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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. when it comes to najasa you dont have to clean it unless you see it, you dont have to assume.
  2. Iam glad you found someone who understands you :!!!:
  3. it wont be much of a battle, what is their in the jnoob apart from a few nicely built roads by nabih berri and the 10 bedrooms houses people build to compete against each other.
  4. You have sold yourself to this world and to shaytan, you have choosen desire over Allah (swt) when you get old and your desire disapears you will be left with your sins, a life which you spent serving shaytan and your desire and left no room for Allah (swt). Your peace is only temporarily like a person who has smoked some pot. Dont think iam having a go at you, but been gay isnt a walk in the park its a huge sin and deserves no sympathy. i pray you for your guidance.
  5. The civilians that lost their lifes in the latest attack by the terrorist state israel has guaranteed the next generation dont just want to pay back what israehell has done but the peace plan is down the down. Israel is a JEWISH democracy not your normal democracy where all citizens are granted equal rights, but where palestinian continue to lose their land to settlements because they are second class citizens. But dont lose hope their is light at the end of the tunnel, they palestinians are reproducing 3 times the speed of the jews, so let time have its effect.
  6. According to sayyid ali sistani you should not as obligatory precaution. http://sistani.org/local.php?modules=nav&a...d=5&cid=555
  7. tell him i pass on my condolences and in islam polygamy is accepted.

    plus i reckon his doing muta anyways.

  8. Arnt you that girl that receives those online threats? Havent you not learnt anything?
  9. Dont play dumb you know well what happens when someone fights against the prophet (as) this is kufr, and when the prophet says if you fight Imam ali (as) it is like fighting against me and unturn you are fighting against Allah (swt). Rules to themselve? The shia is what gives the arab world some pride, Hizbollah is a perfect example, you have no idea what you are talking about, imam khoemieni did fight he started to fight the day he was born until his death for the iranian people and in the end he won them their freedom. Now they are launching satelites to space while the arabs lick american ass.
  10. Going against imam ALi (as) leads to kufr, no one here has said umar is kafr for running away from uhud. He fought for 8 years against an invader, this is the ultimate jihad, not that its like fighting next to the prophet (as) but it shows courage.
  11. cary has been found out, she has the atittude of a man but the emotions of a girl.
  12. this is his younger brother...i hope he gets raped in prison
  13. i saw those posts on mv the kettle person was been very aggresive in their posts, its sounded like they had some personal vendetta against you hass. This is all good but usually this leads to people becoming mentally unstable so becarefull, i advice you create a new nick name online, change the locks of your home every few months and dont use the same travel routes to work everyday. You may have a stalker on your hands, if the sh i t hits the fan call 000 asap.
  14. Cary grant you brought up the whole sheep thing, and since your the one been portrayed as the feminist, i just stated the obvious. There is no need for you to get all hyped & emotional about a joke and act like people have attacked your honor.. are you serious?? I never really expected such a response from a person with your calibre.
  15. Good post Brent, its clear the picture of Sayyid hakkim was a kiss right next to the check, and even if he kissed him on the lips its not haram. I see many parents kiss their youg children on their lips even here the west.
  16. I would rather marry a sheep then cary grant. IF she types this much imagine how much she talks :blink:
  17. it looks like most of the fires where caused by arsons, one of the arsons is a christian this is an act of terorism in my books, 200 people dead and hundres of homes destroyed, this christian terrorist should be hanged. :rolleyes:
  18. depends on the kiss and where it is placed. eg. you cant pop a frenchy infront of little kids.
  19. I saw cary grant today and i can confess i dont blame her been single some factors that contribute to the effect of been single just cant be controlled by mere mortals. I pray for the quick reapperance of imam mehdi (as) as only a infallible being is able able to surpass the first layer.
  20. I ment najaf, and ofcourse i can say that about every country where a person is so obsessed with his country that they put it over been shia, this applies big to the iraqi shia, there are many who would rather die hold good views of their shia brothers next door. This is the biggest problem in iraq, whether you like it or not iran is going to control iraq and it will never allow another dictator like saddam to take the throne, its no longer in the iraqis hands they just cant do the job right. oh and get out of the past and think about the current your country is occupied, bankcrupt, destroyed and millions have fleed and hundreds of thousands have died. Its time to become shias again and iraqi's second.
  21. IF he is a good man Iam sure loves you, its just hard for men because their emotional relationships are not as par with woman. Men as more into the physical aspect of things. While you might want to talk every day, for him talking once a month is probably enough. Things will get better when you are together Inshallah.
  22. I wonder if God is going to create a place in heaven called iraq and put all these iraq worshippers in it.. If i was iraqi i would be the last guy to have pride, news flash your country is a [Edited Out] hole, if it wasnt for karbala, qom and the oil iraq wouldnt be worth a dollar.
  23. Cary is like the shaytan standing on the side lines whispering in peoples ears causing fitna. Iam prettty sure you need to remind us one more time that ya aba called so and so an idoit.
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