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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. and their is democracy when bush was voted for the second time in usa?
  2. its funny because the prices of bullets are up and they still shoot. :lol:
  3. ablah :lol: Rubaiyat dont bother with this girl as i said in another thread "she has the emoticons of a girl and the attitudle of a man" she will start to attack you and act all arrogant just like this thread and when you respond to her she will say how could you treat your sister like that bla bla bla... Their is 2 sides, people who follow the rahber and people who dont its clear cary doesnt.
  4. hariri tried to arm the people before against the hizb and the hizb still flushed them out in a couple of hours, now he has bought his supporters but money can only buy you so much... what is he planning on doing in the next election spend another 500 million? even sayyid hassan said as a joke give us the money and we would have given him our votes...
  5. The two have go together for it to work, illegal protest and the killer unknown. If the killer was known than the illegal protest is irrelevant, but she was advised by the democratically elected government not to hold a protest because external and internal powers will do something stupid like kill a person and cause more problems. She broke the law and in doing so got killed by some unknown person. I dont blame the government i blame her. The people of iran can benefit from her death? what in gods name can they benefit from the murder of a girl by a unknown person?
  6. you got to love president ahmednejad... he is betrayed as a monster but in reality he is far from it. the west are so desperate the use the same lines against him because they got nothing on him "he rejects the holocaust" "he wants to wipe israel of the map" which is even a lie.
  7. its a shame she lost her life may she rest in peace but what difference does it make? she was protesting in a illegal protest and no one knows who killed her.. who has benefitted the most from her death i wonder :unsure:
  8. Just like the palestinian sunni's who are swimming in a ocean of weapons? give me a break you got no idea. Lets see what hariri can load up the lebanese army in the next 4 years with proper weapons if he really cares about lebanon. No one here is against sunni's we are against people like omar khayyam who has pure hate for shia.
  9. The only reason you oppose sayyid hassan is because his shia so dont come on this board and lecture us on who to follow, you are a disgrace to islam and a fitna mongerer. The time shia's and alot of sunnis will stop supporting sayyid hassan is when hell freezes over. Who do you want us to follow? sunni's like hosni mubarak? king abdullah of jordan? king abdullah of KSA? sayyid hassan is the only real arab leader.
  10. Get married and have some kids raise them up and show them how to be followers of Imam Mehdi.
  11. mourn every life? how about you mourn the 45 civilians that where killed today in pakistan thanks to your drones you hypocret. Iran didnt get involed in your [Edited Out] in 2000 and now you want to stick your nose in theirs.
  12. iam glad your identify american crimes against humanity.
  13. yes thats very credible some random poster on twitter, your a joke. american regard for human life is touching.
  14. From God we come and to him we shall return. May the person responsible feel the pain he has caused.
  15. well atleast her family didnt get killed with her like it happens in gaza, afghansitan, iraq with bombs made in USA and 2 out of 3 cases dropped by americans pilots. plus she doesnt get raped and burnt alive by american soldiers like the 14 yeare old iraqi girl.
  16. North korean elections? give me what your smoking, the people who have died are the same people who are attacking and burning down buildings, where in one protest was a person shot in the middle of the road? they where all trying to burn down security buildings with people inside or where in the wrong place. If i was in a building and a mob was trying to burn the building down and i shot in the air a few times with no success the next bullet is going to be in the person who is trying to set the building I'am in on fire. The funny thing is this its coming from an american, your government kill
  17. and sayyad khamenei is yazid? he warned them all not to turn up on saturday because some idoit might do something stupid and get some one killed. people are so stupid, she could have been murdered by anyone and blame thr besij.
  18. yeh 20 guys turned up and got tear gased, revolution my behind. People think 30 million supporters who are ready to die by the call of Sayyad khamanie are going to sit back and watch as a few morons do a revolution. The word revolution is been used more then terrorist these days shows how desperate someone people are.
  19. If someone is trying to put a building on fire that i am in, iam not going to put 1 bullet in his head i will put two. oh well may she rest in peace, iam sure this was a trajic mistake.
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXFMIbkKMMc this is how they do it in the great democratic west.
  21. bring one photograph that shows iranian besij beating any iranian woman with a chain, otherwise your a exposed lier.
  22. Many? ive never come across a muslim who supports the KKK, but i have meet many christians who do, heck KKK is a christian members only club. I assume those christians are following the correct tenants of christianity?
  23. where did i say iam against fighting the taliban? Iran has been fighting the taliban long before america or canada started, they almost invaded them in 2000 but called it off at the last second because of the civilians that would be killed directly from the conflict, dont forget iran helped them in the invasion but then where branded by bush part of the axis of evil. I'am against wars which have cost the lives of millions of civilians, i assume your a supporter of KKK?
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