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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I have a friend in saudi arabia who got bashed and his turbah taken away simply because he was shia, he sustained a broken hand and needed 30 stitches, also another friend in pakistan who got blown up with his whole family, another friend in afghanistan who was brutally murdered for been shia, also not 1 friend but over 30 friends in iraq who got blown up for been shia.

    I can continue but i would sound like a sunni complaining about sunnis in iran, who got slapped for been sunni. :o

  2. Good achievement, it comes with 1 year warranty so to the guy who said it wont last more then 1 month othwerwise the company wont be confident in selling their product so please dont spread lies.

    Also about electronics, iran has progressed in launching a home made satillite you are saying that they are not good with electronics? do you think it takes more knowledge to build a mobile phone then build a satillite, even so iran is known for its reverse engerineering they could easily use thousands of phones that are on the market to use for their project.

  3. 1- why can't we see your beloved mahdi or a picture of him and don't tell that he is not allowed to go out bcz sistani said that he and almahdi were walking on the beach of kuwait?

    we dont need to see a picture and no one goes for walks on the beach with imam mehdi.

    2- why can't we see the musehaf of fatima or a copy of it?


    3- why don't we insult ali, fatima, alhusain or alalbait and why did your imam lie to you and tell you that we do?

    sunnies love ahlu bayt, but they also love their enemies.

    4- why did the prophet marry the daughters of abu baker and omar if they were kafirs?did you know they were kafirs and the prophet did not?

    prophet noah's wife was kafir, did prophet noah not know what he was doing? plus we dont consider them kafirs.

    5- why did the prophet give his two daughters to othman one after the other the second after the first died if he was kafir?

    they wernt his biological daughters.

    6- why did't ali object to the khilafah of abu baker and then omar and then othman if he was supposed to be the only khalifa after the prophet?

    He never took bayah to any of them, Omar threatened to burn his home down if Imam Ali (as) didnt come out and give bayah.

    7- why did all the sahabah accepted abu baker's, omar's and othman's khilafah if ali was the only choice bcz the hadaith shia'a argue about was supposed to be in front of all the sahabah who went with the prophet in his last pilgrimage and they were thousands?

    not everyone agreed with abu bakr, moses split the ocean infront of his people and once he left his people for a short period they started to worship a cow.

    8- if all the sahabah who faught with the prophet turned kafirs after the he died, then what kind of religion did he bring? a failed religion?

    who said all of the sahabah are kafir? more lies, after the prophet passed away alot of people became power hungry and wanted to rule, but not all.

    9- why do shia'a say that the quran has been altered and is still coming down from Allah to your imams and fatimah before that who ali wrote without fatimah or Jibreel know?

    the quran isnt altered and never will be.

    10- why do shia'a say Allah has said a peom for ali which He denied it for his prophet in the quran?


    11- why do shia'a worship dead people and ask them for things eventhough it is shirek and why do they pray to the graves?

    shia only worship Allah (swt), shia do ziyarat even sunnies do it, no one prays to graves.

    12- why can't you find one imam that know the quran by heart when we have kids who can?

    the Imams were walking qurans.

    13- did you know that when khumaini took power, he aurged people for mota'ah which is zina and he forbid antipregnancy pills which resulted in millions of [Edited Out]s in the street with no fathers and caused the population of iran to double.

    muta was allowed by the prophet (pbuh) and even during abu bakrs time, omar banned it. Imam khomeini did not forbid antipregnancy pills, he encouraged people to have alot of children because of the war that occured with saddam, over 500 000 iranians died.

    14- why won't you let us have copies of your religious books eventhough we do not hide our books and we make them available to everyone?

    the net is full of them, and many books stores sell them for everyone.

    15- why do you (shia'a) say that you don't lie when you do and you call it tagiah and you use it all the time and is aurged to you by your imams?

    taqiyah can only be used to in life and death situations.

  4. (salam)

    If we agree to your argument that polygyny is very much needed since all women need husbands for prosperity, then we must also be honest and admit that the same justification for polygany must also be made for Polyandry (a woman having multiple husbands).

    Do women need multiple husbands? Yes, they do! At least in China and India. [NEWS: A bias in favor of male offspring has left China with 32 million more boys under the age of 20 than girls, creating “an imminent generation of excess men,” April 10, 2009 http://bbs.chinadaily.com.cn/viewthread.php?tid=632268]

    They are 32 millions boys at the peak of adulthood who will be without wives. Does Islam has a solution to this problem or not really?

