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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I believe he is as big a religious fanatic as Ahmadinejad. His revolutionary post were as good. If he had been elected almost nothing would have change. Every liberal candidate had been purged from the ticket before the election without consulting the voters.

    This election just proves that there is no democracy in Iran as power resides in the few hands that control the intelligence and security agencies. This cable picked Ahamdinejad as president even before a single vote was cast.

    The political change can now only come from armed civil war between the security agencies. In other words, the government is now controlled by feudal war lords. Force decided this election and it will decide the next.

    and their is democracy when bush was voted for the second time in usa?

  2. The fight happend out of stupidness between us Shiites and Future Movement.

    It happend because in Lebanon when ever a leader wants to talk or wins, the Lebanese start shooting. When Berri was elected, the Shiites shot in the air alot, they shot AK47s and RPGs.

    When Hariri was elected the Pro-Hariri Sunnis did the same, and thus some fights happend in Aisha Bakkar.

    The next day, obviously, the attacks continued but this time with shooting and stuff.

    This should stop. Shooting in the air whenever a leader talks or wins, this will never become a country if we will stay like this

    its funny because the prices of bullets are up and they still shoot. :lol:

  3. yaba you must be bored and also an ablah to be attempting to back up this loon.

    go play with your toys or something.

    biaql, i didnt claim that baseej killed her. though there have been at least one eyewitness who says that it was a baseej, and that it was an "accident". whether this is fabricated or not, who knows.

    the point is this fellow ablah of yours is making claims about islam which are absolutely not true. dont defend your fellow ablah simply because he sounds like you and may share your political beliefs, at the expense of your religion.

    edit: had to correct a freudian slip :lol:

    ablah :lol:

    Rubaiyat dont bother with this girl as i said in another thread "she has the emoticons of a girl and the attitudle of a man" she will start to attack you and act all arrogant just like this thread and when you respond to her she will say how could you treat your sister like that bla bla bla...

    Their is 2 sides, people who follow the rahber and people who dont its clear cary doesnt.

  4. Parliament manager? What's that? If you're referring to the Speaker of Parliament position. Nabih Berri has been elected but apparently half of Hariri's parliamentary bloc voted blank.

    Hariri is the next Prime minister. It's sure. But this does not mean he's wise.

    hariri tried to arm the people before against the hizb and the hizb still flushed them out in a couple of hours, now he has bought his supporters but money can only buy you so much... what is he planning on doing in the next election spend another 500 million? even sayyid hassan said as a joke give us the money and we would have given him our votes...

  5. So all the people who died during Iran's previous dictatorial regime in "illegal protest" should also be dismissed? I'm hoping the people of Iran benefit the most by her death.

    The two have go together for it to work, illegal protest and the killer unknown. If the killer was known than the illegal protest is irrelevant, but she was advised by the democratically elected government not to hold a protest because external and internal powers will do something stupid like kill a person and cause more problems. She broke the law and in doing so got killed by some unknown person. I dont blame the government i blame her.

    The people of iran can benefit from her death? what in gods name can they benefit from the murder of a girl by a unknown person?

  6. you got to love president ahmednejad... he is betrayed as a monster but in reality he is far from it.

    the west are so desperate the use the same lines against him because they got nothing on him

    "he rejects the holocaust"

    "he wants to wipe israel of the map" which is even a lie.

  7. It is not good to say that about your brothers sunnis , if sunnis need weapon his ocean of sunnis will sink him with weapons .

    Just like the palestinian sunni's who are swimming in a ocean of weapons? give me a break you got no idea. Lets see what hariri can load up the lebanese army in the next 4 years with proper weapons if he really cares about lebanon.

    No one here is against sunni's we are against people like omar khayyam who has pure hate for shia.

  8. who said ?Sayid Hassan is the Only REAL ARAB LEADER of all arabic country.

    you would be surprised how his popularity is falling and is becoming hatred.nasrallah appears more and more as he really is ,i think in the future the lebanese shias will regret their support to him.

    i agree with yonus ,hariri is far from being perfect ,but in the lebanese context and its realities,the liberal he is ,he seems not bad choice ,even if i would prefer to see najib mikati as pm for now.

    the lebanese shias should stop to behave like sheeps and instead think for an alternative to berri and nasrollah,they could be a source of danger for their future in the environment in which they live.I think for example to Brahim Chamseddine ,a gentleman.

    The only reason you oppose sayyid hassan is because his shia so dont come on this board and lecture us on who to follow, you are a disgrace to islam and a fitna mongerer. The time shia's and alot of sunnis will stop supporting sayyid hassan is when hell freezes over.

    Who do you want us to follow? sunni's like hosni mubarak? king abdullah of jordan? king abdullah of KSA?

    sayyid hassan is the only real arab leader.

