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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. every day around 3 times from the lounge to the kitchen and back.
  2. yes sites which are full of lies to protect sunnism.. what happened to not revolting to the caliph of your time? was not Imam ali (as) the caliph..doesnt this make muawiyah a kafir? Some sunnies scholars even say imam hussain (as) shouldnt have revolted against yazid since he was in power...but when it comes to muawiyah its perfectly fine to revolt against Imam Ali (as)? how could you compare the prince of paradise to a complete blood thirsty lunatic kafir like yazid and muawiyah? How is Allah (swt) going to shower his mercy on you if you dont even dislike the enemies of ahlu bayt (as)???
  3. So hezbollah is misguided in their efforts to protect..and israel are not i assume? what exactly would be a guided effort in your eyes, what would hizbollah need to change for them to become "guided" in your eyes.. my definition is the islamic view, and your defenition is the christians view dont make it complicated by adding a few big words.
  4. that is a blatant lie, the greatest creation of Allah (swt) was not shocked when gabrael revealed himself to him..what was our prophet doing all alone out in the mountain? he was praying. He was then asked to read and he did. 096.001 Read in the name of your Lord Who created. 096.002 He created man from a clot. 096.003 Read and your Lord is Most Honorable, 096.004 Who taught (to write) with the pen 096.005 Taught man what he knew not.
  5. Yes your unlogical christian views, jesus loves everyone even if they are have committed the worst atrocities..but i say it from a islamic view where Jesus (pbuh) loves all who are righteous and fair.
  6. We are talking about young people here.. not a girl who is 50, if she was still a virgin at that age then defiently something is wrong. But if the girl is lets say 18 and has lost her virginity from a haram relationship, then marrying her is defiently under major review would turn me off big time..this may sound harsh but it isnt, the truth is its not about the virginity but about the action and the sin she has commited, doesnt say much for the girls faith now does it? fornication is a huge sin and its not like a walk in the park. If a girl has lost her virginity in a halal manner then there is nothing wrong with that, it becomes a bonus, experience. :angel:
  7. hezbollahs aim is bad..but you cant blame them thats all they have to work with, but looking at israel they have the latest in laser missles which hit the target to the millimetre.... but wait is that why over one thousand lebanese civilians died? and hezbollah killed more israeli SOLDIERS then civilians, iam seriously confused isnt israels the one with the latest missles and technology????? heck 90% of targets Israel destroyed where civilian infrustracture, roads, housing, EVEN THE AIPORT & A POWER PLANT..they even got soo frustrated they hit a tv station what a joke honestly israels day will come. JESUS LOVES HEZBOLLAH.
  8. Are you sad your president is a sex offender? you sick psychotic ape, go run and call the terrorist hotline and dob in the users of shiachat for showing support to a group that kicked your masters behind and sent them back to their usurped homes just like a a broken dog with his head down walking back to his kennal.
  9. both [Edited Out].. i hope they will know how to play the game let alone beat each other.
  10. send $300 to my accout by paypal and ill give you back your email.
  11. i congratulate the americans for getting rid of saddam, but i never forget how they made him powerfull by supplying him with weapons and cause the death of over 1 million muslims(iraq & iran war). So by the looks of things he was just a american tool from the begining which eventually became blunt and needed to be removed. Now iraq is in a deeper hole and someone needs kick the wahabies and americans out, so we can form a united government which is shared between sunnis, shia's & christians. When this happens i can see the desert turning into a oasis with iran suppling the middle east with nuclear power!
  12. and your comments make you look even more ridiculos, isnt agriculture considered a resource anymore? israel would love to conquer lebanese lands, the amount of fruits and vege's lebanon produces is more then israel needs, also what happen to the good old fashion of conquering lands? Imagine all those poor lebanese athiests been terrorized by zionist..dont you feel for your athiest brothers? i know i will.
  13. freedomfromreligion your a moron, every mammal has the urge to reproduce, if you believe in god or in science its the same [Edited Out], your just living indenial. Every post you make, you think your right and everyone is wrong. Let me give you a few tips. This is a islamic forum and most of your posts mean jack simply because your not talking from a islamic point of view. We believe that all aspects of life are covered by ISLAM from going to the toilet or eating, you name it islam covers it. Now having kids in islam is highly recommended and is infact highly rewarding. God has put this trait in us to reproduce, if you want to debate this go to another forum and post about it. And i didnt contradict myself i said: "Whether that child gives you happiness or not none can say for sure, but one thing is certain when you hold your child for the first time you will feel ontop of the world" Now that is one moment he will bring you happiness when you hold him for the first time but for him to bring you continues happiness no one knows for sure.