    Sayyid fadlallah (ha) has an answer.

  5. Alsalamu aleykum!

    My wife is non muslim. Now we have a mutah, but idont know to have this condition all my life. I know that my marjaa-i-taqlid, Grand Ayatollah Sistani ban permanent mariages with non-muslim women....

    Are there any marja who permit that?

    As say true - it is so hard for me to help my wife to became a muslim...

    Thank You, and Salam from Russia!

    Wasalam wr wb

    your situation is hard, but i think you should practise patience, wait a few more years and see how things go, talk to your wife about children and put your thoughts forward to her, its all in her hands.

    If she agrees to what you want and is not enfluenced by her family and you know 100% you wont have a problem raising your children as muslims.

    In the end no matter what treat her with respect and if you have serious problems dissolve your relationship in a manner which is appropiate.

  6. It's not my fault most people here endorse taking an unarmed ship and taking non-combatants hostage just because they are American and non-Muslim.

    You must be God to pass judgment on how most people think on this board? i have yet to come across one post by a single member who endorses piracy heck even against americans or non muslims..

    I guess you missed a great quote by who imam Ali (as) If they are not your brother in faith they are your equal in humanity.

    oh and for the record before you accuse everyone of been a wahabi this is SHIAchat and most people follow Imam Ali (as).

  7. I want to teach my child about everything I possibly can. Finding out from others in a Western society will not help my child to learn Islamically.

    Well thats where your wrong, when you live in australia and you send your children of to school they are taught everything from maths to human reproduction, they teach it no different then any one else. Humans didnt have sex education 5 thousand years ago and they didnt need anyone to teach them what it is. Its human instinct all you should teach your daughter is about knowing her boundries when it comes to men, whats halal and haram, leave the rest with time.

  8. In Islamic law marriage is a contract between the Muslim man and the woman. In this contract the man has a requirement to support his wife, and the wife has the requirement to please her husband. If either one of these violates their side of the contract they are to blame.

    and the muslim man should not take matters into his own hands and abuse or beat his wife, we have a system in place to protect the men and womans rights.

  9. Just to clarify, arranged marriages are not an Islamic phenomenon, nor are they prescribed anywhere in the Qur'an or hadeeth. They are cultural practices that have been around since before Islam, and are found in societies all over the world regardless of religious inclinations. They are a backwards tradition from a previous era, and it is a sad outrage that arranged marriages are still widespread in many cultures today.

    BTW, what you described above doesn't accurately reflect the reality of how many arranged marriages transpire these days. In most cultures, the bride has extremely limited contact with the groom before marriage, and must make a decision (which is many times coerced, pressured or forced) knowing almost nothing about the man at all. Furthermore, even in cases where the girl has the option to decline after getting to know the guy chosen for her, the rest of her choices are limited to the people that parents hand-pick for her, which are almost always limited to a few. So in a way, no matter what, the girl ends up marrying who her father chooses, or she doesn't get married at all (which is where severe domestic violence usually comes in).

    Arranged marriages are a form of abuse and should be illegal. People who still carry on this backwards, repressive practice should not be raising children.

    Thats abit extreme, there is a difference between forced marriages and arranged marriages, maybe you should first give your definition of what a arranged marriage is? because what you posted is certianly not what most arranged marriage i have come across are.

    An arranged marriage is simply parents pairing of 2 suitable candidates for marriage and they are left to decide their fututre. Thats how most people in islamic countries get married, and in most cases it works fine.

  10. Your husband has to set his priorities straight, a woman needs attention and a companion, its easy for him because all he wants is to quench his desire. His been very selfish and you should tell him he must dedicate atleast 1 day from the week just for you and him and no one else.

    Do you speak with his mother? or father? is he close to his parents? if so you should talk to his father and explain your situation because he has no right to push you aside for his friends, he shouldnt have married you in the first place.

    until then try to pick up a hobby or try do what he does to you to make him understand what your going through.

  11. Imam ali (as) did not marry another woman while he was married to fatima zahra (as) and neither where these conditions placed.

    Their marriage was a revelation from Allah (swt) to Prophet Muhammad (as).

    Imam Ali (as) dowry was his sheild and the prophet recited the nikah, No contract was required between 2 infallibles.

    ps. dont bother on MV your wasting your time.

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