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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. a supporter of the taliban? a ruthless backward barbaric bunch.. are you insane?
  2. no moron its not okey to beat a woman up, but its not okey either to blame someone for something they are not responsible for, this thread is about "hizbollah and hamas working as the besij" not whether its okey to beat woman up. go worry about americans killing civilians in iraq and afghanistan.
  3. This is the propaganda that morons like to spread, hizbollah in iran as the besij lol.. in iran the police are IRANIAN yes it may be a big surprise to everyone but iran employs its own people to be police. The besij are volunteers who are iranian, that may also be a surprise but its hard to get people from another country to volunter for a government and do its work for free especially if they are lebanese. now some of the besij are not iranian but are iraqis who speak arabic since their are 1 million iraqi's in iran. this is the usual propaganda spread by the enemies of hizbollah to make th
  4. your the only sick vile person here when you accuse someone of been happy with the death of others, where did he even mention the dead?
  5. no one is denying defeat, hizbollah and aoun lost. we are simply showing how they lost and reasons behind it.. in the end hizbollah and aoun have majority support and this wont change.
  6. flights from the usa stop once before they get to lebanon, they can stop at turkey, dubia, bahrain, kuwait, egypt, abu dhabi all depends on the bird you catch.
  7. I thought the same thing but then i remembered last summer lebanon had 600 000 visitors over a 6 month period, now if its possible to fly 300 000 people in over 3 months last time whats so hard about doing it this time? rough calculation if iam right with the figures, 15 flights in daily 220 passengers x 7 days x 12 weeks = 277 200 people
  8. harriri has been flying people in from all around the world to vote for him the guy has big money and i wouldnt be surprised if he has spent 100+ million plus plus all the funds the saudi's have been sending him, he got ripped by a guy in australia 8 million dollars, which was suppose to be for potential voters to fly to lebanon.
  9. yes thats also true, but we aint talking about religion we are talking about homo's, everything they do is about making society accept that been gay is okey, just because they dont tell you your going to hell or put a sword to your neck doesnt mean they aint trying to force society into accepting them.
  10. I have a problem with homo's forcing their filth upon our society and making us accept it as a normal human emotion, they can go do what they want in their own private place but once they come out of the box and try and push their beliefs down peoples throats i will not accept.
  11. look at it as a blessing, the greater the struggle the greater the reward.
  12. family, friends and almost everyone in the villages knows who is in the hizb.
  13. :lol: You don't have the slightest clue, Iran doesnt have 100k+ american troops on its soil and no one here is calling for an iraqi revolution. Most iraq's are a joke.
  14. from our point of view what matters is iraq stays in line with iran.
  15. yeh and the convicted are given life in prison instead of death when they murder a whole family, rape a girl and burn her body. This is the great and fair nation that is liberating our lands from evil.. :wacko: Anyways the new government is in line with iran and thats all that matters.
  16. i dont see suicide bombings going off in kabul every week killing 40 people and america is occupying that country too, its obvious who they are targeting, and its obvious who it is. yazids grand children. I dont normally reply to people's commits but since you claim to be a shia of ahlu bayt (as). The greatest ally we shia's have is Iran to say they are funding people to kill shia is beyond stupidity. America is leaving but Iran is here to stay and its influence can't be pushed aside whether you like it or not.
  17. They sure are worried, i got a call today from ASIO asking me questions about the lebanese elections and what i think the results will be like. They wanted to have a 1 hour interview about the whole thing.. i happily declined, i might slip the wrong word and end up been the next muhammad haneef.
  18. whats your point? all mothers are perfect? if my mother was repsonsible for the death of thousands of people and fought against imam Ali (as) then i will distant my self from her.
  19. Iran is the big bad wolf, they have invaded countless countries, are reponsible for the deaths of millions, have imprisoned people with out trial or evidence, have tortured people by waterboarded and other means, supply the most hated nation in the world (isreal) with the latest weapons and money to kill defenceless children and woman in palestine and their milatery budget is greater then the whole world combined.
  20. Now its just going to turn into insults and false accusations, lets just agree to disagree with each other. Shias believe that Allah (swt) is not bound by time or space and these are infact created by Allah (swt) so he existed before time and space, he has no physical attributes. This al-boriqee believes that God has a physical attribute but cant tell us exactly how these attributes are. (the attributes are known, and its nature is unknown)
  21. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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