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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. PFFFFF - yoo...what you have against being short!! total disgrace to short-hood i say :dry: you should be PROUD! only few people get to be short in life - and may i add that being short holds MANY, MANY benefits. But if you really insist on giving up this divineeeee gift from God to be tall - get growth hormones lol
  2. LOL i remember last year around Eid time, they had "Fulla" come to Carrefour (which is a supermarket) to sign autographs for all the girls that bought a doll :!!!: Basically "Fulla" was this random woman in Abaya with lots of makeup pretending to be the real life version of the doll.
  3. ^ really? because Ive heard something similar from a sheikh in the US - he said that the majority of people who cosume sheep and goat meat in Australia are Muslims, and therefore all sheep/goat meat there are required to be slaughtered according to halal standards. but then again, hes a sheikh in the US, so he cant be knowing much about whaat goes on in australia :P
  4. ^ yeah - lots of things like that a friend of mine also REALLY wants to be an actor - and if your as serious about it as she is, i reckon you should look for any kind of acting institutions. my friend lives in NJ, and so every weekend shed go to NYC for acting lessons, and shes really gotten far with those. Also, since ur 16, look into universities that are well know for theatre and drama fields, see what it takes to get into those schools and proceed from there. If you are motivated enough - you will succeed; and remember that the only thing that can ever hold you back forcefully is YOU - so dont limit yourself.
  5. ahaha - i wonder if im the only person who read "gif" as "gf"
  6. I LOVE public speaking - and only when you are truly passionate about such things can you actually be succesful at it I :wub: talking :angel:
  7. yeaaah ^ agreed - it is pretty ccool only thing is that the flood control is set toooo strictlyy and the freaking thing keeps telling me to "take a break" from typing :dry: also the hadiths make people feel too guilty for being in a chatroom and wasting time
  8. your link doesnt work :dry:
  9. As a previous poster has mentioned, few scholars and ayatullahs agree and allow us to eat meat which is slaughtered by ahlul kitab. Such ayatullahs that i know of include Ayatullah Jannaati and Ayatullah Sinaaei it may sound poposterous to some, but obviously these scholars have justifications behind their rulings. Its not right to cricize the scholars themselves - only question their justification
  10. i second chicken - if you allowed the photos to be taken - then she has the right to use them legally. but inshallah best of luck
  11. wow I had no idea about that magic link...

    but now that im on..

    im all alone ..

  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aHRlKbzSmk I made this movie in light of the last bombing and showed it at a press conference - and gave this speech about unity. I think its rather appropriate now... In times like these we must remember to hold strong and be united. Attacking sunnis, and other muslims and accusing them of anything will only cause more trouble in our hearts, minds and souls.
  13. well you can if you use the magic link...


  14. I can't go on the chatroom...

    I don't have enough posts//


  15. window? whats that?


    i havent talked to you in forever! you should come to the chatroom!!

    though i dont go there much - so nvm haha

    i'll add u to my msn

    1. SAEED.


      hi syeda  whats up   can u contact me on this number 0302 4996676  for muta 


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