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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Allahy yer7am all these children who have died, israeli + palestinian who have been caught in the middle of this terrible never ending nightmare. Inshallah Allah will take care of them well. Allahy yer7am all the other innocent civilians who have also died around the world for no fault of thier own.. Forever Lebanese x x x
  2. i;m from lebanonnnnnnnn :D omg yaaaaaay lebanon rules loool crazy sorry . But sadly i live in england :( but i go to lebanon every summer for a month omg its lovellly i recommend it :D but when u buy ur tickets, by me one please :D no return loool thanks :D salaaaaam Lebnannn ya 7ayatii xx
  3. :S umm Hizbullah isn't just for fighting for God - it's also a political and resistance party used to protect Lebanon from Israel and other intruders that may ruin the state of Lebanon AGAIN ! but it does follow islamic teachings..
  4. lol The Sayed does talk greatly about the religion of Islam in all concepts in his lectures. But don't forget he is also a policitical leader.
  5. The country should be treated as the Palestinians Country - ruled by them. But i guess the children born to the settlers hav a right to stay, but under laws. They are only visitors !!!! I hate israel i hate them i hate them i hate them !! :)
  6. (salam) I believe that they are doing good - by protecting thier country - but i believe it should not be only shia - but made into an official resistance for Lebanon. Would Like to know your opinions :)
  7. Alia is a nice name :) but there is nothing wrong with the name Sharon (except Ariel Sharon)
  8. is there a website about this incident ? lol allahy yer7amha
  9. I think George Bush is good for taking Saddam Hussien away , and trying to get Osama Bin Laden - because these people are destroying Islam and killing innocent ppl (Al Queda etc.), even though i don't believe he's doing it for this reason lol - he just likes killing people too :P But i'm still strongly against him :Hijabi: I HATE him .. thats all lol Loving Hate :P
  10. :) lol glad you like it ( it must cost loads :S lol) The girls makeup ! ha :P
  11. Hmmm Hizbullah Outfit.. no lol. But the colours too big ? :rolleyes: Its soooooooooo pretty !! maybe a bit revealing but its a wedding night, and yeah i wouldn't wear it if it was mixed. lol
  12. Lol yeah i get what you mean, but i don't think the Lebanese have a certain style :S I've never actually been to a wedding before, except pakistani/indian one, it was very pretty, but i can't imagine me wearing something like that, its just not my culture. Hizbullah Rock ! :D
  13. Hmm I didnt attach it right did i ? :S lol
  14. Wedding.bmp I love this dress.. :D It's expensive yes lol, but its soooo beautiful and not traditional white . I love the flower design on it.. But How Can I Wear That :( Its soo revealing, and i don't know how i would adjust it. Any Ideas ?
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