  9. What is ya's (despair actually) is losing hope of Allah's Mercy, and it is haram because it is a sign of disbelief according to the Qu'ran. It has nothing to do with marriage. For those who have come to the rational conclusion that marriage is not a necessity for them by any means, and that they have little or no desire for its benefits which are outweighed by its pitfalls, this is not a sign of ya's. It is a sign of a thinking, mindful person coming to a clear-headed conclusion about what they really want for themselves. For you, marriage may be a beautiful thing, and for others marriage may be a burdensome hassle and impediment. There is no reason to assume that individuals whose opinion of marraige is different than your own have been burned by negative experiences. This is selling people short.

    Get married and have some kids raise them up and show them how to be followers of Imam Mehdi.

  10. You know, this reminds me of my reaction to the torture at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and elsewhere committed by Americans. This is a subject that causes me continuing anguish and shame. The apologists said (and still say) that the people we were fighting were evil terrorists who chop off heads and send teenagers in as suicide bombers, and so on, and therefore nothing is too harsh when dealing with terrorists. My reaction has always been, "I expect our enemies to be worse than we are. That's why they are our enemies. This isn't about them, it's about us."

    iam glad your identify american crimes against humanity.

  11. Because the basij shot her in the heart, which are connected to the lungs, which are connected to the mouth and nose. Satisfied?

    well atleast her family didnt get killed with her like it happens in gaza, afghansitan, iraq with bombs made in USA and 2 out of 3 cases dropped by americans pilots.

    plus she doesnt get raped and burnt alive by american soldiers like the 14 yeare old iraqi girl.

  12. One of the problems is that there isn't a single Islamic democracy in the Middle East with any credibility, now than Iran has decided to run North Korean-style fake elections and start shooting at citizens who complain about it. So, it's really a choice of which set of despots to deal with. That's why the various complaints seem ironic. On the one hand, you're mad because the U.S. intervenes too much, and on the other hand you're mad when American leaders accept the way things are and does deals with the powers that exist. This is why I am far from alone among Americans who fantasize about alternative energy. I'd love it if we didn't need to deal with Middle Eastern governments for the sake of oil. As far as I'm concerned, the Middle East has all the charm of a migraine headache, and all the safety of a pit full of poisonous snakes. Solar power, please!

    North korean elections? give me what your smoking, the people who have died are the same people who are attacking and burning down buildings, where in one protest was a person shot in the middle of the road? they where all trying to burn down security buildings with people inside or where in the wrong place.

    If i was in a building and a mob was trying to burn the building down and i shot in the air a few times with no success the next bullet is going to be in the person who is trying to set the building I'am in on fire.

    The funny thing is this its coming from an american, your government kills civilians daily go [Edited Out] about your own country first then worry about Iran.

  13. (salam)

    Imam Hussein (as) took all his children to Karbala including his daughters. The youngest boy Ali Asghar were only few months old.

    God bless Neda.

    and sayyad khamenei is yazid? he warned them all not to turn up on saturday because some idoit might do something stupid and get some one killed. people are so stupid, she could have been murdered by anyone and blame thr besij.

  14. Zenshiite wrote: the conduct of the vilified basiji and IRI has been exemplary in comparison. Exemplary.

    Well, we've all seen footage over the past few days of basij thugs brutally beating muslim women with clubs and chains. If you consider that to be "exemplary" behavior, then you have a very strange attitude towards women.

    bring one photograph that shows iranian besij beating any iranian woman with a chain, otherwise your a exposed lier.

  15. AlwayS-Dhik'r wrote: i assume your a supporter of KKK?

    No, I'm against the KKK. I have written many anti-KKK posts in the past.

    Curiously, though, many muslims speak very highly of the KKK because of the hatred KKK members have for Jews.

    Many? ive never come across a muslim who supports the KKK, but i have meet many christians who do, heck KKK is a christian members only club. I assume those christians are following the correct tenants of christianity?

  16. 'AlwayS-Dhik'r' wrote: a supporter of the taliban? a ruthless backward barbaric bunch.. are you insane?

    Then why are you against Canadian and American troops fighting the Taliban??? Shouldn't the Iranian army also be in Afghanistan, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Canadian and American troops?

    where did i say iam against fighting the taliban? Iran has been fighting the taliban long before america or canada started, they almost invaded them in 2000 but called it off at the last second because of the civilians that would be killed directly from the conflict, dont forget iran helped them in the invasion but then where branded by bush part of the axis of evil.

    I'am against wars which have cost the lives of millions of civilians, i assume your a supporter of KKK?

  17. 'AlwayS-Dhik'r' wrote: no moron its not okey to beat a woman up, but its not okey either to blame someone for something they are not responsible for, this thread is about "hizbollah and hamas working as the besij" not whether its okey to beat woman up.

    Well, I've worked with Canadians of Iranian ancestry, and I choose to believe that the vast majority of Iranian men are decent people who would not brutalize Iranian women. If you are right, and it is Iranian men who are attacking Iranian women, then perhaps the Iranian people deserve the government that they have.

    go worry about americans killing civilians in iraq and afghanistan.

    Actually, I'm Canadian, so we don't have any troops in Iraq. But we have lots of troops in Afghanistan. I assume that you are a supporter of the Taliban?

    a supporter of the taliban? a ruthless backward barbaric bunch.. are you insane?

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