikum Management of Imam Al-Asr Centre Woking,Surrey is launching Fundraising appeal on Hidayat TV Sky Channel 803 on Saturday 16th January 2010 from 7.00pm to 11 p.m. We need £ 250,000 urgently to complete phase 1 of our centre. Please tune your tv on 803 on Saturday and donate generously and inform your friends to participate to build Mosque, Imambargah, Madrassah, Library and Community Centre. You can donate directly to Al-Asr: Natwest Bank: Sort Code: 602420 Account No: 18758029 OR post your cheques at 132 Maybury Road,Woking,GU21 5JR. JazakAllah khair. Khuda hafiz.
  2. Bismillah Dear All salam Can any body send me contact persons, tel nos and emails of these web sites. Hussaniat.com azadari.com azadar.com regards, syed naqvi
  3. salamun alaikum, Jazakallah khair brother.I really appriciate it.Actually this was the answer from Ayatollah Sistani's office.I think traslation is fine and I understand what I wanted to know. Thx again. Massalam
  4. (salam) Please someone help me with translation.I think im in right forum(ARABIC)??? Jazakallah khair
  5. Question : Are We allowed to whey powder for body builders. íÌæÒ Çáǘá ÇáÇ ÇÐÇ ÚáãÊ ÇÊÝÇÞÇð ÇÔÊãÇáåÇ Úáی ãÍÑã ÛíÑ ãÓÊåáß Çæ Úáی äÌÓ ˜ãÇ ÇÐÇ ÚáãÊ ÈÇä ÇáãÓÊÎÏã Ýí ÚãáíÉ ÇáÊÌÈíä ˜ÎãíÑÉ ÇáÛÔÇÁ ÇáÏÇÎáí áãÚÏÉ ÇáÚÌá ÛíÑ ÇáãИی Thanks is advance. Massalam
  6. (salam) Is there any majlis by her available on internet? Massalam
  7. URGENT APPEAL FOR IMAM AL ASR A.SDear Brothers / Sisters Assalamu alaikum The Al Asr trust Woking, Surrey has been serving the nation since1995 under the patron ship of Maulana S.M.S Sabzwary Currently in Woking, We are running daily Madrasa classes, Masjid& Imambargah and there is an URGENT need for us to expand as the current facilities are very small and insufficient for the children classes, Madrasa and Imambargah. To work smoothly and to provide necessary premises for community members and children, we have bought a plot of land in Woking at auction with a loan for £ 400,000, Venue of that property is 118 Goldsworth Road, Woking, Surrey GU21 6ND. We need approximately one million Pounds to build a new three story complex for our religious, social and educational activities. We would appeal to you for a few thousand Pounds of your help as this will make a difference and Allah will grant you a palace in Paradise inshallah. We all belong to a divine Creator who advised us for: æóÇáÊøóÞúæóì ÇáúÈÑøö æóÊóÚóÇæóäõæÇú Úóáó This is time for every believer to support us for noble cause related with Aallah, Ahlulbait and especially with Imam Mahdi (a.s). Quran says:57:18 Åöäøó ÇáúãõÕøóÏøöÞöíäó æóÇáúãõÕøóÏøöÞóÇÊö æóÃóÞúÑóÖõæÇ Çááøóåó ÞóÑúÖðÇ ÍóÓóäðÇ íõÖóÇÚóÝõ áóåõãú æóáóåõãú ÃóÌúÑñ ßóÑöíãñ For those who give in Charity, men and women, and loan to Allah a Beautiful Loan, it shall be increased manifold (to their credit), and they shall have (besides) a noble reward. Our Prophet said that it was written at the 6th gate of Paradise “Anyone who would like to have wide grave, should build mosques, the one who wouldn’t like to be eaten by insects in the grave, should visit mosques regularly, the one who would like to have a fresh dead body in the grave, should carpet the mosques and one who would like to see his place in Heaven, should love the mosques”. We are in need of your Khums, Zakaat, Sadaqah, Charity and donations. This opportunity has provided you a chance to be closer to God and receive His happiness. You can choose any method of payment to help us in continuous charity helpful in grave and on the day of Judgement. 1. Our details and direct debt forms are available on web site: www.imam-alasr.com 2. You can send your cheques on following address by name of: Madrasa Imam AL ASR. Address: 95 Balmoral drive, Woking, Surrey, UK GU22 8EU. 3. Directly transfer your money in AL ASR Bank Account. Natwest Bank, Woking Branch, 1 High Street, Woking, Surrey, GU21 1ZS Sort Code: 60-24-20, Account Number: 18758029 Yours sincerely, Maulana Dr Syed Abbas Naqvi Resident Aalim Imam Al Asr Centre, Woking, Surrey, UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1483 837 567- Mobile: 0786189 7160 E-mail: baqeyatollah12@yahoo.comUrgent appeal
  8. (salam) Our heartfelt condolences to IMAM E ZAMANA(AJ) on tragedy of Karbala. Wassalam
  9. Dear brother/ sister Salam upom Imam Zaman a.s and you. Happy Eid greetings I will be grateful if some one provide me name of online books or reference of quranic verses which are related or narrating Imam Hassan a.s and Imam Hussain a.s Thank you DR NAQVI
  10. salam, JazakAllah khair brother the patriot. Massalam
  11. (salam) Is it permissble to donate blood in fasting? Thx in advance. Massalam
  12. (salam) Is it permissble to donate blood in fasting? Thx in advance. Massalam
  13. (bismillah) (salam) Dear sisters and brothers, I attended funeral of Marhoom Syed Ali Naqvi. May Allah s.w.t showers him and his grave with His special mercies and blessings.Ameen. He was really a great servant of God and Ahlulbait and he served humanity with all of his sincerity and love. Thousands of people were crying and remembering him with his divine performance and works for Allah and for community. I would never forget the attributes paid to him by Ahlulbait and specially by Aqeelatul Quraish,daughter of Ali a.s and Fatimah s.a, thani Zahra Bibi Zainab salamullah alaiha. May Allah s.w.t give us special place with Rahmatulil Alameen and His enlightened Progeny. Eltmase dua, urs brother in Eiman Maulana Dr Syed Abbas Naqvi
  14. Dear brother / sister Could you help me to find out Quranic and Hadith references regarding Qasr Payer as some people object that it is not mentioned in Quran because in surah Nisa verse 101, namaz khuaf is mentioned. Please explain it with the help of Quranic and ahadith references. Thank you. Regards,
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