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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Omar stop your fairy tales, you can keep abu bakr, umar & uthman we dont need them, Ali is enough for us to follow our religion and be on sirat mustaqeem. Just like the prophet said iam the city of knowledge and Ali is its gate, you see Ali is all you need to get to the prophets knowledge. Why take abu bakrs, umars or uthmans or anyone else's words for that matter when you can take Ali's words and his successors. every post i read of yours you are paranoid and you mention rafidas like 20 times, shia's hardly mention these 3, we spend our time with reading quran, prayers, dua's and ziyara
  2. i read about this a few weeks ago apparently it was over 2 grand or something, anyway no one can really do much his a prince, unless you can some how enter the country and assasinate the dog.
  3. thats better brother :) we just got to be carefull with our words.
  4. No his not, he is a marja who is the leader of the iranian nation and those who follow his teachings in other countries. He has never uttered such words why do you place these words upon him?
  5. Then why if a sunni becomes a shia he doesnt have to repeat all his prayers? please dont send takfeer on people who deny the wilayat of Imam Ali (as) because only Allah (swt) will know what do to with them.
  6. What the shia's are trying to protect you from is the punishment, not going to hell or heaven. Sunnis are muslims like shia but the difference is if you dont follow the correct teachings of our prophet (pbuh) you will be punished for it, even simple things like not doing wudhu properly, even shia will be punished for the sins they do like sunnis. At the end of the day the best way to avoid these punishments is to follow ahlu bayt (as) and this is what they are trying to do.
  7. and who is stopping them from holding hands if they wanted too..
  8. and who is stopping muslims from holding hands?
  9. Grow up, do you have any idea what your talking about? at our local islamic centre & mosque their are many converts to islam from other faiths. Omar khayyam how does it feel to live in france while your country is run by a government which loves shia's.
  10. no they dont, sunnis are muslim. Now why is it so bad for us to dislike abu bakr and umar? Imam ali (as) didnt give them bayah, is he a rafadi? aisha made to many mistakes and she is left with God to judge. omar khayyam you are a child, why would anyone in their right mind do taqqiyah on the internet? what is he afraid of? what is going to happen to me if i say omar is a homosexual devil who is rotting in hell? and all sunnis are going to follow him to hell? honestly grow a brain. The truth is all our scholars consider sunnis muslim.
  11. how could people sit on a public toilet is beyond me, id rather piss in my pants.
  12. This sounds like a action movie gone wrong with the hero dying at the end, dont they know most killers are gifted with some sort of talent? they have some of the greatest minds, yet they kill. Who cares if she knows how to paint? does that mean when a killer is sentenced and he has a talent he should be set free? They made the criminal the victim, why is it always iranian criminals are the victims and the government is the big bad wolf? I've lost count on how many stories of how every single person that gets the death penalty in iran is some talented, wonderfull, innocent person. Now for the
  13. depends how the woman dress at the gym, but from what i know most dress in tights. according to Sayyid Ali Sistani. Question: Is it permissible for a Muslim man to go to a mixed swimming pool with the knowledge that the women there swimming suits form and would not listen to any admonishing?Answer: Although looking without bad thoughts or lustful intentions at the women who are indecently dressed (and who would not listen to you if you wish to admonish them) is allowed, yet based on obligatory precaution, going to such places is absolutely forbidden.
  14. Hundreds of people have been convicted in america for a crime they didnt do and have been executed, even in western countries a person who can distinguish between right and can be tried as an adult and convicted of a crime. here in australia we have a law that those under age ten are free of all criminal responsibility under the doli incapax doctrine of UK legal tradition. Those under the age of fourteen are presumed incapable of responsibility, but this can be disputed in court. The age of full legal responsibility is 18 except Queensland where it is 17. The age of majority in all states and
  15. This is a the big problem with alot of people they say, This is easy to say from 10 000km away in your comfortable home, but the reality is so far from it, do you think israel is just sitting there? its not! its growing everyday and expanding its settlements, everyday palestinians suffer, even the palestinians in the west bank who's government bends over to the israeli government are losing their homes daily and land taken away or killed. We can face reality that palestinians are dying and do something about it or we can live in denial like you and accept israel, while people die everyday re
  16. they can insult us all they want but we will continue to support them against the zionist entity.
  17. we dont know 100% but what my information is either based on hearsay or from what ive researched, china has nothing to lose from helping iran, it gets alot of oil from iran and a stable iran can only work to benefit of the chinese and since iran is anti american it allows china to know america wont monopolise all the oil in the middle east. In the end everyone is in it for them self.
  18. No one denies iranians capabilities, but when it comes to missiles china has contributed and now since china has reversed engineered the s300 iran will with some help from the chinese, iran bought s300 from Belarus back in 1990 and have tried to reverse engineer it.
  19. s300 has been reversed engineered by china and soon iran will be able too thanks to the chinese help.
  20. last time i checked i wasnt an afghani and i have 0 relations to afghanistan, secondly its the western drive for these drugs that has made them such an important plant for some people to grow and sell. the only thing my family line ever grew where grape vines, so dont pass judgement on someone you have no idea about.
  21. For the last 8 years from my first phone the nokia 5200 to now the n95 8mb, ive gone through almost all nokia's and 50% of them after a few months stop working or end up with some problem, and i take care of them. Don't forget many nokia's are also made in china so i dont understand what your point is, you love nokia's which are also made in china, but this iranian phone which as you claim is from china and is useless because its from china. Most products these days are from china and even if the parts where made in china it does not change the fact that this phone comes with warranty and if
  22. take a chill pill, she is saying girls go to a girls only swimming place dressed from head to toe, in other words it defeats the purpose of going to a womans only swimming hole, you might as well go to a mixed beach since your covered properly. Even though their is nothing wrong with what they are doing or what she is saying, its just some girls are just used to covering up and no matter where they are they remained covered.
  23. Marbles so you have changed your mind and edited your first post, first your say it wont last more then 1 month because iranians are bad with electronics, then you go change your mind and say its chinese, make up your mind. Because of this display i can say you argue for the sake of arguing you didnt even know anything about the mobile yet you wanted to attack irans capabilities with electronics. This thread was opened to show iran has launched its own mobile phone, and you come here and attack it, i dont care if its got two buttons and sends morse code, you have no right to attack them, tal
  24. Omar khayyam, ive read most of your posts on this website and to tell you the trust you are full of hate, the iranian regime has the power to make sunnies live in the hell but they dont, they are by far the most tolerant of the regimes in the middle east. I dont hate sunni's and i wont accept a shia who hates sunnis, they are not shia but fitna animals. Ive seen the bad side of both words, and majority of shia and sunni are good loving people, its the few animals who cause all the problems followed by people like you who stir the pot.
  25. The problem with satyaban is he is too accustomed to his life that he see's absolutely nothing wrong with it, iam not against technology and advancements for the better of mankind, but when countries start invading other countries to spread their ideology iam against this. They can do what the hell they want in american, but when most of their rubbish starts to infiltrate our communities we will not stay quiet, drugs, alcohol, prositution and gays. This is not what is found in our communities and we take no part in it, sell us your technology show us how to progress in technology but dont add
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