  14. Its natural instincts to mourn for someone you love.. otherwise Allah (swt) would not have put these feelings in us.. Even animals mourn for their dead, iam pretty sure most muslims are above animals and have the heart to feel sad when someone they love dies. Their beloved aisha pulled her hair and beat her chest when prophet Muhammad (pbuh) died.
  15. You like it or not, pretty much everything is made in china its impossible to boycott all their products.
  16. My friend wether you like it or not, in the end you will have a huge urge to have atleast one child, just like everything else we humans like to explore new avenue's. Whether that child gives you happiness or not none can say for sure, but one thing is certain when you hold your child for the first time you will feel ontop of the world, even as he is growing up you will grow to love him more then yourself even though he might wake you up 20 times at night for the first 3 years of his life, he will become apart of you, something that you cant let go, You would happly risk your own life to save his/hers. Once he matures thats when the real problems starts in most cases 'if' there is any problems, so marry them while they are young that way he will be occupied with his own life and wont have time to mess around.
  17. Wow i never new there was a country called CIAland, Hizbollah is the official resistants of lebanon! the lebanese government recognises it, they even have many politicians.. over 60% of the lebanese people support hizbollah..now think about this, when hizbollah makes a move how many people support them in lebanon?
  18. My wife is alot bigger then me can i use a baseball bat to beat her lightly?
  19. You make prison sound like its the holiday inn...Prison is not punishment but a get even system and/or a warehouse system. The prison is supposed to protect society from predators by rehabilitation and giving them the means to survive in society without harming society. It is supposed to make them an asset instead of a liability. Instead it beats them down and in many cases kills them. The only way to survive is to be invisible. Keep your mouth shut. Choose friends carefully. Show others that you are not to be messed with. DO NOT GET INVOLVED or just commit suicide like most criminals do. If you are weak you have little or no chance to survive. Even if you do make it through the system you will come out a beaten person. Life in prison is bad enough. If you become ill it is even worse. Medical malpractice in prison along with neglect and mistreatment of prisoners who have illnesses and injuries are not only common but is probably the rule. Many prisoners die because of the neglect, mistreatment and malpractice. Many prisoners are murdered by other prisoners, guards or both.
  20. import duties are not that high these days, unless ur in a 3rd world country and you need importing then all i can say is my God help you.
  21. asalam alaikom So now freeing a slave makes one free from mistakes for the rest of his life?? even if it was true it makes no difference because through history we see abu baker usurpered Imam Ali (as) leadership, Usurpered fatima zahra's (sa) land, was behind the attacks on fatima zahra (as) waged wars in the name of islam which would never have been approved by our prophet (pbuh)..for gods sake they didnt even turn up to the funeral of the greatest human to ever walk the face of this planet prophet muhammad (pbuh), i could go on all day but ofcourse you could too.. at the end of the day it only takes a pen and a paper to fabricate a hadith. My friend stop living indenial and come to the true path of islam the path of ahlu bayt (as) the true successors of islam, forget your muawiyahs, umars, abu bakers and uthmans..these guys aint gonna get you now where and stop folding ur hands while you pray.
  22. Asalam alaikom yes if a person has payed khums. All items which have not been used by the end of the year are part of your surplus so khums applies to all your surplus. If you didnt buy the kafan then you dont need to pay khums because you didnt use your money unless you gave that person money from your savings, if not it becomes similar to a gift and no khums needs to be paid on it.
  23. Asalam alaikom It depends if the money you used was to buy the kaffan has already been through khums then you dont need to pay khums, if it hasnt then you need to pay the 1/5th of the price, you dont need to pay every year, just once.
  24. Girls you got to clean your eye brows! you dont have to make them look attractive just make them look tidy. Also please i cant stress this enough wax your moustaches and beards! if you cant wax them atleast trim them! We need less guys looking like girls and more girls looking like girls!
  25. Asalam alaikom That clip has been on youtube many times, but they keep removing it with many others under new strict rules..google zionist owned and run! Also about Shaheed Sayyid Abbas his shrine is in beeka valley in lebanon, you can see his car the one he was martyred in it is placed at the front of the shrine..also up the road is the shrine Nabi Adams (pbuh) son, Nabi Shay. Shaheed Sayyid Abbas shrine was also hit in the latest war between the Resistance and zionist's.
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