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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Everyone is talking about whether or not it'd be halal to consume lab grown 'meat,' but no one is asking if that thing would be meat in the first place, and whether it would be safe to consume? Even regular animals raised on chemically altered feed in artificial environments isn't healthy to consume in the long term. Personally, I only count pasture raised and grass fed animals and birds as proper meat, but it's becoming harder and harder to afford especially in countries where natural farming is a fringe activity.
  2. Rasmalai and rasgulla are very different dishes. I am not sure if Bengalis use the same names for both as in the rest of the Subcontinent.
  3. India refuses visas to Pakistani Ajmer pilgrims
  4. A must read piece on the reality of Kashmir situation by a retired Indian colonel.... Read full here: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/mar/03/kashmir-in-perilous-state-because-of-indias-pivot-to-nationalism
  5. There were lots of jets flying and keeping watch but no resumption of hostilities from India was noted. Rajasthan-Bahawalpur border is an international border and any attack would have been a declaration of war. I don't think India seriously planned to attack. They must have discussed it and sounded the threat to keep Pak on its toes but starting a war at this point would be suicidal on the part of the Indians. Modi will be buried (read burned) deep into the woods in the coming elections Inshallah.
  6. Najam Sethi said this 8 years ago.
  7. There has been a lot of progress since Musharraf as I noted earlier in the thread. But the speed was slow and not enough was done due to the worsening of situation in Pak due to war next door in Afghanistan. Contrary to popular Indian thinking, the top military brass isn't planning and ordering attacks across the border through anti-India militants to bleed India. Not only does it not help Pak's case, it damages their reputation and makes us look like troublemakers. But anti-India militant networks have been around for decades, deeply entrenched in society, and have formidable links across the LoC with Kashmiri separatists. They get a massive boost every time things go awry in Kashmir. They don't need Pak army's assistance to do what they do. But there has been a meaningful crackdown on them either due to internal political reasons. The crackdown on anti-Pakistan terrorists have paid huge dividends. Now it's about time to take stern action against those militant networks who use Pak soil to hurt the neighbouring countries. https://www.dawn.com/news/1467524/govt-plans-decisive-crackdown-on-militant-outfits
  8. I didn't think you would. This is to show how strong and influential the extreme right has become in India, thanks to Modi and his ideological brethren. Leftist and saner voices are being shut down and labelled as traitorous whenever they question the official line. Nationalistic jingoism will hurt the Indian society in the coming years.
  9. It's as clear as day that extremists and terrorists feed on injustice and oppression. Just look at Afghanistan and America's almost two-decades old war. There are no beds of roses to be had there and now they are trying to find a political solution. The vast numbers of militants which US war has created need to be reformed and somehow reintegrated into society, even if there are hardened terrorists who'd never come to the table. I'm afraid there are no shortcuts. By the same token the policies of the Indian govt have led to alienation in Kashmir over the years. That's why you get so many people willing to die. Calling them all Wahhabi terrorists muddies the waters and deflects from the ground realities out there. Jihadists didn't cause alienation and unrest in Kashmir. They have used it to their advantage. If India wants to address the problem of terrorism it needs to settle with ordinary Kashmiri first. Extremists would lose support if that happens.
  10. Great to read inspirational stories of Muslims helping each other out of kindness and faith. I have had a few experiences but the most memorable ones are those where I was taken advantage of as a Muslim/Shia by other Muslims/Shia, especially when travelling abroad. Once in Syria a guy who has a hawza student helped me find a 'decent but affordable' hotel in Zainabia. It was my first solo trip to ziarat/abroad, I was quite young and inexperienced and frankly a bit terrified, so I welcomed help and went along with it. I found the hotel rates within the limit of what I was willing to pay for that kind of accommodation. I was asked to pay in advance, so I did. Later I found out that one of the receptionists was working with the 'hawza student' and charged me almost twice the going rates. I should have got the receipt at the time of payment but the guy at the reception didn't give me and I didn't insist (like I said, inexperience). At the time of checkout, to allay my doubts, I asked the receptionist (a different guy) for an invoice. Apparently he didn't know what had gone on earlier and gave me a printed one with the actual rates. I was upset off and wanted to take them to the task but I was getting late for my flight. "They can keep my sadqa," I thought to myself,' and the left the hotel quietly. Dear Mr. Shirazi, the hawza student, I will always remember you.
  11. Cigarettes in Pak are very cheap. They should be expensive as in the Western countries to deter people from wasting money and destroying their health. I don't like it's being called "sin tax." Just call it what it is. Officially you can only have 'one dish' dinners but it's not being enforced these days. People who can afford hold lavish wedding feasts but those who can't or don't want to (like my family) have accepted the wisdom behind the 'one dish' and stick to it. 'One dish' isn't just one dish anyway. It's one main dish (of meat), EXCLUDING rice, roti/naan, sweet dish, chai and cold drinks. We don't need five more dishes with what we already have on the 'one dish' menu.
  12. Yeah, that's really interesting. Pak has no weapons trade with Taiwan at all (because of relations with China), so it couldn't have come from Taiwan. I'm also not entirely sure about the mechanics of resale, but I don't think the terms allow resale of F-16 mounted AMRAAMs to third parties. PAF has the capability of of mounting AMRAAMs on JF-17s after they purchased the cross-mounting platforms from Turkey a few years back. So if such a missile is fired, it does not conclusively proof the use of an F-16 (which is what India is claiming). Either PAF fired AMRAAMs but tampered with the serial number so they could maintain deniability. Or Indians forged the evidence to prove the use of F-16s. Both scenarios seem far-fetched. But there's something fishy going on.
  13. F-16 have tracking devices that can't be disabled. US doesn't sell those jets without making sure it can track whenever they are used. Pak lying about it still won't prevent the manufacturer from finding out anyway. So IMO this argument is moot. The missile shell that Indian media showed had a serial number printed on it, whose sale was traced back to Taiwan in 2009/2010. I posted about that in detail on the previous page. I don't get why India produced a missile shell as proof of the use (not downing) of an F-16 which could be easily verified by anyone with an internet connection. That said, I'm eagerly and actively looking for evidence of the claim that a Pak jet (F-16 or any other) was shot down. I really do want to find out but there is no proof, only speculation. I agree Pak army couldn't have covered it up as the jet allegedly fell down in broad daylight in a populated area. Someone must have captured something, but no one has been able to trace anything online.
  14. It is not unusual to edit long videos to cut out details and get to the point. But we don't know to what extent Abhinandan spoke his mind and what he was told to say. If he was forced to make statements he would have complied because he's a captive and wouldn't want to displease his captors. When he's allowed to speak directly to the Indian media to tell his story in his own words, he'd be under intense pressure from his superiors to censor his thoughts. But there is no doubt about one thing: he was treated quite well and looked after during the time he spent in Pakistan. You could tell that from his speech and body language. He'd have sounded very different if there had been any mistreatment or mental torture going on.
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