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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Not believing in a muta does not make you a kafir but it is a sin. also to Link/gangster you should ask god to forgive our imams (as) for allowing muta and the prophet (as) himself and while your at it for every single shia scholar.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QQY6xLFi6o choose your destiny. :yaali:
  3. Its human nature when a person is in pain or is hurt he calls for the people he loves, its like calling out for your mother or your father even when you know they are not able to hear your call...but this is on a higher level calling a true servant of god and a person who's love washs away your sins because he is loved by God. Ya Allah Ya Muhammad Ya Ali YA Zahra Ya Hassan Ya Hussayn
  4. waslama oh when did you get your hair dyed blue? congrats :yaali:
  5. what are you talking about? Under NPT, Iran must declare a facility at least 6 month before any nuclear matterial are introduced not when they are building doors and windows.
  6. beautiful yes, but how many people in rio de janeiro follow the teachings of jesus (as)? Its one of the most violent cities in the world, doesnt look like your safe with jesus looking over you. maybe they should move the statue to a place it would be proud over looking...
  7. ahlusunnah is just going around in circles assuming false things and thinking he knows whats he is talking about. your just beating a dead horse. first he says abu bakr is elected by prophet muhammad (as) then he says prophet muhammad (as) left the sahaba clues..he also tries to post fabricated hadith about imam Ali (as) talking about abu bakrs superior position to everyone.. We want 1 hadith that Prophet Muhammad (as) said: "Abu Bakr is khaliph after me, all follow abu bakr" If you cant summon this hadith you can keep abu bakr as your khaliph because we already have Imam Ali (as) as our leader after prophet Muhammad (as) and he is sufficient for us to follow.
  8. i started my post with peace, no where did i become emotional, i dont know where in my post you assumed i have become emotional. i simply asked a question... :lol: so Prophet Muhammad (as) selected abu bakr, umar and uthman? so what was all the voting about???
  9. alittle late, happy birthday old timer.

  10. Asalam alaikom Please bring forth any hadith which mentions abu bakr, umar or uthman which are similar to these hadtihs..or mentions them been khalif after prophet muhammad(as). if you can i will become sunni and accept abu bakr as my first khalif otherwise NO.
  11. Not that i think that is the purpose of woman but naturally most woman full into this role by themself because of the structure of the household and the physical layout of the female body, she holds the baby for 9 months, gives birth and then has to breast feed the baby until they can start eating and by that time the baby is much more attached to the mothers love then the father and therefore requires the mothers netchers most of the time. unless the couple choose not to have children then the woman can go on with a full time job and an similar life to her husband. and jafar forget cary she gets very emotional she is after all a female ;)
  12. we have here a clear cut nasibi spreading his fifth about yazid, he has been here for 800 posts and yet he still gets away with calling yazid better then our scholars and leaders? is this shiachat or nasibichat? every post he spouts out is full of hate for the shia.
  13. that is incorrect you dont just take his word for it he must prove it through his actions or atleast he has a history that is known.
  14. i guess you havent changed much, if your here for dialogue then maybe you should use the word terrorist less because you have already been told countless times after the assasination of Hajj Mugniyah in syria the game has changed. Sayyid Hassan himself gave a speech and declared open war. Your the only lier.
  15. politically speaking the worst enemy shia's have are the sunni's.
  16. There is great reward for the person who kisses his brothers hand, what i would like to see is the scholar returning the favour on a few occasions.
  17. azerbaijan is an american & israeli puppet until they change their ways iran will side with haqq. 28 Jun 2009 16:34 ] Bakı – APA. Israeli President Shimon Peres has arrived in Baku on an official visit on June 28. Azerbaijani President’s Press Service told APA that Israeli President was welcomed at Heydar Aliyev Baku International Airport by First Deputy Prime Minister Yagub Eyyubov and other officials. Shimon Peres and Yagub Eyyubov had a short protocol meeting at a VIP hall of the airport.
  18. after 8500+ posts and you dont understand sarcasm you must be on the piss:huh: I was responding to his retarded statement that neda was killed because she wore jeans...
  19. i love how you throw the word shia in.. :lol: so the word sects means follower?
  20. americans rape and kill little girls because they wear scarfs. Americans are the filthiest people on this planet, its an american tradition to molest your own daughters.
  21. israeli propaganda, no sub crossed the suez just like the green light from saudi arabia.
  22. I think all threads about neda should be closed, what is the point of this discussion? no one knows who killed her.. every one used her death to attack the iranian government and blame them for her death. Thousands of woman are raped and murdered in usa every year we never year or see them paraded like this young girl has. What about the 14 year iraqi girl who got raped and burned along with her family by american forces, what about the daily killings that occur in afghanistan, iraq and gaza? we have kids still getting blown up weekly by the cluster bombs israel dropped in south lebanon. Are the innocent people that are killed different because they are killed by the democratic west? Every westerner that brings up the death of this girl is a hypocret and a coward, talk about your own government first.
  23. go back to shahdefence.net where the admin sokuy30 bans anyone with a different opinion.. if you look at the people who you follow they are calling for the death of khamanie and ahmednejad, even the shah lovers who are calling for the assasination of irans leaders are left to post yet many users who have been members for years get banned..is this the democracy you sick people want.. the same one of irandefence.net?
  24. the comparison is as clear as ahmednejads win. :yaali:
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